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  1. oh so this theory is already known. I probably stole it from someone without meaning to. But @Kon-Tiki that now makes sense to me. I knew it was weird because it was different from the others but didn't realise it didn't fit the pattern
  2. What do you mean?
  3. I have come to the realisation (if someone already had the same idea, sorry) that each order represents the purpose or main feature of each order. Windrunners - They run across the sky, travelling but also free Skybreakers - They're the ones who break even a split vote or similar to adhere to the law Dustbringers - They bring dust/ destruction (don't know enough but following along with the theory) Edgedancers - The dance on edges, able to be nimble even in tight spots Truthwatchers - They watch for the truth and know the truth but also watch what they say in regard to it Lightweavers - They weave light, sound and other waves Elsecallers - (Idk how to describe this one) Willshapers - They shape what they want by their own will Stonewards - They act as wardens who are impossible to move like stone Bondsmiths - They smith bonds between people and objects Was this already a concept? If so please add to it.
  4. So cool dude! and very thought out. I don't think many people are Skybreakers or Dustbringers.
  5. I really hope not because becoming a shard doesn't usually end well ;-;
  6. I always thought that Storm Light will be the series that connects all the other's together (could be wrong), so what a cool way to show the connection between worlds then to have Zahel use those to demonstrate his power.
  7. So would it be possible to imply that each unmade manifests in a way that adheres to their "surges" essence? Could it be possible that the Unmade were normal Radiant spren but then were Unmade by Odium to learn how to use their surges? I know Knight Radiants have two surges but there is a WoB's out there saying one surge is easier for one order compared to the other. eg Shallan is good at illumination compared to soulcasting.
  8. This is a good theory and observation. It makes you wonder how intelligent spren are because they learnt how to bond with humans by watching the heralds do it (along with honour) and it was even stated that they did a better job at doing it compared to honour and the heralds. Also, were Void spren once normal spren who bonded with the Singers since they were the original people of the land or did they live in ignorance of the other?
  9. I shared awhile ago the concept that maybe Renarin can't use the illumination surge because of him being on the spectrum which makes it harder for to imagine something because people of the spectrum are more literal in thinking. That's why sarcasm and similar go over their heads. They usually can only see the literal thing and takes a lot of proactice to be able to imagine something completely in their own head.
  10. That sounds very sus though. Urithiru is probably something just as over the top just not in the flying type. It can teleport people different parts of Roshar, maybe it can teleport people to other planets....
  11. I wonder if Jasnah and Renarin are character foils? Because of the line where Jasnah said that people said the same things about her as they Renarin.
  12. It is exactly the case. The only reason why they both didn't go down the same path is Kaladin was brought up to help people even when they wanted to bring him or others around him down. Moash sounds like he didn't have that and was left to keep his anger festering
  13. He didn't finish. He had one more line, the journey before destination or he said almost that whole line. Same thing happened with Venli, she began glowing just before the last line too
  14. I always thought Elhokar wanted to become like Kaladin and believed him saving his kingdom was a way to prove to himself and others that he was worthy king. He didn't want to die because he tried to say the Oath but was killed half way through saying them. You could really see him changing into a better man in the writing so you knew he was going to die but the actual character didn't want to. That is why his death was so tragic because he hadn't accomplished his character arc.
  15. Thanks fam