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  1. Please continue
  2. that was straight up shardic intervention
  3. The question isn't whats most painful what I meant was what is the worst set of plausible circumstances that could come about in the cosmere .
  4. That may be what she asked or but it wasn't what she received it, was neither her boon nor her curse
  5. Even better then that Hoid x Rayse with or without the shard odium.
  6. Kaladin x Adolin FTW
  7. I am talking about how I've never seen anything like it in the cosmere ,along with it apparently requiring less than one breath to do.
  8. In Warbreaker Vasher is shown to be able to remove memories through self awakening ? What ?
  9. I also like the idea of each bondsmith forming bonds with people in different ways. Maybe the Sibling bondsmith will help draw people in and form a community in urithiru.
  10. MMMMMmmmmm. I really like that theory of having to request a bond with the nightwatcher .
  11. Since that is true I would think that is a given that manipulation metals in a drab is easier , what we don't know is by how much.
  12. I think the relationship between Sylphrena and Kaladin has the most potential to grow and become canon ,compared to other fan ships people have proposed . I personally don't believe their has to be a physical relationship between Syl and Kaladin for it to be a loving romantic relationship. I also don't understand why others have qualms with the ship becoming canon if there is no "physical" part of it .( meaning I don"t understand the person saying the ship was comparable to man x tapeworm , and not only because of the fact that tapeworms don't grant awesome abilities )
  13. True Glory
  14. not the origins of the Aimians the origins of the Natanatans.
  15. I have no prior experience with owls of the giant variety , however I do know they look far more terrifying then they actually are ,while still being incredibly dangerous birds with razor sharp talons.