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  1. Yep that is exactly what I thought about driving, I think I'd be fine if I was driving alone.
  2. It's soo good. That's it good night.
  3. I learned 1-2a style throwing/yo-yoing
  4. Just finished my third relisten of the first four seasons of the Magnus archives , seriously I cannot recommend it enough.
  5. The Mechanisms are immortal hoidlike space faring pirates, not in the cosmere of course. To be more specific how do you think a cosmere wide band would function in era four cosmere ?.
  6. How would the mechanisms work in the cosmere ?
  7. cool thanks !
  8. How do you move posts, I meant to put this in general cosmere discussion
  9. Do we have any confirmation of wear the smoke goes when nightblood kills something ? We know all investiture is keyed to certain shards and if the black smoke is investiture then who does it belong to ?
  10. I think that when Brandon does decide to write a gay male protagonist, he will do wonderful job of it.
  11. It's very cool of you to create the gay male protagonist post 

    1. Honorless


      Thank you! 

  12. I still don't really jive with or understand the difficulty with writing lgbt characters, and I don't mean without any of the sensitivity reading or research that wouldn't normally go into writing about a group of people that oneself isn't a member of . A while back I read the book The Raven Tower where the main viewpoint character is a trans man, now I myself am not trans so I can not speak to whether the portrayal was accurate to what actual trans men experience, but I have friends who are trans and to my cis eyes it seemed like a well written example of representation . Was the main character being trans really relevant to the plot ? no, but does it need to be ?. I think besides the lack of representation, the nearly complete absence of lgbt characters just pulls me out of the narrative. It's like when I'm watching a movie and the oly women present are the ones "relevant to the plot" it kinda just feels contrived
  13. I just can't understand how it can be difficult to write an lgbt character protagonist. If the cosmere had any earth analogue then there would be the issue of lgbt history but when regarding all the research brandon puts into his creations it justs seems flimsy . Don"t get me wrong I adore the cosmere, but .... Is it that I (by asking to be represented in that regard) am asking too much... it's disheartening . I have don't really have distinguishing tastes when it comes to romances, so all the ones that brandon writes seem run from fine to great, which is why I can't understand why he hasn't yet. Sorry if this is rambling I also don't understand what people mean when they say that an author shouldn't include LGBT character/ protagonists just to be inclusive. Does it mean that the character has to have being LGBT an important plot point ? I am of the belief that there isn't any real reason for a character not to be LGBT.
  14. What I mean is, in general (not specifically counting Brandon) if the character is NOT actually LGBT in the source material then it shouldn't count as actual representation. If there is no actual effort on the author's part then that's because they didn't write a LGBT character . I mean not to offend but if it needs to be said outside of the actual source material then it isn't really real .