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  1. Very interesting theory. If you’re right and the radients had to suicide their spren to save humanity Maybe Feverstone Keep makes even more sense in that context. The radients charged like they were going to attack then stopped and broke their bonds. Perhaps right up until that moment they were being compelled to go through with violent oaths they couldn’t possibly live with.
  2. Cultivation: He’s so full of investiture he’s going to burst! Odium: keep going.
  3. Safehand uncovered and walking on stone? You’re offending all sorts of sensibilities today cultivation.
  4. What!? come on Tanervast!
  5. He did say “these were the first” not “this is when it happened”
  6. But some of them DID convince their friends it seems, as the Skybreakers never did betray their spren. You say it’s implausible for the decision to be so uniform without a consperacy, but I posit it isn’t uniform, it’s simply fractured on an order to order basis. Perhaps the ash spren were killed kicking and screaming, while the honor spren went willingly, and the high spren just shrugged and kept going.
  7. Oh Sweet! Thanks for the heads up, though i guess I’m still confused what the difference is between the gallery and fan works.
  8. I was under the impression that the gallery was more for large collections as opposed to single works. Though I could easily just add updated versions as I continue to work on it.
  9. @Calderis What about the storm father? Surely they would have told HIM about their intent. He’s still around and legitimately pissed. Could he really have fortgotten everything? And if so wouldn’t that mean all the spren are just ASSUMING they were betrayed? It’s either a horrible lie, or spren are jumping to conclusions.
  10. @StrikerEZ Thanks! I’m very pleased with how it turned out, though the left hand still looks like an oven mitt. I intend to do a background and then maybe color it.
  11. Interesting that you pointed out the radients infighting. Without honor to guide them and no external threat left to protect against they would have had little choice but to turn on each other. Perhaps eventually there would have been a war between radients with disasterious world ending conciquences
  12. I had been avoiding WoB and forums before OB so it was still new to me, but I agree something is clearly missing. WoK already well established that human nature doesn’t destroy things it can use. Just becaue nukes COULD destroy our planet doesn’t mean people IRL went out and immediately murdered all their physicist friends.
  13. Cultivation: So let me get this straight? You want your boon to be clever curse words and your curse to be the face of a baboon? Hoid: Yes. Cultivation: Get off of my planet.
  14. Love it. Super soul casters. Although if the dawn shards were what destroyed braize and cultivation was based on Roshar that complicates the theory.