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  1. Vin and Lift mourned Kelsier and Jasnah’s divorce, along with the Splintering of Edna.
  2. HYPE. 1 is my favorite game of all time and I love X, 2, and Torna all immensely. This looks fantastic.
  3. Suddenly, the Narrators did some crazy stuff as @Firerust predicted.
  4. Jaywalk and Bozo sat at the edge of the universe, mourning the glory days of TLT.
  5. Meanwhile, the ghanderflaffle empire was rising.
  6. Szeth was banned from and-ing ever again by the decree of the Black Holed.
  7. So therefore - - - wore black on the day he was to halt the rebellion.
  8. In his quest to arise the ghanderflaffle empire.
  9. Meanwhile, the CEO of Pop Tarts got Jimothy involved in a pyramid scheme.
  10. Only matched by the CEO of Pop Tarts.
  11. I wrote another poem! It's the first draft, and will certainly go through many edits, but I thought I'd share it anyway.



    "The Falcon"

    To be human is not to fly. To be human is not to glide over magnificent mountains and vibrant valleys, to be carried to our destinations on the winds.

    To be human is to beat our wings against oppressive gusts. To be human is to give it our all, only for our prey to slip away. To be human is to cry out, calling for aid. To be human is to lash out our talons in retaliation, then to run away ashamed.

    To try to glide is an exercise in futility.

    To be human is to be relentless, to push against the winds. To be human is to try again, to dive harder, faster, stronger. To be human is to fold into the wings of another in our times of need. And to be human is to forgive, to make amends, to heal.

    And most of all… to be human is to be united.

    To open our wings to one another… in strength… kindness…

                  And love.

    1. AonEne


      I really like this! 

  12. How about that Bad Batch though?
  13. Not sure where to drop this... but I wrote a poem and thought I’d share it.



    A friend, I call you.

    But what makes a friend?

    I see you in snapshots and flybys.

    I piece together a figure.

    A puzzle left unfinished.

    Once, I thought I knew you...

    But once is no longer enough.

  14. Especially in the days of the rising ghanderflaffle empire.
  15. Suddenly, something happened in the town where nothing happened.
  16. ‘Twas terrible travesty today, Tyrannosaurus.
  17. Denton never thought he’d get drunk with a rabbit. He supposed there was a first time for everything.
  18. It took Denton three hours to polish every bottle in the wine cellar. He still wasn’t sure why he had to do this every single night, but he did it nonetheless. It was therapeutic. It let him think, let him plan, and let him sneak a few drinks under the nose of the mistress. This night, however, he felt uneasy. Like he wasn’t the only one there. He went to remove the final bottle, just as he did every night. The glass of the bottle had a blue tint, turning the liquid inside a lovely azure—almost as lovely as Savi’s eyes, but not quite. He still hadn’t tasted this one. He slid it from its place on the shelf and began to polish it gently. Just one sip couldn’t hurt, Denton thought. He glanced towards the stairwell, and figuring he was alone still, moved his thumb to remove the cork. And then he saw the bunny.
  19. Straff had heard tales of Butt, but never did he believe them.
  20. This was quite traumatic for the universe.
  21. It’s a term used in improv comedy, meaning that you build off of the thing the last person said instead of going “The End.” The American Puppy People of Long Existentiality (or APPLE) had seeked to experiment on the legendary ship.
  22. Yes-anded the conversation and went on a date with a breadmunk.
  23. Meanwhile, Stick’s grandfather was running a pineapple stand in the sleazy part of the ghanderflaffle empire.