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  1. Well I like to listen to people... not often. People are boring.
  2. Meeker Adoption Center.
  3. main plot

  4. Before you start, let me get Brandon and have him make this all canon.
  5. main plot

  6. main plot

    Toa nodded, and sprinted out, tapping a steel metalmind.
  7. main plot

    Toa looked up at Solace, glaring. "How could you do this? Why would you do this?" @Ookla the Meeker @Sorana
  8. main plot

    "You bound her throat!?" Toa demanded. "You condensed her windpipe! How could you?" "You— you killed her," Toa said quietly, falling to his knees. "You killed her."
  9. main plot

    Toa pit his hand in his cloak pocket, and opened the pill, activating both poisons.
  10. Of course! Who could mess up The Underwater Broccoli Acronym?
  11. main plot

    "Alright," said Toa. "My reactions are pretty good, but I still might overshoot it by a couple minutes. Mostly, I use Cadium with a primer cube, though, so I don't have a ton of practice." Toa burned Cadium, and the world sped up.
  12. main plot

    "I got Cadium from my father, an Allomancer, and Steel from my mother, a Feruchemist."
  13. main plot

    "Alright," said Toa. "Try not to think about killing people. I can do that."
  14. I always thought it stood for 'Dark Alley'. Not to be confused with the Diagon Alley.