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  1. come on 17th shard, what do you think I am, the word a_s is clearly referring to a donkey, there is no point in censoring that XD edit: also kicking a chull will probably hurt a lot
  2. come to think of it, that is probably going to be what is going to happen Wait why can't he harm people again? I really would like to see Hoid kick some chull
  3. Can't/too lazy to find an Arcanum link but according to the Coppermind Era 4 will have Hoid as the main character and greatly involve the Sleepless
  4. As we know, Hoid will be the protagonist of Mistborn era 4, but he is ridiculously overpowered right know. List of Hoid's powers: - lightweaving(old Yolen magic & being bonded to a Cryptic) - Healing(stormlight, possibly Yolen magic) - Agelessness(Yolen magic?) - Lerasium Misborn - Fortune(more old Yolen magic?) - Surgebinder(he will probably have sworn at least 4 oaths by era 4) - Worldhopping(by technology or unknown magic?) - Extensive knowledge about the basically everything(not really a power but hey, knowledge is power right?) - Ability to speak multiple languages(unless he wastes his time learning a new language everytime he worldhops to a new planet, he probably have some access to Connection) - Some form of defence against people in other realms(Kelsier got hurt when he tried to touch him in the Cognitive realm) - Probably have some form of knowledge on Forgery and probably have a bunch of Breaths and unkeyed metalminds stored away somewhere Brando Sando(yes that what I call him in every circumstance, regards from r/cremposting) probably needs to do something to Hoid or the rest of the Cosmere to actually provide challenges to Hoid Possible solution 1: Hoid get a major power downgrade before era 4, possibly by the hands of those 17th Shard people who are trying to find him in SA(forgot which book). Or everyone in the Cosmere gets a major power downgrade(maybe due to something major happening with the Shards?) Possible solution 2: Either all of the main characters encountered in era 4 will be just as overpowered(fighting against people just as old as Hoid or maybe even a Shard) as Hoid or technology has advanced to the point where it can substitute magic(Fabrials, unkeyed Metalminds, maybe even some Elantrian made stuff)
  5. Hi

    So THAT'S why Odium killed Devotion, maybe he is trying to Ambitiously create Honourable cookies that would Dominate people's senses so they will Devote their life to the production of cookies.
  6. I agree that Preservation being 1/16 of Adonalsium probably not that important, but I think Preservation didn't actually create Allomancy. Like other forms of Investiture, I am pretty sure, it is just something that just happened as a result of the shard staying in a world for an extended period of time(can't be bothered to find the WoB about this). Though Preservation and Harmony did actually mess around the laws of Allomancy a bit. Edit: If this is true a Leecher running around the Cosmere with a bunch of Allomantic grenades would be the single most infuriating thing: I see you have some nice Investiture, I would be a shame if I zapped it all away ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. Hi

    But spikeless cookies grant super powers? I think not Also, thanks for the heads up, I will refrain from double posting in the fulture
  8. Hi

    I would love to if it means free cookie! Also, I wonder what metal stores "cookie-ness"(totally a word), I don't care if I become a pawn of Ruin, I want to become a walking cookie
  9. Hi

    Also, I feel offended the reputation titles, the Skaa had a whole revolution just so they can become the second most unimportant from the first?!?!
  10. Hi

    May I have one that turns me into a Tineye, so I can enjoy the cookie to it's maximum potential Also, I feel offended the reputation titles, the Skaa had a whole revolution just so they can become the second most unimportant from the first?!?!
  11. Hi

    Sounds fun, I will check it out
  12. bugger, just realized somebody already posted a theory on aluminum being a god metal like 5 posts before mine
  13. Hi

    I read all the Cosmere books except White Sand My favourite magic system is Allomancy since it is the magic system we know the most about, but I wouldn't mind being a Willshaper Is this about the allievercy thingy, I googled it, still have no idea what the heck it is. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cooooooooooooooookies
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    Moash did nothing wrong storm moash