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  1. Hmm... I’d probably hire an artifabrian to stage an “accident” when Sadeas comes by.
  2. Bozo started pointing at Havel and laughing.
  3. Havel gave up on trying to eat Luna. She started crying.
  4. Havel ate it gladly, then tried to eat Luna.
  5. Havel appeared, a wild grin on her face.
  6. It’s awesome! You totally nailed his smirk. Max focused the void into a charged bolt of energy, then sent it toward the bunny. It pulled him along through the air like a magnet, to the point where he could finally lay a hand on the creature.
  7. game

    Would you rather drown a puppy or push an old man down a flight of stairs? (It’s a reference, please don’t call the police.)
  8. The Kool-Aid fired its neurons, bringing feeling that the void had failed to provide.
  9. Max stood in the licorice wreckage, scanning the party area for any sign of threats. Then, he spotted it. The bunny. Standing on the drink table.
  10. Max warped into the helicopter, throwing the mimes out into the spinning blades, then hijacked the controls and flew away. He had a bunny to catch.
  11. "So, what're we gonna do today?" Max asked. "Experiment. Train." Jaywalk paused. "Create." "Create?" "I think you're close enough to mastering the void, Max. You can warp, you can attack, and you've developed the Seersight. It's time to put your training to use."
  12. Good luck with everything, SongStorm! While life may be crushing you down right now, it does get better. I can attest to this, having struggled with depression for a long time.
  13. “Very well.” Jaywalk opened a portal and stepped into Max’s room. “Your cousin seems...a bit resistant.” Max shrugged. “You lied to him.” ”I know.”