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  1. That is what I was trying to say. Also I think I do not like Kelsier's quirk, the one that he want/try to be a God in the eyes of his followers...
  2. Would that mean any of the other Elantrians they placed in the Pool might have been invited to the Ire as well, (This is me grasping at straws hoping Saolin is alive in some shape or form)
  3. ChayShan, I feel this method of accessing investiture will keep me in shape, I do not get enough exercise as I need to
  4. Now I'm curious, There is an entry on ars arcanum, asking if Riino was Ire, and there are some clarification if it meant the he was just ancient or he is part of the group.
  5. As much as I like Kelsier, I do not want him to be a Shard, he was fun as a gang leader in TFE, He was a fun character when he was traveling to the Ire stronghold in Secret History. I guess what I'm trying to say is that Kelsier being a God type character does not fit him.
  6. Lightsong, I just like him as a character. Then boom that's it for him. Although his arc/action is understandable, and the audience is made aware why it had to happen, I still want more of him.
  7. If Autonomy is indeed the Shard in the Drominad system, the way the world runs feels very "Man vs Nature". Alternate choice is Endowment, everybody has the potential to be a magic user which is cool.
  8. So I would hazard a guess, "mad protection", would entail, Knowledge that the Shadesmar/CR is behind the Pool and that it is really dangerous. And be prepared. Which would mean Saolin have a very low chance to survive seeing that the Post Reod Elantrians is not "aware" thus cannot properly prepare. Also I have another question, how would one get inducted to the IRE?
  9. I have a feeling we'll have a bunch of Secret Histories for each of the Shardworlds, for a story with one major book and two short stories, Elantirs post a lot of questions... I actually cannot decide which I want first, "Backstage Info", Mistborn story, Stormlight story or Elantris story
  10. I like the idea of Millie Bobby Brown as Vin
  11. I just wanted to ask or rather wanted to clarify things. I've read a couple of words of Brandon, and was curious since there is one that said that a particular character that appeared in Elantris was in the book Oathbringer. What about the other Elantrians that they placed in the Pool? What Happened to them? I'm particularly interested in Saolin, are any WoB about him? Edit: I just got to the WoBs mentioning that the Cognitive Realm in Sel is really dangerous, is that what happened to the other guys?
  12. Thanks for the Welcome. As for my favorite, Book would be The Final Empire, for me the heist movie feel was exciting; Series is Stormlight Archive, the series feels epic and the the connection to other works is really nice. For the short story Sixth of the Dusk for me is the most interesting.
  13. Hi- I just finished reading majority of the Cosmere related work, and I wanted to know more, so now I'm here.