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  1. I was bored. So I thought about OB. I then realized something. (OMG! What could it be?! ) In the book, Shallan asks Adolin what happened to his mom. Adolin tells her that she was killed by assassins. Do Adolin and Renarin know how Evi was killed?! I mean, they didn't know at first because Dalinar didn't know, but now that he does...? What do you guys think?
  2. Are you gonna wish? I wish for a nap. Again.
  3. There is nothing perfect, there is only life. -Collected Ishes 1176, 1 minute pre-death. Subject was a deaf priest of the Vorin religion.
  4. But whenever he lied, or was holding in a fart, he would sparkle 100% more. It was SUPER embarrassing.
  5. Granted, but they replace them with even LOUDER, shriller, noise makers. I wish for a nap.
  6. Poor dirt. Think of all the responsibilities it has. Without it, there would be no PUPPIES! Also, people would run out of air, but PUPPIES!
  7. Dilaf. I don't think I have to explain my hate for him.
  8. Granted, but your main is Mercy. Have fun trying to heal all those players that didn't group up! I wish for a cake. That I can eat. It is fresh. It is perfect.
  9. Granted, it heals, but you will always have a small peice of nail hanging off. If you pull on it, it pulls your finger off. Have fun! I wish for a go cart.
  10. Are you gonna wish? I wish for a new pair of running shoes. @equinox My recipe is as follows. Go to Costco find poppy seed muffins buy them leave the store eat them
  11. Granted, it dies. I wish for unlimited fresh poppy seed muffins that I can eat.
  12. "No, I don't think I will. Thank you so much for worrying about my health. You're so thoughtful." Yls said. Her pup gave a squeal. He couldn't talk, but he could understand the coversation.
  13. Same here. I loved the bridge 4 chapters, but I didn't like Kaladin that much. He was too moody and deppresed all the time. I know he has deppresion (Who can blame him) but it's too much.
  14. As qucik as a blink, Yls grabbed her pup by scruff and jumped into the nearest tree. The wolf was too heavy to follow her. "Foxes are very patient you know. We'll be up here a while."