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  1. era 4

    " Your sister's right, " he said, looking at Freedom, "I'll be blunt and honest with you, my powers take their toll over usage. As of now I doubt I could handle you three now, and there's chance Crow will only have three guard's." Honesty was a great trust builder, he had learned, and he knew he was at his limits for both powers. I'd be lucky if broke legs where all I'd be paid for from teleportation right now. And even luckier if stun only stopped my heart... "I think we should rest, gather our strength before trying anything...rash." He'd seen the look on Freedom's face, the look that many carried when seeking vengeance. He also recalled how most times, their thirst was their fall. @Silva @Truthless of Shinovar
  2. era 4

    "While I was waiting for you to arrive, I did some rooting around. I have been led all over this city and even into the forest outside of this city, and not one lead was fruitful," he pointed to a chunk of the map that had no marks on it, "that is, every search that led away from here. In their panic of covering up the location, they practically put a signal beacon on it." He was truely smiling now. He looked around the room at the faces before him, "we can hit it in the morning and part says by this time Tomorrow." @Silva @Truthless of Shinovar
  3. era 4

    "I had better not see that photo anywhere." Bob said cooly, most of his reputation had been built on the way he could blend in with a crowed without being noticed by his targets,he could be as close as he wanted and then he aware in no time. He picked up his map, looking where he had crossed off spots, and smiled slightly, "I can hazard a guess, though it's not a strong guess." @Silva @Truthless of Shinovar
  4. era 4

    Bob locked eyes with Freedom, not letting himself seem off balance for even a moment, they where definitely not the waste time talking type, and that he could respect. "To answer both questions, I am a bounty hunter, my original patron is in Scadrial. My job was to eradicate the gangs involved in several different attacks, I think he was afraid he'd be next. While I was hunting different gangs, I noticed they had all been sent out by one person, going by the name crow. I decided for the same of my sanity I'd go after crow, cut the head of the snake, if you will." He nodded his head at the explanation, still maintaining eye contact, "I wasn't aware that your cousin's where hostages, but I have a reputation of few casualties that I will keep." That record was already over by this point, but he wasn't interested in setting a high score. "The names Bod, and unless you intend to use that sand, I wouldn't use it for threatening, trained eyes will aim right for it and know where to hit to disable you." He turned his head at this point, looking Tels up and down. he's seen fights, I doubt I'll need to worry about him being reckless. He thought to himself, and managed a wry smile. @Silva @Truthless of Shinovar
  5. era 4

    Bob had heard the girl, Pry, after he had said crow. He had debated turning and facing her, but has decided if she couldn't speak openly and not try sneaking behind him, he'd let her stew over whether she thought he'd attack or not. Now, hearing the man's voice, he took one last drink from his mug, set the map down and wrestled to his feet, banishing his thoughts of sleep. "And you must be one of the people who the girl had said would be here." His voice held just a hint a sarcasm, he'd been here waiting for awhile, but couldn't hold it against them. He reminded himself yet again that he needed allies not foes, and have the room a short, yet respectful bow. "I can promise one and all, she was quite alright and safe when I had seen her last, and I assume you're not the sky and gossip type?" He straightened , and remained as straight as his tired muscles allowed, starring straight towards the man who had entered. @Silva @Truthless of Shinovar
  6. era 4

    Bob sat in a chair at the apartment he had been directed to, drinking a strong brew his mother had said would help with headaches. A headache was an understatement. It rang from where someone literally threw a table into it. He eyes the map he had bought, it covered the full Alleycity and even some of the land outside. He had crossed off loads of places, destinations he had been led to by different low lives in this city. Each person had sworn by his own mother that crow could be found at where they said, and every single one had just been a waste of time. He forced himself off the chair to cross off an abandoned warehouse near the harbor, which had turned out not so abandoned. "Where are these people that girl said would be here?" He said aloud, "or had she just led me on one big goose chase, and crow is still in Scadrial?..." He slumped back into the chair, his eyes slowly closing, he had been using his powers too much today and NEEDED a sleep soon before just dropping. @Silva @Truthless of Shinovar
  7. era 4

    Bob calmly moved to take his knife back, then went to the gate and held it for a second, weighing different ideas in his head. He adamantly opposed each idea. kids safer here than out on a mission with me, and I'll never forgive myself if I was the one who got a kid killed, never again... He closed the gates, have her one last bow, then turned to head for an oathgate that would take him Alleycity. @Silva @Truthless of Shinovar
  8. era 4

