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  1. A new personal project for Wit. Going around to every Shardblade-bearer and convincing them that they have to tell their blades a joke to summon them faster.
  2. To the OP. Interesting but i don’t see it. I think the simpler explanation is more a chicken/egg thing. You’re seeing that Kaladin is a Windrunner and finding out that Lirin has a hand in it. That maybe Lirin is more because of that. What I’m seeing is that Syl wouldn’t have bonded Kaladin without his upbringing in the first place. I think Lirin is just what he is. A surgeon with values that aren’t common in Alethkar. It’s an explanation of his past and why Kaladin was chosen in the first place more than a hint that his upbringing has mystery. (All imho ofc, but I think Occum is at play here. )
  3. What the Radiants Say to Themselves in Front of the Mirror in the Morning: Spoilered for your convenience/data consumption/loading time. (Here be Gifs↓)
  4. In Soviet Roshar Multiple Personalities has Shallan! In Soviet Roshar Ketek is backwards! In Soviet Roshar Wit writes Brandon Sanderson!
  5. To Wit: "Hey, have you ever heard of the author Brandon Sanderson?"
  6. Well if the poll is any indication you'll be getting a brighter Brightlord Adolin! I'm still holding out hope for something new in their case though.
  7. This picture has what you're looking for OP.
  8. Disagree. It points to something happening between them, the radiant part is opinion. And the assumption that it has to be a nahel bond is, assumption. Well, my assumptions and opinions are that he doesn't and he can manage something other than a nahel bond.
  9. Don't forget to blow on the bottom of it!
  10. They'd have to be awfully big logs. ...or awfully big ewoks.
  11. The below image is purely for scientific speculation and posterity. Don't laugh.
  12. That sort of plays into what I was saying. Between ripping an entire chunk of plate off and just puncturing it I’d take the section off. Removing a section in a single move would result in a faster opening but at the expense of skill and positioning. Essentially what I’m going for is a potential wound in two hits instead of three with a non-standard weapon and technique which could prove easier to pull off against most of the stances.
  13. Hmm. That bolded bit works in my favour. I just don’t see Shardplate growing like wolverines skin. We just don’t know enough to confirm any of this fun speculation sadly.
  14. I have no idea if the magic keeping it together is stronger than the magic keeping the plate from being damaged. I am guessing it isn’t. Even if it is or is close, the benefit of removing the piece outweighs the cost of the endeavour. I think you are overestimating the force acquired from just swinging something compared to the force Shardplate just inately has. The force behind the hook isn’t from the hook, nor from a swing, it’d be from the main-strength in the Shardplate the guy is wearing. I am specifically talking about a fight between Shardplate wearing contestants.
  15. Has there been a WoB or any mention of how fast plate grows? That’s something I’m curious all on it’s own.