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  1. King Ghidorah screamed back.
  2. Godzilla stepped on a building.
  3. Especially from zombie vampire octopuses from Mongolia.
  4. The Library of Alexandria.
  5. Mat was the only character worth reading in Book 10, in my opinion.
  6. Good book. Now have fun with Crossroads of Twilight...
  7. They can take as long as they need, as long as the final product is worth it.
  8. This ad has been brought to you by Geico.
  9. Narration returned to past-tense.
  10. That’s right, everyone. Adonalsium was a cookie.
  11. But then he dropped the cookie and it shattered.
  12. It was slightly burnt.
  13. But the cookie had raisins.
  14. Which knocked down the bowling pins. “STRIKE!”