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  1. I'll try it. I need to try some new authors.
  2. I love the teen and young adult also. You looked up Goodreads, thanks. I need to learn how to do the social media thing. So much to learn, it will take a long time to take off.
  3. Thanks for checking out my book, that's encouraging. I would like to know what you thought about it sometime if you feel comfortable discussing it. As for my name, when I came up with the name, it was late at night, and I put the first thing that came to my mind. Don't know if it was wise. As for other genres I read, Last year I read the Charles Todd Inspector Rutledge Mysteries, along with Mark Stephenson's light thrillers. I have read a few romances, Jules Vern, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Dante's Inferno and some Shakespeare, just to name a few. It depends what I have a hankering for at the moment. And I have to wait until I have the time to read. Because I devour them, I can't stop reading until the end. Guess I need to learn to pace myself. What about you, what do you read?
  4. Welcome to the group. I'm not the creative here, yet.
  5. Thanks, but don't get too excited. I am working on the marketing plan and getting the reviews. That's the hard part. If I could, I would just write, but all well, life is tough. If you want to know the truth, right now I am an 'unknown author'. But it will happen one day.
  6. I would love to hear about the writing groups. I don't just want to help, but I also want to contribute. Which is the reason why I won't become regular until next week. I don't have the time to be of help to anyone at this moment. And yes, the first book was just published. It is called Redemption's Cure (Hunter's Heart Series Book One) You can get it at the four major online retailers as an Ebook. Thank you for the offer of help. Hopefully, I will be able to get with you about the writing groups next week.
  7. Thank you, everyone, for welcoming me to the group. I am afraid you won't see me regularly until next week. Still getting the holidays finished. However, by then I will be exploring this place for help. It really does look exciting, and like a place I need to be.
  8. Good advice, thank you for the welcome. I do need to check out your RP guidelines.
  9. Hello: My first introduction to the Sanderson books was the Mistborn series. Now I am checking out his Stormlight Archive Series. I actually read from a lot of authors and different genres. I am an author with a first book and chomping at the bit to get the second book done. I have turned to other authors to try and figure out the marketing portion of authorship and haven't quite mastered it, yet. Upon researching Brandon Sanderson, I like the way he seems to truly care about others. I haven't had to buy anything yet to get some good advice from him. That is what led me here. I realized I needed some good Beta Readers, as all my other attempts have failed. All of you look like a good close-knit and fun group. I am looking forward to getting to know you.