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  1. not the origins of the Aimians the origins of the Natanatans.
  2. I have no prior experience with owls of the giant variety , however I do know they look far more terrifying then they actually are ,while still being incredibly dangerous birds with razor sharp talons.
  3. Marsh is harmony's giant horned owl.
  4. How long does it take to shatter a shard the way odium does compared to the slow strangulation used by ruin against preservation ? Why is the shatter method perceived as being so quick if honor had time to create the stormfather and rant and rave about the knights radiant destroying the world with their surgebinding.
  5. That much for everything cosmere is obvious . What I don't understand is why people don't understand that what the Knights radiants are being told that they have done is enough to make them quit in fear of doing it again.
  6. Honestly that is most likely what happened
  7. Could some shard that went to Sel just stuff the wild investiture back into the spiritual realm ?
  8. where did you learn about the sel cognitive realm ?
  9. I think seeing moash's corpse in one of the pits would make working there all the better.
  10. My personal worst would be the Pits of Hathsin
  11. Scenario time: Lets say you where a herald and you had just died ..... But instead of being tortured on Braize the voidbringers did research on you and decided to send you off somewhere else in the cosmere. To endure the worst that planet has to offer. Basically what I'm asking is what cosmere torture would you not want to endure for four thousand years.
  12. In OB did we see any skybreakers mention having shardplate or getting shardplate ?
  13. Yeah I remembered that we new Drehy was in a relationship but not that we new who it was with.
  14. That would be neat though wouldn't it .
  15. Lopen patted Dru on the shoulder. The slender Alethi man looked up and nodded toward Lopen, showing reddened eyes. Loving a soldier was not easy, and now that Kaladin had returned from Alethkar alone...