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  1. era 4

    @Ookla the Dog Hater
  2. era 4

    Bob knelt on a roof, silently watching the structure the criminal had described. not much of a challenge if a person knows what to look for. He thought to himself, then noticed the guards, marines, and other forms of security. Wouldn't be surprised if they have an epic to guard as well, and if they all have some form of magic to themselves... He slipped down from the building he had been on and began moving closer. He spotted two marines not far off from the house he was going for, they'd be guards, ment to keep locals out. He got closer to them, slipping from one shadow to another, then focused on the ground just behind them. In a heart beat he stood behind them, they spun just in time to have Bobs hands grab them by their throats. One pulled his gun, struggling to take a shot, scoring Bob in ribs. Bob grunted from the shot, and redoubled his focus on them. "Rest." He snarled at them, and his power clicked in. Soon, both lay limp on the ground, the one still holding his gun, his eyes wide with shock. "I am not here to kill," Bob continued, as he pulled them both towards a sheltered spot not far from their guards post, "I will be back tomorrow morning, as the Sun rises. I will not attack, unless I am forced to, in which case I will treat many of you like this, but it won't come to that." with his work there done, he left the two stuned, he knew other guards would eventually show up, to see what happened. He teleported along to go faster, he needed that nights rest, so he could be ready to fight should be need to. @Ookla the Aleatory @Ookla the Heretic
  3. era 4

  4. era 4

    Bob calmly held his knife, gazing at it's blade, such a simple tool, for such nasty business... A noise from behind him caught his attention, and he turned, facing his captive. The man had been one of the ones caught recently, and has been said to have seen Crow, Bob regretted that he hadn't been able to get out with with more than this one, but he knew he couldn't have made it into the prison, and out again with two, he just wasn't strong enough yet. "Please, I'm telling you man I don't know where she is!" The man was saying, whining, actually, "all I know is I was supposed to deliver a letter to the targets and then leave, I swear!" Bob calmly walked towards the man. He had set camp in one of the lower districts of Alleycity, a cramped little room, with one window at the far end of the room. His captive was stunned, one of his powers, the effects where finally wearing off, so that the man could talk. Bob knelt down next to the man, and slowly slid the knife along the mans neck, earing the mans eyes widening, panicked. "P-PLEASE!" The criminal begged, but Bob slowly angled the knife, slicing the mans arms and running the slice down to his wrists. "You know what the worst part of this is?" Bob asked, as he began working on the criminals other arm, "it's that your going to bleed out, with no one to look for you, but the worst part, in my opinion, will be the part when you realize it's over, when you've lost too much blood, and you body gives up." He began working on the criminals legs now, calmly slicing, letting the scum scream for help. Bob knew the man didn't feel the pain, he was stunned, he couldn't feel anything, at least, nothing physical. "Here's my token of appreciation," Bob continued when he had finished with his work. He placed his hand on the mans forehead, and worked his magic, reinstating the effects of his stun power on the man, making the criminal too limp to even open his eyes. With that, Bob went to the window, looked to where he wished to be, and focused. In a heart beat he was outside, his knife disappeared in his cloak, and he turned to head towards where the man had said he went to deliver his message. @Ookla the Aleatory
  5. I think the best way to describe the power is kinda like how an electric eel works. he touches them and they go limp, conscious but unable to struggle. The effects of it would vary depending on how powerful the victim is in his or hers magic system. If used against someone who has no powers of any form, the effects would last a day at the most.
  6. so this the first actual character I made on my own, so sorry in advance if it's unbalanced! Again, sorry if he is unbalanced, and if he is simply not possible, I'm okay with it. There should be about 125 against him, but I didn't catch how many points he had for himself.... Sorry! @Sorana @Voidus
  7. so I kind of had this lotr frenzy...... Sorry How I always imagined the inquisitors/Ruin looked like This is about what I envisioned Shallan Vs. Stick went
  8. worldbuilding

