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  1. YKYASFW you hear "Wayne" and no longer think of Batman.
  2. YKYASW you refer to dirt, as crem.
  3. Granted, but now you need 150 bagels a day. Plain ones. With no toppings. If you forget even ONE bagel, you die. I wish for the next Dungeon Defenders game. I also want it to be WAY better than the second one. The first one was WAY better.
  4. Granted, it is life as a rock. Have fun being immortal, but never moving, because you too big and heavy to move. (You are a big rock) I wish for a new waterbottle.
  5. But he slicked it too much. The statue fell over.
  6. Granted, you can't eat it. You can only stare at it. Forever it will be in your vision, making you go insane with want. I wish for a muffing, that I can eat, that is not a lie, and it stays fresh forever!
  7. You gonna wish? I wish for a huge cake that never is completely eaten. It will never go bad, and I can eat it. In my opinion, that is one of the worst banes ever. I love reading!
  8. Granted, tomorrow, your school decides to make up for the lost time and make the school day way longer then normal. The adults and students start a riot, which makes the school burn down to the ground. You know longer get an education, now you can't get a job. You live in your mother's basement for the rest of your life. I wish for more energy in the mornings.
  9. But the cure had a side affect. B.O.
  10. What I meant was could any returned do it? Can any Breath only heal physical ailments or mental ones too?
  11. Granted, college sucks. I wish to have all the knowledge of the Cosmere.
  12. I was in bed trying to sleep when a thought popped into my head. In Warbreaker, it says that a God King can heal a lot of people at a time (the stomach aches). Can he only heal physical ailments? Can he heal the mentally sick? And could he, theoretically, heal the rift between Idris and Hallendren? What do you guys think?
  13. Happy birthday!

    1. Kelsier'sGodComplex


      Why thank you, my good sir.

  14. Granted, you lose your vocal chords and all communicating abilities. You are also blind. I wish to be omnipotent.