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  1. I pointed out in another thread that in Part 4 Kalak uses the term Hell. Which doesn't exist in the Cosmere since it is an Earth term. I don't know if this is an actual mistake or not but I thought I would point it out since someone said it could be a typo. I will provide the page number and line when I get home later this evening. EDIT: Found it. Chapter 87 Page 966: "You don't have prisons, and I doubt he'll care if you exile him. Hell, half the people in this place would regard escaping your presence to be a reward."
  2. The Heralds in present time don't say Damnation because they know it as Braize. So I feel Kalak wouldn't use that term. But I agree it's probably a typo.
  3. Tod just makes me think of Todd Howard and how Odium's real plan is to make us buy Skyrim again to play on a Fabrial.
  4. You may be right. I only say that because I don't think I have ever heard another Cosmere character say Hell before, but I could be wrong, of course. Here's an example of how Kalak used it because I can't remember the actual line: "Hell, I might be thinking too hard about this."
  5. Did anyone else notice Kalak said Hell at one point? I'm guessing it's because he's a Herald originally from Ashyn but it gives some insight that the people of Ashyn, or the original humans who navigated to Roshar believed in Hell.
  6. Chapter 80. All of it. Design made me laugh so hard. Especially imagining a Cryptic playing a flute and swaying side to side while playing occasionally interrupting Wit to be rude. Also this from Syl: "What are we doing?" she said, landing on his shoulder and sitting primly with her legs crossed and her hands on her knees. "Actually I don't care. I need to tell you something. Aladar's axehounds had puppies. I had no idea how much I needed to see puppies until I flew by them this morning. They are the grossest things on the planet, Kaladin. They're somehow so gross that they're cute. So cute I could've died! Except I can't, because I'm an eternal sliver of God himself, and we have standards about things like that."
  7. Honestly I'm terrified for the protagonists. It was one of the only moments where I screamed out loud (the others being Teft and 'Lord of Scars'). And Hoid being terrified before his memory was altered was especially telling. I have never seen Hoid afraid before. Ever. So that gave me chills. But his very last line gave a hint that he may have expected this. Not sure whether or not it's the case) It's actually funny how Harmony hinted at this before it actually happened. In the epigraph letter he said Hoid should be more afraid of the Shard than the Vessel. And be especially wary of a Vessel with the craftiness to work well with their Shard (in Harmony hahaha...). Rayse and Odium were almost ripping each other apart since the Vessel was wanting to act one way, and the Shard another. Now that Taravangian has taken over as Odium's Vessel, the people of Roshar should be very, very scared.
  8. I already know what happens lol *massive spoilers for Hajimari ahead*
  9. Finished Cold Steel IV last night. I managed to get the true ending easily. The final boss was nuts. This part cracked me up *final dungeon spoilers*:
  10. Finished Act 2 of CS4 yesterday (an absolutely amazing end to a slightly boring act), and beat
  11. I love the guy so much. I remember a video where he parodied South Parks Canada voice because the tomato enemies in CS had mouths like the Canadians lol. I also learned that he voiced Diluc in Genshin Impact, but I play that with Japanese audio only so I didn't realize lol.
  12. Have you guys seen this yet? They even got the voice actors of Rean, Altina, and Machias to provide dialogue. It's actually a sponsored ad too. Sort of. It has spoilers for CS 1-3 tho so don't watch it unless you don't mind.
  13. Every free second I have.
  14. Did everyone hear about the botched digital release of the game where no one could download it for like an entire day because Sony had the wrong product ID attached to the game? NISA's Twitter was a dumpster fire for awhile there. Now the game works for everyone, but people are still having trouble downloading the free dlc. I was able to get mine no problem luckily.
  15. Genshin Impact. I got Sucrose and I am happy because she is best girl.