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  1. Sorry, sorry. I'm in school so I was rushed. Your bane is that you forget all these things and everyone hates you. I wish for a cool jacket.
  2. I already have a messed up appetite and I never feel hungry so I get no punishment Granted, but you have terrible breath forever
  3. Granted, but you can't spend it, or give it away. I wish to never be tired, but still be able to sleep
  4. Granted, but you can only use it once I wish for comfortable pants
  5. Granted, but you are allergic to every ingredient you see I wish for a cool jacket
  6. Granted, but they're moldy I wish for the next book in a series I'm reading
  7. Granted, but all humans turn into cannibals who have decided that you taste delicious. I wish to be fluent in every language.
  8. Granted, but now you have feet for hands I wish for a free trip to wherever i want in the world
  9. Granted, but none of your family or friends get a long life. They all die of unnatural causes within one year of you receiving your boon. I wish for painkillers that took away all pain, immediately.
  10. Granted, you go around the orbit. You float around the earth in space, never again touching the ground again. I wish for the next seasons of my fav shows to come out now, not next year.
  11. Granted, but tomorrow your day will suck. I wish for my boredom to be cured
  12. Granted, but you find everything else 100% slower I wish for some ice cream
  13. Granted, but there are still a crap ton of adds. I wish for AC
  14. Granted, but you the first person you use your powers on is plotting to kill the president. You tell the local authorities, they don't believe you, and you are locked up in a mental hospital. I wish my hair dye would stop coming out.
  15. Granted, but you can only fly between home and the north pole I wish for a kayak