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  1. What's Dodium?
  2. Maybe Electrum + Atium could be a cross between Gold and Electrums normal events. So it would provide a glimpse of your own future but instead of revealing the next few seconds like Electrum it would supply a larger idea of who you could become.
  3. A few thoughts Ive had. First on the Ghostbloods goals. Or maybe allegiances. I think they are vaguely on the side of the Knights Radiant in that at the end of the day they probably don't want Odium getting out. But it isnt high on the peiorities list after such important considerations such as profit, survival, and messing around with blowguns. Second on their relationship to Jasnah. I figure that now she is both a Knight Radiant and a queen that the contract on her life has been suspended. Now they haven't forgotten but it would probably be too risky for both their orginization and their schemes to risk killing her now. However when it is in their advantage to weaken the Radiants then it would be efficient to settle an unanswered grudge. Third. I think that the nature of Cryptics and why they like lies is complicated. Specifically I think that they are embodiements of the mathematical concepts which describe reality. Describe is the important word in that sentence. They are an abstraction one step removed from truth. That is why they are atracted by lies. Because lying is also a form of description but it does not correspond to something real. Lying instead imposes itself on reality.
  4. He might have grabbed Taln's honorblade. Undoubtedly someone else has already suggested this but I just thought of it after rereading Words of Radiance. He was in snatching distance wjen the man returned.
  5. My thought was more about Amaran deciding that darkeyes lacked the will to even grab an opportunity to improve their positions. That's why I think he asked Kaladin why he refused them. Because someone just giving away shards wasn't something he could reallu understand.
  6. Amaram. I know that might be weird, but when I first read Words of Radiance I thought he was going to get a bit of a larger role in the next book because of Shallan's discovery of his notes written in modified glyphs. And because he was the only living Son's of Honor we knew about. I did enjoy his eventual death though. And I have always had this idea that Amaram might not have stolen the shards if Kaladin had taken them. And more from his point of view would have probably dissuaded me of the idea.
  7. Greek gods were a bit more than mortal in a few stories from what cool youtube videos have told me. As for the religions that have shown up, I think the religions present in Warbreaker seem to be close to accurate. Whether or not Endowment cares about the worship of herself or the Returned isn't clear. But she takes an interest of some sort expressed through the returned. And religion as it shows up in Elantris also seems divinely inspired after a fashion. Shu Dereth isn't really the one and only true religion. But it reflects a worldview passed down indirectly from Dominion through the Skaze.
  8. I think the Heralds usually returned semi-willingly to Braize as part of the Oathpact. Truthfully I think a boring but likely explanation for a lot of things we don't quite know about would be that in the earlier Desolations Honor was still alive and Odium was playing it safe. Things like the Everstorm and Vyre's Knife might have opened Odium up to retaliation. Either because they left him exposed or because a living Honor could declare those tactics to be cheating and thus allowing him to also screw around with the rules.
  9. Yeah I only started thinking about Stormlight Archive again recently and hadn't reread Oathbringer. And yeah it makes sense if she can't be healed one way she can't be healed another. As for the Order I don't really know. My backwards moving logic for being a Bondsmith is actually because of the traveling and meeting new peoples thing that also make her a good match for the Willshapers. Partially I like the idea of someone having a different take on the Bondsmiths, reaching out to bring people together instead of Dalinar who focuses on his role in Alethkar and on the nations he is most familiar with. And such a different interpretation seems important because the Stormfather, the Nightwatcher and the Sibling are all different. Also she seems a good fit for the third Bondsmith oath in some ways.
  10. Yeah I see. I wasn't paying close enough attention when looking at the different metals. And I hadn't read enough about Realmantic Theory. So would Aluminum Feruchemy and its ability to interact with Identity do anything with Gold Allomancy then?
  11. Hello again. I read some speculation about a background figure in Words of Radiance being an Allomancer and that got me thinking about Duraluminum Feruchemy. I know connection can be used to speak other languages or seem familiar to other people or something. And eventually my brain remembered Gold Allomancy. If I am not mistaken Gold Allomancy works off of Connection in some way to generate the images. So what would someone who in the moment was divested of Connection experience?
  12. Maybe the crossing point is when the subjects spirit web is sufficiently mangled that removing all the spikes would be fatal even if their were no complications from the injuries.
  13. So I'e been moving backward on the forums reading things that seemed interested in and two things related to Rysn stood out. One was someone liking the idea of her taking a larger role (which would be cool) but being uncomfortable with her regaining the ability to walk. And the other was someone speculating on her becoming a Bondsmith by binding the Nightwatcher. My idea is that at some point things start to become desperate and people could really use another Bondsmith but the Nightwatcher and the Sibling will not get involved. And then Rysn goes to the Nightwatcher and makes a wish. "I wish to fight beside those people who I didnt interact with before this book and bring them together in defiance of Odium. Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination." And the Nightwatcher grants her boon and becomes bound to her. But the cost would be that stormlight would not repair the damage done to her body by the fall. She would have to live with it. She probably could use Stormlight to gain some mobility. But she would still be something something not certain how to correctly make a point which would be respectful to people with disabilities. Also one idea is that Stormlight would let her walk again but this capacity would always fade when the storm quited.
  14. I was not trying to suggest permanent change. I was siggesting that if a Shard was askew from its core Intent and a replacement is also off center but in a different way then it could seem like a Shard had changed further than cam be expected. Also I know about the basic idea of the vessel (just remembered the word) being changed by the intent. I had thought that vessels could hold onto their interpretation long term. Its just that Ati tried to do the impossible by being against the intent.
  15. Had another thought not really about the Impulse thing but more about Intents in general. The Intent of each Shard is mostly set by its inherent nature, however the Holder still has some infuence on excactly how it manifests. Ive always interpreted each Shards Intent as a line and the Hoders influence drawing it away from its natural resting point. But anway, my thought was this: how do we know that the shards as we know them are true to that center line? If a Holder pushed a Shard in a certain direction was replaced by someone who pushed in the opposite direction we could see a more dramatic change than it might be expected. I consider this fairly hypothetical when we look at the Shards who have been onscreen. Ati pushed very hard against Ruin and was brished aside by the Intent. But it still seems a possibility.