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  1. Do we actually know all the ten fools? I know a few like Edna, but do we have the names and the attributes of all ten?
  2. Happy Birthday! :D

    (It is your birthday, right?)

  3. When you seriously consider naming your future child Kaladin. I may or may not have done this...
  4. Definitely not. My mom started sobbing when they announced the China temple. It took my sister two sessions to realize why they were all six feet apart.
  5. I think he won't be for character development. In OB he talks about being unimportant and how he is not used to it. And when Shallan made a Windrunner Adolin in the battle of Thaylen Field, he looks away, and says, "I can't take that right now." He might eventually be a squire, as he is surrounded by radiants everyday, but I don't he will anytime soon.
  6. GUYS!! MISTBORN SCREENPLAY IS AT 10%! YOU CAN SEE THIS ON BRANDON'S WEBSITE!!! Question: Animated or live action? I personally want it to be animated. For many reasons. 1) The CGI. After the Sonic movie, and Cats, it's clear that we cannot rely on CGI to get it right. The flying with allomancy is probably gonna look really awkward, or look super fake. And the mists will look cooler. 2) The characters will look more accurate. 3) The settings will look cooler, too. I don't know if this is an unpopular popular opinion or not. My sister, @Mailnaise, wants it to be live action.
  7. The post office idea it awesome. I'm not really experienced in the deep lore of Hoid and the Shards, so I don't really know. I doubt he does it in a way that normal people can, though.
  8. I posted the Mistborn video links on the WoK video shoutout thread. you can check em out.

  9. I posted the Mistborn video links on the WoK video shoutout thread. You can check em out.

  10. I'm more of a Dr.Pepper fan, myself. I like Root Beer and Mt. Dew, also.
  11. I haven't finished it yet, but so far...I love it!
  12. SORRY SORRY! FORGIVE ME!! My computer is REALLY old. It freaked out.
  13. no ok your new bane. Someone presses the red button, and world war 3 starts. There. I wish for a new book.
  14. NO, you live forever with NO PAINKILLERS!
  15. Granted, no one is sick! Except for you. You now have all the illnesses in the world, but as an added bonus, your immortal. You love forever in awful pain. I wish for a new cello. Mine kinda sucks.