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  1. There are no left handed swordsman in Japan.
  2. Alright, so Midge will have maxed out scholarship and intelligence levels. The whole purpose of this character was to be the Tia of the team, so her being under powered is kind of what I was going for.
  3. How's this?
  4. What does this mean: ยง
  5. wayne jokes

    Something along the lines of "You have a lady friend who you would like to give my hat to?" "No, I need it for next time I'm going to be a lady. You can have my shoes for next time you want to be a fellow!"
  6. Granted, but it won't make sense to you. I wish for all future Cosmere books to be released, and have them readable by me.
  7. Anyone want to point out the fact that Lightblood says (he/she/other)'s Lighteyes, but is ranked Darkeyes?
  8. What if it was like, your spirit grew old, but you weren't effected by it? So say you held the power for 20 years, and than gave it up voluntarily. You'd then be 20 years older than when you started. Just a random theory.
  9. Alright, thanks.
  10. Should I make a new character for Era.3, or keep using Toa? I final got back online, and am trying to catch up.
  11. In Warbreaker, we see Nightblood killing people when they open his sheath, which happens often, usually foreshadowed by a greedy glint in their eye, and than them stealing it. My question was, is this need to have Nightblood magical, or just a side effect of poor people, and a sword that looks like it could turn a profit? We see Vasher saying... Which could go either way. It could imply that he amplifies greed, to some extent, or that people who don't believe in stealing won't steal. We also see Szeth on Roshar who doesn't feel a need to unsheathe it, but that might have to do with something about his life experiences, or the fact that he's a Truthless. I have no idea, because any evidence I've seen could go two ways.
  12. Well I like to listen to people... not often. People are boring.
  13. Meeker Adoption Center.
  14. main plot