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  1. horror

    Im not sure if this is the right place to post this, if it isn´t, please let me know where it should go. I had to write an essay for my english class detailing the people or circumstances that lead me to start reading. I decided to tell my story in a sort of unusual format, interweaving two stories at the same time, i used the prologue of Oathbringer, and i hope the reason why becomes clear once you´ve read my essay. Im looking for feedback mainly regarding the clarity of it all. Do you understand the structure of the essay? If not, how could i make it clearer? Do you think it makes for an engaging story? If you think my essay works well as it is, please let me know, i would very much appreciate it. With that said, im open to all kinds of constructive criticism.
  2. Taravangian is not a bad guy
  3. Let's make a list of all the things we don't know in the cosmere! Not specific things like "What would happen if..." but actual whole topics that we know nothing about, so that we know what to be looking for in future (or past) books. I'll start ● Who's "Senna" ? ● What weapon was used to kill Adonalsium? ● How is Hoid (and Frost) inmortal? ● How does Odium kill Shards? ● Does Adonalsium have a god metal? ● What's up with dragons in general? ● How exactly does fortune work? ● We know nothing about the planet Vax If any of these things have actually been fully answered do please point it out and i'll promptly edit it out. Write all you want to know so we can look back in some years and laugh at how ignorant we were!
  4. Mistborn spoilers i guess I would have liked Kelsier to have met Elend for real, even more so for 2nd and 3rd book Elend, i think they would have gotten along. I always felt bad that Kelsier hated Elend for being a noble and although he ends up saving his life, he never fully aknowledges he is actually a good and intelligent person, he just sort of says "If Vin loves him he must me alright" Elend the Emperor and reformed Kelsier would have liked each other i believe
  5. Congratulations, this must have taking a lot of effort! I - an admittedly musically ignorant person - think it's great! If anything could be done (and this is very abstract and maybe not useful feedback) it would be giving it a more 'turbulent' feeling, i feel like that's what you were trying to do with the ending maybe? Although that depends on what aspect of Shallan you're trying to capture Keep up the good work
  6. Thousand-page-long high fantasy books seemed to me the most boring thing ever and i could not imagine how one would subject oneself to the such a painfully tedious experience. Yet here i am, in the 17th shard, having read every single cosmere book in 6 months. (Although i have never read a fantasy novel not written by Brandon Sanderson)
  7. He appeared in a youtube series called fishing with Crendor. Crendor is a youtuber who usually interviews other internet personalities i believe and in episode 33 he interviews Brandon, it's pretty cool!
  8. @Jaywalk @Nohadon @luckat @Furamirionind

    Hey, we're a team! Just thought i'd say hi, i'm very excited!

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      Hello! I’m just as excited as you!

  9. Today i finished reading warbreaker, and as such i have finally read all of the published cosmere books. That means i can no longer be spoiled! To celebrate, i want to start a thread of the biggest spoilers amongst the published cosmere books. Which one is the best/most unexpected/saddest/most exciting/etc. Needless to say if you have not read all of the cosmere books run while you can.
  10. Welcome to the shard! I joined less than a month ago myself, you're gonna have a lot of fun. Which cosmere character would you say is most like you?
  11. I'm in! Where will we answer the puzzle? The first one to write it in this thread wins?
  12. Absolutely. That is why Kaladin is my favourite character in the stormlight archive, the way Brandon talks about his depression without saying "This is Kaladin, he has depression" is fantastic. He just makes you feel it, it's easy to understand and internalize, i myself have felt like Kaladin many times and find impressive the skill with which Brandon portrays it. Brandon Sanderson is a genius.