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  1. Great map. I love cartography.
  2. Well thank you. I think I’m going to try my hand at a mistborn era 2 drawing soon.
  3. Well obviously it’s heavily inspired by all the official art in the books. But I can only hope to ever be that good.
  4. Yeah that’s the only one that really matters, (and the only one that even looks much like a cremling) the rest are just kind of like big bugs.
  5. Yes . There are several of them scattered around. I intended to put one near each knight, watching. Some are honestly practicing impossible to see or partly obscured and unidentifiable by anyone but me, but there is a cricket like thing crawling out of the puddle beneath the jumping dustbringer you can probably see.
  6. *deletes image. If I didn’t even include the stick what is the point? Next time. For sure.
  7. @Keeper Exile The one with the shardbow (syl says they existed) is a willshaper. The one with the sword is an elsecaller. (You can’t see her shadow because like jasnah it’s pointed towards the light. Those are two of the orders i still don’t know that much about. (Like what does a willshaper even do? I guess we’ll find out soon) thus I put them farther back and less detailed than the others. I also put them in that corner because then if I colored it they would be blueish, and purpleish next to the green of the moon- the order and color of the 3 moons. As for their spren- didn’t add any. The white fire looking stuff floating off the willshaper was just supposed to be stormlight. I drew it that way partly by mistake when I was adding the black background. When I go back to this to fix the things that bother me about it I think I’ll add passion spren above them. They definitely got the short end of the stick in this drawing.
  8. very constructive criticism
  9. It’s a concentration spren. Described in edgedancer as circular ripples in the air above people’s heads. It’s my theory that concentration spren will have a connection to truth watchers in the same way windspren are tied to wind runners, creation spren to light-weavers, and glory spren to bondsmiths.
  10. jezrians is probably the most frequently illustrated one though, and Honor blades have a notable history of being stabbed into the ground and left behind, but I really wanted to include at least one blade we had already seen in a pre recreance state.
  11. No! Sorry, I feel like by now they have all been guessed other than it! My fave shardblade design so far is Adolins- Mayalaran pre- deadeye. I think she was bonded to an edge-dancer .
  12. Nope none of those. It’s fairly recognizable; in the official art of all 3 books. And... yeah. 2 clouds. Like I said. I added them towards the end when I just wanted the drawing to be done. I also think they look like rocks.
  13. Not only that but it’s a very specific sword. (And the space whale is a hastily added cloud) - and if we’re really pulling hairs here why are ANY of their weapons out- why not spren floating next to them. Because swords are cool.
  14. Thank you very much. That was one of the last touches I added, and there are still several more Easter eggs that haven’t yet been noticed . Since I just finished this one after working on it on and off for so long I’m not really sure what to draw next.
  15. I don’t know. It does seem odd that if cultivation is worshiped in the west that we haven’t yet seen much evidence for it outside of the nightwatcher myths. Unless there’s evidence I can’t remember.