    "I came to Scadrial a few weeks ago," he said calmly, he had this response ready, and kept from nailing a certain spike that could mean trouble for him. " I have been taking jobs where I get them. That is, until I came across this new job; a Wealthy man, I forget the name, " more wouldn't say, part of his contract kept from giving names, "hired me to eradicate the gangs involved in a few attacks against other wealthy families. I had found one such criminal arrested already and interrogated him as to who had hired him and the gangs but he wouldn't answer, so I came here, to one of the households that had been attacked. The criminal had mentioned that they where sent to deliver letters, so I decided to see if I could get a look at one of these letters, and see if I could cut the head of the snake and wrap up my business here. The guards where supposed to tell everyone they knew, including their superiors that I would be coming by today," he then spread his hands wide, to say he was done, " which is how we have found ourselves sitting on this lawn, at the break of dawn, talking as if we've known each other since the start. "
  9. era 4

    He listened to her speak, telling him how she had seen him with the guards and how he had left. He inwardly cursed himself for being reckless then, he had let his interest in sleep get the better of him and now he lost a valuable card from his hand, but did she know about the stun power? Or did she just assume he took them down without warning, which he kind of did. He also began to guess this girl wasn't just a normal kid, as he had made sure no one could have heard of seen what he had done to the marines. He decided though, banking off of an old saying he had heard from a friend of his. sometimes the easiest way to get what you want, is to cooperate. Of course, his friend had meant adults, not a five year old with pig tails. "Well said, my young lady," he said at last, giving a small, but respectful bow, " it would seem you leave me no choice but to cooperate. " he drew the knife from its hiding place and tossed it to one side, then calmly sat down on the lawn, doing his best not to do what his mind said to do, which consisted of teleporting in and finding the guards he had talked to the other day. "what do you wish to hear first? How I came here? Why I 'assaulted ' two guards?" He would have said the one had it coming , shooting him in the ribs and all, "or perhaps you want the exact reason of why I am at this house and not some other one?" @Silva.
  10. era 4

    He watched her closely, trying to decide if she was really bait, or maybe just a distraction. she can't be older than ten! he thought, then decided on playing along. If she was bait or distraction he would learn soon enough. "It is not that I don't enjoy this conversation," he said smoothly , as if reasoning with a kid, which he was, as he was it. "There are ears and eyes to hear and see what we talk about out here, and what I will tell you is on a need to know basis. Forgive me if I sound rude, but aren't you a little young to be out here alone?" All while he talked, he weighed the idea of just entering. teleport next to her and stun her, take the keys and go. Or better yet just teleport to the top and then inside. He dismissed the idea, he needed allies not foes he reminded himself. But still set this as the strangest conversation he'd had in awhile @Silva
  11. era 4

    Bob heard the voice before seeing her, and he silently cursed himself for being so unobservment. He was caught by surprise to find this as a welcome party, he had been expecting enough guards to fill the road and then some, not a little girl. He almost asked where her parents were, but thought better of it. I need allies in this city, not more foes. "If I wanted to fight, I wouldn't have came down a wide open street." He said, keeping his voice level, "shall we enter? I must speak with the one in charge." He had placed her as a possible peace offering. That, or she was bait to lure him into an ambush. @Silva
  12. era 4

    Bob walked calmly towards the household he had visited the other day, at least, he appeared calm at first glance. A closer look and you would see his eyes searching for hidden opponents, watching for any form of a trap. He hadn't seen any, so he kept going. Soon he found himself within sight of the gates. He paused then, and checked his equipment, his knife really, silver reflected the light of the sun, sharp and cleaned since its recent use just last night. He slipped the knife back into its hidden sheaf on his forearm, focused once more on why he was there, and continued moving towards the household. @Silva
  13. era 4

    @Ookla the Dog Hater
  14. era 4

    Bob knelt on a roof, silently watching the structure the criminal had described. not much of a challenge if a person knows what to look for. He thought to himself, then noticed the guards, marines, and other forms of security. Wouldn't be surprised if they have an epic to guard as well, and if they all have some form of magic to themselves... He slipped down from the building he had been on and began moving closer. He spotted two marines not far off from the house he was going for, they'd be guards, ment to keep locals out. He got closer to them, slipping from one shadow to another, then focused on the ground just behind them. In a heart beat he stood behind them, they spun just in time to have Bobs hands grab them by their throats. One pulled his gun, struggling to take a shot, scoring Bob in ribs. Bob grunted from the shot, and redoubled his focus on them. "Rest." He snarled at them, and his power clicked in. Soon, both lay limp on the ground, the one still holding his gun, his eyes wide with shock. "I am not here to kill," Bob continued, as he pulled them both towards a sheltered spot not far from their guards post, "I will be back tomorrow morning, as the Sun rises. I will not attack, unless I am forced to, in which case I will treat many of you like this, but it won't come to that." with his work there done, he left the two stuned, he knew other guards would eventually show up, to see what happened. He teleported along to go faster, he needed that nights rest, so he could be ready to fight should be need to. @Ookla the Aleatory @Ookla the Heretic
  15. era 4