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  1. And eventually They DIED As all must to complete the formless void.
  2. The chair explodes because of spiritual mumbo-jumbo
  3. whein
  4. Why would the spren keep the stormlight in perfect gems if they had no way of removing it without damaging the gem
  5. As I said I was not certain. I think my other point still stands
  6. If you don't remove the poison then I would assume all stormlight does is negate the affects . Which brings to mind . If you had a deadly disease would stormlight kill the pathogens or simply make you a carrier ?
  7. that is what I'm wondering . Its like when moash kills elohkar ,he leaves the knife in until the stormlight goes away. If your a knight radiant and someone poisons you would you start feeling the affects after you run out of stormlight ? . With shallan im pretty sure ( not certain) that she woke up with a hangover. I don't think the stormlight would somehow remove it ,unless you were lift and able to metabolize the poison directly into investiture .
  8. i think what you would do is have stormlight until the poison gets out of your system or is nullified,the stormlight simply heals the damage the poison does .
  9. i think it should be Conquest
  10. Where in the text does it even come close to establishing that ??
  11. How did ruin and preservation create Scadrial , we know the planet was not already there and we know they created all of the life there , my question is how did they do that ? Did they simply use space dust that was already present or did they convert their investiture directly into matter ??? I'm just confused
  12. gone
  13. No not really ,the boons are not necessarily related to what you ask for
  14. Sorry ,but that belief doesn't make sense in regards to the evidence at hand.
  15. This is about how the nightwatcher goes about making things appear .