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  1. 1. Could a splinter of a shard be contained in a metal mind, like the Divine Breaths? 2. Could a metal mind hold corrupted investiture? Edit: 3rd question. How would a cryptic react to the Diagram?
  2. 1. Kelsier 2. Hoid 3. Nightblood 4. Szeth 5. Dalanar 6. Wayne 7. Marsh/Ironeyes 8. Kaladin 9. Vasher 10. Adolin
  3. Spoilers for Mistborn era 2:
  4. Does The Evil on Threnody work in a similar way to Nightblood?
  5. Couldn't Kelsier be spiked with a duralumin spike, taking his connection away allowing him to leave?
  6. I am Stick
  7. I have glasses because my eyes decided I haven't suffered enough yet.
  8. At least we know he's working on it.
  9. Ooof
  10. It's explained in Knife of Dreams. Unless you want me to explain it to you.
  11. I gotta say, the only books I didn't like was books 7,8, and 10. Those only because they were so slow and not much happens. And the only female characters I wasn't annoyed with was Suian and Nynavae. Those because they were the only ones that had any common sense or being open to other suggestions.
  12. And the fact he "carried" a bridge at all.
  13. I think the people who made that subreddit were confused. All of their posts are about Kaladin.