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  1. I'm more of a Dr.Pepper fan, myself. I like Root Beer and Mt. Dew, also.
  2. I haven't finished it yet, but so far...I love it!
  3. SORRY SORRY! FORGIVE ME!! My computer is REALLY old. It freaked out.
  4. no ok your new bane. Someone presses the red button, and world war 3 starts. There. I wish for a new book.
  5. NO, you live forever with NO PAINKILLERS!
  6. Granted, no one is sick! Except for you. You now have all the illnesses in the world, but as an added bonus, your immortal. You love forever in awful pain. I wish for a new cello. Mine kinda sucks.
  7. Granted, but you are now blind. One glimpse of the great shard and BOOM! Your'e blind. I wish for my stomach to stop hurting. It has been hurting almost 24/7 for a while now.
  8. That is so cool! I've always loved marble runs!
  9. He is asking you how you pronounce it. I say "Aluminum"
  10. Thank you! I love me Ed Elric!
  11. Granted. Unfortunately, the NIghtwatcher has a odd opinion on what awesome means, so she gives you a single rotten onion. I wish for the gift of everlasting patience, to relieve the stress of waiting for SA4.
  12. Always believe the Hoid.
  13. So I've noticed that Norse mythology is a lot alike Alethi religions. The Norse believed that if you died while doing a heroic deed, with a weapon in your hand, a Valkyrie riding on a flying stallion would take your soul to Valhalla. There, you and the other souls would practice fighting for Ragnarok, the end of the world. Alethi religions say that after you die, you join the battle to retake the Tranquiline Halls, and that the highest Calling is to be a soldier. I don't know if Brandon did this on purpose, or if it's a coincidence. I just love studying mythology (Greek, Roman, Norse, and Egyptian) and thought this was cool
  14. That is so cool! That is one of my favorite scenes in OB, as Renarin is my fav.
  15. I wanna see!!!! GIMMEEEEE!