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  1. I'm 28 and overworked, so reading and video games are major stress relievers. Also why I love RPGs because they are basically interactive books. Fun fact, my sister and I are born three days apart but by two years, so we always celebrate our birthdays together.
  2. A few years ago, before Towers of Midnight was announced people were guessing what the title would be on Reddit. Here's my favorite.
  3. I forgot about Omega vs Shinryu which is another good XIV cutscene, this one using actual in game graphics.
  4. If you're not playing the Tales of Vesperia remaster then you are missing out on life
  5. Yeah I loved that game. I remember you fight Deadpool at one point on an oil rig (or the Raft I can't remember) and you could swing from absolutely nothing because it was kinda tongue in cheek. Noir gameplay was fun, but not my favorite of the 4. Peni is best girl
  6. Heart of darkness beatheth, Ultima! Iron enigma treateth, Ultima! Shielding light, retreateth, Ultima! Hydaelyn defeated! Ah, Ultima... Best theme in the entire game. Those horns gave me chills
  7. I made this one myself ;^)
  9. I would buy this without hesitation This next one is an Edgedancer spoiler.
  10. From my favorite video games series (next to FFXIV) Class VII from Trails of Cold Steel, from left to right, Elliot Craig: Lightweaver Laura S. Arseid: Stoneward Gaius Worzel: Windrunner Emma Millstein: Elsecaller Machias Regnitz: Truthwatcher Alisa Reinford: Dustbringer Rean Schwarzer: Bondsmith Fie Claussell: Edgedancer Jusis Albarea: Skybreaker Millium Orion: Willshaper
  11. Should probably replace Frost with Odium at this point but still I laughed
  12. Oathbringer, closer to the end becomes what I think is one of the best pieces of fantasy literature ever written. It's true that Shallans whole Adolin/Kaladin flirt sessions can be distracting, and even outright annoying, but don't let that take away from how awesome stuff gets later on.
  13. Aimia is an island chain of the West coast of Shinovar in the Physical Realm. Kaza, the woman you mentioned (cousin to a prince, not the kings sister) was turning into smoke before they reached the islands due to being a soulcasting savant, and was trying to find a cure on Aimia. This condition allowed her to be able to see partially into the cognitive realm.
  14. The closest I think we ever got to a sex scene in a book written by Brandon was like Towers of Midnight or A Memory of Light where it was essential to Mr. Jordan's plot, and even then it was really, really tame. Like fade to black moment. I understand he doesn't much care for them which is good because they are distracting.
  15. I like Edgedancers. It's funny how they were considered the most graceful and refined of all the orders and the first one we meet is a street urchin who steals breakfast and likes to talk about butts.