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  1. That's a very interesting theory. Has anyone asked Brandon about this?
  2. Please please please try to ask him my questions. Or even one. I live in India, so no chance of asking directly. Is Mrall native to Roshar? How did Rock draw the Shardbow? When Kaladin is back in Hearthstone and Syl says she remembers them, she mentions another voice. "Pure, with a song like tapped crystal, distant yet demanding..." Whose voice is she talking about?
  3. In Oathbringer, when Renarin is waiting for Jasnah to kill him, Glys says "My sorrow, Renarin. I will give you my sorrow." I don't quite get this. Why does he say that? Sounds like Odium asking Dalinar for his pain, but reversed.
  4. OK, I read the first and last pages of this discussion. Has Rock been mentioned at all? He was attacked. And Kaladin wondered how he managed to use the shardbow, since stormlight didn't increase strength. There's something suspicious here, even if he's not a kandra.