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  1. I saw a couple posts on allomantic FTL and got thinking about other planets, like Roshar. If stormlight powers fabrials, could Roshar develop a sort of piping system that carries stormlight, like wires do electricity? The only thing that gets me hung up on this is if the stormlight could move through the piping efficiently. I was thinking a sort of gemstone tube, that could carry stormlight to destinations. If anyone has any ideas about this, feel free to comment.
  2. could ettmetal possibly fit into all of this? could the aforementioned alcubierre drive be created with an ettmetal machine of sorts, or would it run out of charge early, like we see the ettmetal machine do in the bands of mourning?
  3. Mistborn Secret history and ending spoilers
  4. After a quick google, the Nightwatcher is still a little perplexed because she has never watched anime, much less the obscure RWBY. She goes with speed. giving you this weird speed power and a free power of your choosing. Just kidding, you are a cadmium misting. you can't stop burning cadmium too I wish to grant BoS' wish
  5. A decent one? I mean the Nightwatcher can't do everything, and even she has her limits. Instead, the IRS gets an eye of Mordor to find 'money launderers' when they really are trying to find the one ring to bring to their dark lord John Kosikin so they can go invisible and sneak into peoples houses to foreclose sneakily them instead of using their slave-drawn sleds to make sure everyone knows that the IRS is annihilating this man/woman's finances. I wish @Eluvianii would properly understand natural selection.
  6. Which one? You get to swim in the newest pool I guess. I wish I wasn't a chicken
  7. Yea, on Brandon Sanderson's website. You go to books and click 'Warbreaker' then click the one that says 'read online'. Granted. The money was ill-gotten, and since The IRS doesn't show any semblance of humanity, they will totally find you with their demon eyes. I wish to avert my delicious wing-sauce related fate
  8. Yes. Aren't the gemhearts how they adopt forms?
  9. Actually, even the allomantic metals have to be the correct alloy and composition, or else they have a possibility of not burning. Like an alternate version of pewter that uses silver instead of lead, like most modern pewter. And since lead is not an allomantically burnable metal, it would have to sit in the stomach. Even though something like pewter contains lead, it is a different metal at the point where a misting/mistborn swallows it.
  10. Granted. You get the privilege of your local bookstore now selling Warbreaker, even though it's free. I wish that I had an unlimited supply of wing sauce
  11. Gewährt. die boons/banes müssen jedoch in deutsch sein. Ich wünschte, diese Gänse würden mich nicht so sehr erschrecken
  12. an interesting thing I found out: Scadrial's number system (the metallic symbols before every chapter) are comprised of a base 16 number system in era 2 since they have discovered all conventional/misting metals.
  13. Well since tomorrow already happened, we can't help you. The nightwatcher instead hopes you slept in since she can't do anything about it. I wish to get this thread started again.
  14. Perhaps it has to do with the order of windrunners being bonded to honorspren, making them closer to honor thus giving them higher status to honor.
  15. Spuck, noun--

    1.  A sudden curse or swear in someone's general direction.  (e.g. SPUCK!!)

    2.  A sudden cry of joy or happiness.  (e.g. Spu-uck!)

    3.  A sudden cry of fear for oneself or others.  (e.g. Spuuuuuuuck)

    4.  The name of my laptop.  (e.g. Spuck [Italicized])