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  1. You should add the plants growing on the sides of the plateau walls!
  2. That is AWESOME!!! Good job dude! I love the spren and the llittle Kaladin!
  3. As my sister @Mailnaise said, I am 12. I started reading The Way of Kings a few months ago.
  4. Granted, but you have the knowledge of a 1st grader, don't get a job, and grow homeless. I wish for a Koloss sword.
  5. Granted, but the first time you world-hop, you forget how to do it. I wish to be a Mistborn, with unlimited amounts of every metal.
  6. Granted, but it is dead. I wish for a freash cake that I can do whatever I want with it. (Like eat it.)
  7. Granted, but they don't remember anything and they don't care about the cosmere. EDIT: I wish for a cake.
  8. Granted, but it is hollow and rotten. I wish for no homework, but I still want to have straight As. I also want the knowledge I would gain by doing homework.
  9. Granted. It's hollow and rotten. I wish for a usable kite.
  10. Vivenna and Vasher.
  11. Granted, the grain of salt is in the stomach of a chasmfiend, and if you try to get it, it will evaporate. I wish for a llama named The Stormfather
  12. Granted, but they all have pictures of you enemy killing your family. LOL I wish for a shirt that syas what I want it to say always.
  13. Granted, but if you touch it, it turns into fire. I wish for the ability to change my boon! LOL
  14. Granted, but you can only change them to brown. I wish for the ability to be fluent in every language on Earth.
  15. My favorite is Shallan. I have no real reason for it. I just love her. And Pattern. I LOVE Pattern.