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  1. Well, better to make it way harder to actually lose it and not knowing if it is taken than making it easier to take away but knowing when it has been taken. /edit: Especially if you don't think that you could re-capture it anyway. How do you know?
  2. How is hiding it under Urithiru better than dropping it randomly somewhere into the ocean? The aluminum-casing could also be used when you drop it into the ocean, but since they don't know about its relevance, you cannot use it in your argument how to hide it better. Cast into space, I highly doubt Kaladin can cast it outside of Roshar's gravitational pull, that means it would in short order crash down somewhere. Fair enough, maybe the unmade doesn't survive re-entry. But if heat and fire could kill it, they could have dropped it into a volcano.
  3. But the ocean is gigantic. Even if somehow Odium knows that the gem was dropped somewhere into the ocean (I hope Dalinar gave it to Kaladin and even he wouldn't be able to find the place he dropped it down) that at least makes it incredibly tedious to re-find. What would the alternative be? Always in Dalinar's jacket pocket? Somewhere hidden in the tower? Somewhere hidden on the landmass of the continent? There is no foolproof spot, wherever you drop it, someone can retrieve it. And they didn't feel to take the chance to try to destroy it, a decision I can understand.
  4. Honestly, when I head it my reaction was "very prudent". Where could they possibly have hidden that gem where it would be more secure than somewhere on the bottom of an ocean?
  5. Okay, my interpretation: There seems to be another Unmade trapped in a perfect gem. And that gem is somewhere located/kept safe in Lasting Integrity? Furthermore if she "frees her own spirit" - I assume that is referring to Formless - she receives knowledge that condemns all the people of Roshar. That could narrow down the personality Formless has. Doesn't sound like an assassin to me, more like a frightened child. My interpretation: The first part merely refers to the fact that he loves warfare/the fight even though this preference is hurting him (watching his friends die is something that rips him apart). The second part is more interesting. I say it refers to his struggle with depression and that he has to overcome it on his own? Maybe change his perspective? Like Rand in WoT, he has to accept that other people have the right to be heroes as well, that he is not responsible for their deaths because they have their own free will and thus are able to make that decision and he has to respect that? Well, honestly it's written so vaguely that I can come up with 5 different interpretations but I like this one most because it could also lead to another idea that he is going to swear. Venli gets carried on the shoulders of her ancestors towards victory? Probably meaning that her past experiences and culture will help her to deal with her current problems? That she gets inspired by them? And concerning that overly important silence, hmmm, probably refers to the voidspren which somehow will be hindered to influence/control the singers? By being silenced? Super important in her quest to independence? Navani's actions are the most crucial of all? Very interesting. She probably dances with Taravangian's spy? Or lightweavers/the odium equivalent? So many options who those liars are. It's plural, so probably not "a" spy. It's probably also more than two, maybe a group. Maybe the retinue of another highprince? Another traitor who sides with Odium? Encouraged by Taravangian? But that doesn't fit with the next sentence, that she has to "unmask them, reach their hidden truths and deliver them to the world." So ominous. Maybe it refers to the Diagram and their members? To expose them, make sure everyone knows where their loyalties lie? And I have no clue what lies she is telling herself. Have fun ripping my predictions apart
  6. [ob]

    Honestly until now I presumed there was a traitor (there's always a traitor) but they were never able to discovered who it was.
  7. With "fools errand" I was not referring to the action itself, but that I doubt that some other scholars are able to find information that Jasnah hadn't yet uncovered, especially in the time-frame you have available. I agree, if Jasnah cannot convince Elhokar to kill / exile the parshmen first, the other monarchs will not lift a finger because they have to assume it's a plot. On the other hand, there are some kingdoms more open towards science than others. While the Alethi place more value into battle-prowess I can imagine the Azish to be more open to her arguments...
  8. As a ruler your highest responsibility is to keep your population save. Considering how catastrophic it is if Jasnah's information are correct, shouldn't a responsible ruler do more than "talk to the parshmen"? They were subjugated for thousands of years, it's not like a nice talk in the last minute will change their grievances. Additionally they are in slave-form and are too stupid to hold a conversation anyway, so realistically talking with them doesn't work. "Gathering more information" is also a fools errand, what more could you possibly discover in the short time that Jasnah has not yet discovered? So both options are basically "to do nothing". In light of how parshmen are regarded, as utterly obedient slaves which have a monetary value (a bigger one than many darkeyes) shouldn't a ruler sacrifice this wealth to keep his population save? Since it is the most basic function a government is designed to provide. Safety.
