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  1. Jaywalk didn’t understand the story. It was very strange.
  2. Tubb had deserved his fate.
  3. It wasn't too hard though. She'd only just been created.
  4. Named Butterflutter the Original.
  5. That was his daily morning meditation routine. Edit: Ninja’d
  6. All his snakes had been taxidermized. Tom, in fact, had a deep fear of snakes. Heh. We had the same idea, I see.
  7. He liked it for its simplicity.
  8. His favorite snake was a...
  9. One foot was bigger than the other.
  10. Most ghandersaurs were kept/imprisoned in zoos.
  11. Not to be confused with the common ghanderflaffle.
  12. Kidding, kidding. Jar Jar is one of the worst parts of Star Wars.
  13. Dorien reformed at BoS’s feet. Mostly. ”Owwwwwwww...”