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  1. but she is not
  2. i dont mean sanderson necessarily but at this point, if you dint have a reason for why every single character is straight and cis then thats just not realistic, Im done with calling it anything other than lax writing. And I mean this as a general statement, Sanderson has gotten better at this. “content has no bearing over quality” no offense but that makes no sense.
  3. i think i would be reasonable in calling it bad writing to have absolutely zero lgbtq rep
  4. it doesn’t need to be life or death its a problem that doesn’t need to exist
  5. you’re right, technically the singers are non-binary but the also aren’t human, they’re more of a tetranary or something like that , which is great but i wont call that rep . Characters who aren’t human and shouldn’t really have human genders are great but actual humans exist, and gender isn’t as solid as that would lead us to believe
  6. definitely “weird”
  7. I think there is not necessarily an issue, but an all to common instance of the only non-binary character being one that wouldnt have a human. concept of gender , and I think itd be neat if there were more non-binary characters who were human. I dont think this is coming to the cosmere anytime soon but an eldritch abomination can dream.
  8. Yep that is exactly what I thought about driving, I think I'd be fine if I was driving alone.
  9. It's soo good. That's it good night.
  10. I learned 1-2a style throwing/yo-yoing
  11. Just finished my third relisten of the first four seasons of the Magnus archives , seriously I cannot recommend it enough.
  12. The Mechanisms are immortal hoidlike space faring pirates, not in the cosmere of course. To be more specific how do you think a cosmere wide band would function in era four cosmere ?.
  13. How would the mechanisms work in the cosmere ?
  14. cool thanks !