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  1. “But now,” the Dark Voice said. “It’s time for a commercial break.
  2. She was unrelated to that emptiness between worlds.
  3. And found themselves ripped apart by the vacuum of space.
  4. A large planet, inhabited by gaseous beings, was the first to be consumed.
  5. This new world was alien to them. They’d hidden for so long that the civilization, the people they had once known were gone now. But perhaps it was better that way, for their current forms were unstable, overflowing with power.
  6. The Black Holed were an ancient race of people, who had hidden in the Void for centuries.
  7. I'm starting Burning White tonight! I can't wait!
  8. Interesting how two different people read the same book and have very different reactions, but with completely valid opinions. It's almost like--gasp!--people are different and don't need to conform to everyone else's opinions. I like how we got two different reviews for this book, showing two very different opinions. Personally, I lean towards Grey's review, as I LOVED Starsight, but I don't dismiss Jebus's opinion. His review was entirely valid. As Wit explains in the Oathbringer epilogue, all art is subjective. Everyone's going to enjoy this book differently, and THAT'S OKAY.
  9. Author Void watched the battle curiously. Astral and Sophie had an interesting relationship.
  10. Another bounty hunter stepped in. “Fred?” he asked, looking at Sophie in horror. “What did you do to Fred?”
  11. Then a bounty hunter walked in, leveling a blaster at Baby Yoda.
  12. I love the show so far! Though its diverged from the original marketing a ton, it’s really shaping up to be something amazing.