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  1. This is awesome
  2. This is so cool!
  3. The Mull (the Windrunner) flew through the sun to hug yet another dead muskrat
  4. I'll look forward to 12-19-21
  5. I agree with that rating?
  6. What day is it?!
  7. I want this to be an actual holiday
  8. These are amazing!
  9. @Mailnaise ur a pretty cool sister
  10. Its a new studio, and honestly, I love the new studio a lot more than seasons 1-3. The animation is a LOT better
  11. You are very good at giving motivation!
  12. When he told the story of his wife, how he was unable to save her, I almost cried.
  13. Subete no gisei was ima, kono toki no tame ni! SASAGEYO
  14. 'Tis true, though
  15. SASAGEYO!!!