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  1. Thank you! I checked ealrier but the bar is somewhat tricky to spot on the phone
  2. How do you know this?
  3. That sounds good!
  4. I have never worked on a google doc, is that were you can modify thing in real time so that other see? You mean so we can help each other?
  5. Guys, i'm finished and quite frankly i think Raoden is a perfect fit for this song, so without further ado A million dreams as sung by prince Raoden
  6. @Wyndlerunner said he'd do "From now on"
  7. @Shard of Thought and i are trying to create a Cosmere version of the whole "The greatest showman" soundtrack. So far the idea is to have the first song (the greatest showman) to be a sort of intro to the cosmere, and the rest to be about different books in the cosmere. If you want to try one just comment which one so we know. Let's have fun! I'll make "A million dreams"
  8. That's a good idea, that way people can see it and join if they want. Let this thread be for random songs that people want to make. Let me get on it
  9. I'm super excited! We can try to build that one together, if everyone cooperates with a couple of lines we can get an amazing song
  10. You're in for a treat. I haven't seen the movie either but the soundtrack is fantastic!
  11. @Shard of Thought @Wyndlerunner i was thinking of which perspective would be best for a million dreams and i thought of Raoden dreaming of making Elantris a beautiful city again, also, since one of you is making SA and the other Mistborn, i think variety can be good. What do you think?
  12. Pick one and let us know, so we don't repeat
  13. Does anyone know why the album "Kaladin" by Black Piper is no longer available on spotify? I loved to read Stormlight with that soundtrack
  14. @Wyndlerunner @hoiditthroughthegrapevine @John203 @Ashspren Anyone up for a fun task?
  15. I'll take a Million dreams then! You do another one and slowly but surely we'll have a Cosmere Greatest showman soundtrack!