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  1. 35 for me. (Almost 36, ugh.) I started with Mistborn, then he moved to finishing WoT which actually disappointed me a bit. I understood it got him recognition but I had given up on WoT partway through book 10 for good. I had been hoping to see more original works from him instead. Turns out I just had to wait a bit for SA to land. Amusingly, I only read Elantris for the first time a few months ago.
  2. Clearly it's time for a Thaylen Naval Officer to become a KR and work with Navani to make a submarine-fabrial and travel to the Origin. (Calling it here folks.)
  3. Dalinar seems to be thinking along these lines, although he probably doesn't have a name for em nor all the facts. He's starting to believe in something greater than the shards of Adonalsium.
  4. Hey all Something I am curious about the age range of this forum as it currently stands. I wanted to do it in such a way as to not be too intrusive and luckily the poll option that hides usernames comes to the rescue. And a brief mention to the mods: Cheers
  5. Vasher seems the active type to me pre-Zahel-level-boredom. I think we're going to have to agree to disagree given the amount of qualifiers. (Ie. the lack of real information on his past.) We just don't know.
  6. Granted, no one gets to drive. I want to watch Hoid meet all of my favourite characters from other series.
  7. I dunno how he does it but I'm both impressed and glad he does! Sanderbot Branthousand Proliferize!
  8. Millions no, but it's worth considering how Vasher typically uses him. He goes through quite a few people every time Vasher drops him at their feet and lets em kill themselves. And we know Vasher has been around for a long time (hundreds of years) presumably, doing exactly that to people he doesn't like. So again, millions not likely, but thousands? Actually quite plausible. I wasn't keeping a kill-counter but in Warbreaker alone Vasher uses that tactic frequently. That aside not sure about the theory as I have a couple ideas that contradict a few things. Sounds interesting though. It does make me ponder something along similar lines... What if Nightblood was used against an Unmade?
  9. Interesting idea that could work, I value the limitation more than the particulars. I've said before I bet Lift will be in a situation with other KR where she's the only one that gets to be awesome.
  10. I start to disassociate with characters at a certain point when magic solves more problems than it creates. Healing for instance is a very fine line to me. It's starting to crop up and I'm curious how actively it'll be used. Too much, or too powerful, and a sense of danger is lost. An example of this would be Szeths return. Sort of pondering how much of Szeth would've been left to work with.
  11. Too much magic runs the risk of dehumanizing the perspective though. Magic isn't rare but keeping the street level eye keeps things interesting. Even if magic abounds around them. Something like this↓ but (much) worse.
  12. I actually did but deleted it as I thought the poll might get a bit convoluted if I did. Probably should've but oh well!
  13. My completely unbiased poll for no apparent reason. Do you want Adolin to resurrect Maya and become an Edgedancer? Me personally I want him to resurrect Maya but I don't want Maya capable of a bond. A shardblade yes, a KR no. Part of my desire is to have fewer KR PoVs, and part of it is that I'd like to see some consequences attached to what happened to Maya in the first place. She can be brought back from certain doom but some things just can't be fixed, and I find magic in worlds tend to devalue consequences like that.
  14. For this line of discussion that is very true. Super disagree with this though. That seems like a failure of imagination and sort of emphasizes why I want a non-magical/KR PoV. Actually why I want multiple PoVs that aren't KRs. Definitely agree with though! She's a great insight into the world of fabrials. I'll go make a poll topic to move this tangent outta here too.
  15. Cool and alarming idea, not something I considered before. Be a fun turnaround and a bit of a flipped finger to the thunderclasts. "You use stone, we use stone." I'm not so sure about that.