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  1. when you check brandon's website every hour to see if he made any progress in the stormlight 4&5 outlining
  2. great. That makes me feel much better.
  3. great. That makes me feel much better. The Nightwatcher grants you your wish and hands you a Cosmerebook light, one of the lightest laptops in all of the universe! Unfortunately that also means it is lighter that air, and generally acts as a physics paradox. Oh, and it flies away. I wish that people stop naming my very extensive MegaConstrux™ collection Lego (shut up they are more realistic and are much more able to be posed than Lego).
  4. I can do that. this is too easy. no homework double the classwork. I wish that I could do this: But not inside a steel box suspended 10 miles in the air with only a small planter and some wheat seeds for food. There is an incessant drip in the ceiling to provide water and only a Cryptic for company.
  5. The Nightwatcher thinks for a moment and says: " life skills huh. I can respect that" "But, technically I have to give you a bane, sooo..." And then the Nightwatcher gave you the bane: "you know what, I'll help you start out" The Nightwatcher says, a wicked smile curling across her face. then, in, a lifetimes supply of fertilizer and shovels come tumbling into a massive pile behind you. I wish that I was able to do this:
  6. Wish granted! As you start translating the books into Persian, you realize that this sort of thing takes a very long time. In all, it took you about a year publish and translate all of the manuscripts. One day, you get a letter in the mail. A cease and desist, from Dragonsteel LLC, and that, is your bane. I wish that I could change the color of candy canes by looking at them.
  7. instant noodles come woe for they are far from now write faster, Brandon
  8. Granted. The Nightwatcher says to you "Have you watched any Monty Python?", And you stand there, puzzled. Then (If you have watched The Holy Grail), It hits you. There, in the clearing stands the killer rabbit of Caerbannog, right there. The nightwatcher says "Looks like you have done a really big oopsie. Now I better go. I don't want to see this." At the snap of her fingers the Nightwatcher disappears, leaving you with the killer rabbit alone, You run for your life, and you are forced into a life of hiding. I wish for a regular book, and not a magic one. Doesn't have to be a good book. Just a book.
  9. Amen
  10. Invent a computer Play chess with Harmony Eat a horse Find and draw a Chasmfiend Forward research efforts on instant noodles in Scadrial
  11. Weird Al can't die, he consumes the souls of the celebrities he parodies to stay alive forever.
  12. The nightwatcher shakes her head, sighs, and buys you a premium subscription to a popular Cosmere streaming service, DirectCosmere. You get home, excited to try out this new streaming service, but it takes you forever to find an HDMI cable long enough only to find out that you need some weird port that you need to buy off of a popular Cosmere online shopping site, Cosmerezon (yeah couldn't think of anything else). It takes about 6 business days. You wake up the next week excited, and finally hook up the darn thing. You hook it up and turn on the tv only to find that the television doesn't even really exist, so, you don't have to watch commercials, or anything annoying really. The Nightwatcher grants the wish, and you get 250 million in Vietnamese dong, which is about 5,749,812,500,00 in single bills. Good luck getting that back to your living area! fortunately, you have a lot of money now, and you dish out some money to a totally serious popular Cosmere logistics service, Cosmere to Z (really). This operation is huge, and so is it's cost. So you are forced to pay 249,999,87.34 to the disgruntled and tired logistical service, leaving you with quite the fortune in rupees. I wish that Weird Al Yankovic could sing "I want to be cool" by Baljeet in the season 2 episode 34 episode: "The Wizard Of Id'.
  13. Yes, but isn't honor confirmed to be dead? If I read correctly, honor was splintered and one of the splinters is the stormfather, who bonded to Dalinar. So woudn't it be Cultivation versus Odium?