    So I was wondering... Since the new era is around and all, does that mean Roshek is resetting too?
  9. Sanderson fans when they hear there's a new prologue for the stormlight chronicles
  10. This character is linked with steel's character. According to my count his points come out to 130 (if you agree of course.)
  11. Welcome to the shard @preventer wind! I had learned about this forum through my brother who has helped construct somethings in the rp thread( but that's the point). I will warn you now, as I don't think anyone's mentioned this to you yet. If someone offers you a baked cookie, don't. Eat. It. People here have a habit of putting spikes in the cookies, so they can try claiming you as their own personal victim. Just thought I should give you a heads up. Again, welcome to the forum. ~chasmfiend ~
  12. I voted on Honor, based on how he most likely knew he was going to die, so he arranged a way to insure Roshar survived by sending a message to Dalinar. Other than maybe Preservation, I don't think any of the other Shards have done that.
  13. The raven watched as Algorath ran off, then looked at the Armored man. "I wasn't really going to eat the wolf, that's a scavenger thing." It looked at Mutig, and actually looked surprised, almost falling off its perch. "The Judge!" It squeaked , "the judge of heathens!" The man looked closely at Mutig, studying him, than he spoke. "Go and bring that hybrid to the inquisition, I will get these few that are here." " Sure you don't want help? This is literally the embodiment of justice, one wrong step and you die. " Mutig spoke as calmly and evenly as he could, he knew the inquisition knew about what he had done, but he didn't expect them to remember to this day. "I am afraid you are not up to times, my raven friend, I will go quietly, as we need to work together to win the battle that is coming." The man nodded, and the bird took off after Algorath @Sorana @Turtle373 @kenod The tree spirit that had been healing Algorath watched him rise, and spoke in a whisper that seemed aimed directly at Algorath. "Tell me, if one tree falls in the Forrest, does the Forrest cease to be? You can't give up, simply because you lost one of your pack, I know that is what made you run, for I have seen it in many wolves that feel stronger than anything else." The tree man looked at the sky and saw a raven landing not far off. "A raven from the inquisition? You'd best do as it says, their not, shall we say, friendly when forced to do something." With that, the tree spirit walked back towards the horde of magic beings, disappearing in the crowed. @Vargo Seldon
  14. Mutig stood up, eyeing the armored man. The man seemed to pay them no heed, did he know what has happened? A raven swooped down and landed on the mans arm, chirping and singing it's report. "Crowds gone, trouble gone." The bird looked at the dead wolf, "food?" @Vargo Seldon
  15. Mutig lunged forward, letting out a roar. But when he began to move forward, he found himself stopped by a lone figure who swept his legs out. He hit the ground, just in time to see the figure spin on his heels, bringing a metal staff slamming across Algoraths back, sending him into the dirt. The crowed froze, eyes widening, they stared at The man. He wore armor painted black, and seemed to emit a glow from his skin, making his armor stand out even more. His voice was gruff and seemed to allow no arguing. "WHO KILLED THAT WOLF!" He said in an unfazed voice. Watching the people begin to turn back, until one man stepped forwards, smiling at the new comer, undeterred by the speed in which he put two magic beings down. The man from the crowed spoke loud, but seemed to be straining, as if he didn't want to speak. "And this is what your king says is justice? He sends his dogs to do his work, while we suf–" he never finished, for the armored man spun his staff, and jabbed it into the mans for head. There was a flash of light, and the man staggered back, starring in panic at the armored man, then his eyes shifted, changing to murky black. His voice hissed like a snake. "Blood WILL be shed, don't think hiding will stop us!" With that, the man fell with a thud, not moving a muscle. The armored man turned back to the crowed, and spoke sternly. "He who dares to oppose the king or the high Heir shall pay with their lives! It was with trust that these animals came, and our king will not have them treated like sport for your entertainment! Thus speaks the Inquisition of Vania!" The crowed was already running, many dropping their weapons. Soon it was only them and the armored man, who went and knelt down next to the fallen wolf, checking for a sign of life, but found none. @Vargo Seldon @Turtle373 @Sorana @ZincAboutIt