  9. Basically what I want to know is: How would you have acted if you knew what Jasnah knew at the time just before the Everstorm. You have the same sources and clues available she has. Imagine she visited you in your kingdom and explained it to you. What would you have done? Do you: 1. Execute all Parshmen - regardless of how many other kingdoms do it 2. Execute all Parshmen - under the condition that enough other kingdoms do the same 3. You don't believe the information - it's ridiculous after all. You nevertheless order your researchers to investigate. 4. You bet on the chance that this transformation won't happen - that way your kingdom has a gigantic economic advantage compared to those who executed their Parshmen 5. Genocide is wrong. Period. Doesn't matter if the claims are true or not, you won't execute an entire species because they MIGHT become a foe in the future. You don't do anything with your information. 6. You imprison them 7. You exile them 8. You talk to them 9. Jasnah is a herectic. The Allmighty will protect the faithful. You start praying. Let's see how today's morality deals with that nasty problem. Looking forward to the discussion. /edit: I just realized that I posted it in the wrong forum. Can somebody move it to "Stormlight Archive"? It's not a question that needs RoW spoiler information to be answered.
  10. Kill all the Singers or convince them to stop the sacrificing is also a winning-strategy.
  11. Less problems than getting lured away by him and when you come back Fused hold your city I'd presume
  12. Such a waste. If anything Dalinar should imprison Taravangian -.-
  13. (1) There is a difference between spy and assassin. (2) Until recently Odium wanted Dalinar alive. (3) Learning that someone is not who you expected him to be can destroy trust fundamentally.
  14. Honestly, that is my biggest criticism for that chapter. It feels highly illogical that Zahel just tells him all that. I thought Zahel was hiding? And Kaladin didn't even press him for it, he just asked an innocent question. I'd have preferred it if Kaladin had pressed him how exactly Zahel did "that stuff with the clothes" and was suspicious that he might be an agent of Odium and threatened to tell Dalinar. And to prevent that he reluctantly answers a few of Kaladin's questions. But well.. maybe there will be a scene in which this chapter makes sense in hindsight.
  15. I hate to be "the fanboy" that comes to the rescue, but I feel like this criticism isn't justified. It says that sometimes the gems break. It also says that sometimes gems break from soulcasting. "Sometimes" is such a wishy-washy description and we don't have any statistics regarding it. But it does make sense that they sometimes break, otherwise the listener-system would be far superior to soulcasting. And since we don't know how many kg grain can be soulcasted on average before a gem gets destroyed and we don't know how many kg grain can be grown before on average the gem gets destroyed: Common sense tells us that they can generate more grain with the slow method before you lose the gem. Otherwise - why would they use this method if it were inferior in any aspect to soulcasting? As someone who has read Warbreaker only once I had forgotten all about this awakening inanimate objects at first and just started to remember it when it was decribed. I don't think that "the fight doesn't make any sense" for people who haven't read Warbreaker. Even without zero knowledge you get the feeling that Zahel "can do something fishy". And you suspect that somehow magic is involved, but compared to Warbreaker-readers you don't understand the concrete mechanics. But you don't need to understand those to enjoy the fight. You know that Zahel can do something Kaladin cannot, and later he even reaveals that he is some kind of Herald-like figure so you are not even surprised that he has special abilities. I think it was done well. As a cosmere-aware person you could smirk at Kaladin's trouble, fighting an old man who uses nothing but a bunch of towels and cloth to defend himself, as a regular reader you were still smiling and heavily suspect that he was somehow using abilities Kaladin knows nothing about. --- I think the main problem was how heavily this chapter was hyped up beforehand, and then those gigantic expectations clashed with reality, it was a chapter like all the others. On a high level but not world-changing-jaw-dropping awesome. /edit: My biggest criticism of the chapter is that Zahel just casually tells Kaladin his secret. Basically without any prodding. If Kaladin had nailed him down afterwards to ask how he was defeated or something, it would have felt more realistic to me. The way it played out seems very ... unlikely / out of character.