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  1. This makes me feel like Sil in her early stages. There are too many loose threads being dangled above us to not suggest at least 2 major clashes and possibly a third; at least. Maybe I just have to much time to theorize at the moment but the Spearhead was a screw in, Soverign has 1 eye spike (not like an obligators), and the belt had some sort of bodily function for the Soverign otherwise there is no use to waste the metal. Saz has put a "bubble" around the world. iorn eyes is still hidding somewhere and something important, beyond the last of era 1 atium. Ruin is able to spread across planets in search of the shards. Admitting he was not formed fully enough in Oathbringer, so, God's reclaiming part if himself seems down right perfect to lead to all out disharmony and tieing things closer to clear...... Maybe.... Kinda ish but better and cleaner than this. Still researching as I go.
  2. With the appearance of Hunters on Roshar it seems clear that some of the oracles would be scattered across other worlds and to survive in the cognitive realm for extended periods of time without food (except canned, aged, meat). I'm almost certain that the oracles Kaledeen meets at the lighthouse was a kondra. Azures disdain for them makes me think she is one and recognizes most take on that kind of persona.
  3. Era 3- all 5 southern people travel freely into and out of the basin, and likewise for citizens of the basin, but with large scale commercialization of both kinds of power has lead to many people having access to different variations of natural born power, compounding the power they were lacking not having Terris bloods (bad and good), and ett metal is going to lead to humanities escape from destruction. Seems a little eh but it is a rough thought so far.
  4. Patience... Not my strongest attribute.. but one rabbit hole at a tme I suppose.
  5. My jaw dropped reading all that. But it still leads me to a question I couldn't find in the threads, probably die to my own error. If Harmony wrote in the books of Founding that Kel ascended, and in the link he was in the cognitive realm with Hoid, how did he have a body to return to in order for this to all fit together? His body was ingested and his bones in use after he died by the Lord Ruler. Spikes can only do so much, as well.
  6. Audiobook listener so sorry for spelling. Mistborn era 1: a begger shows up in the Well of Accession to assist Kell before he meets Lord Lanrian. That begger calls himself Hoid though it never really fit to his usual way of creating a witty and/or memorable manor. That being said when Vin goes to the Ball her informer fares too close to not be him. That overly exacerbated drama to explain his stories yet so eager to help her get out of the ball, create a distraction for her two tails, and for such a low price. He never demonstrated any real power in these instances but his real character that I've seen. Mistborn era 2: Again a begger shows up to give Wax a very strange coin. Yet at the same time he is mistaken for drinking "cologne" and seemed sickly. Yet I am guessing that our mystery Hoid had been running for the last 329 years running from Trell, Marsh," the sovereign" who ever he is, Preservation (before he died), the unmade, remaining of the 16 and some of the Hunters, and priests. Maybe the Southerners as well if he was involved in those rare few tri-powered cubes.
  7. This isn't about casting but about the company that would be needed for creating the obligators and for Saz. I'd recommend ADI - Amalgamated Dynamics. Seems like the smart choice, and no this isn't an ad or something just seen their work over the years in the Alien and Predator series and sorry for bothering you.
  8. I am terrible with names of actors so I know I'm gonna take about 15 posts to do this right but since hearing if this my mind shot to the idea that you'd need a former "Disney" actor (or so.eone of similar age and general build) to play Vin otherwise the portrayal of the real vulnerability wouldn't be there. Isaac Hempstead Wright seemed right for Spook to me. Don't ask me why but Doxin always looks like Alexander SIddig to me, I think it is the odd culture sounding accent that I think he would need to have. Mark Gatiss To me seems to be born to be a soother. Especially after his Sherlock portrayal and his assisting appearance on Game of Thrones. If I could pick an impossible Saz it would be Tom Hiddleston. He is highly analytical and speaks similar to the way I think Saz must when he shows his sudden emphasis on speaking about religions in the first book.
  9. I am stuck on who my favorite is. I thought it was Kaladeen but when I went through the mistborn series I couldn't turn down how Wayne was. (My spelling can suck at times). Then I started thinking that Wayne and Lopin were my tied for favorite. But, now it is a tie between Wayne, Kaladeen, and the Black Thorn.
  10. Been a fan for about 5 years now, started on TWofK and am now hunting Hoid and the secrets he let's loose across the cosmere. Might have messed up this posting by doing it on my phone