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  1. I have a another question, so after some mroe reading, it was mentioned that futuresight is influenced by the shards, hence Ruin's futuresight is geared towards being good at killing the opponent, Preservation's Terris Prophecies, yes it's directly from a shard, but it's still futuresight. Endowment's a bit hard to identify since I don't understand it's intent. Odium's seems chaotic and the usual method of obtaining it is morbid, and if we'll ascribe to the theory that the Diagram is Cultivation's I would say it is "branching", it had those conditions like If Dalinar tries to unite the high prince, then kill him, but if he is to become a warlord he can be an ally. So my question is should it have been that Elend's vision be of destruction since he was using Atium? or was it also considering Elend's intent?
  2. I have a question about that, I think it was mentioned that Renarin was at the "root" of the black out section, so was the branch black because of Future sight interference? or was is black due to Odium not being able to see Renarin's branch, I'm thinking the letters golden glow might be due to Odium being able to see the those possibilities? and since Odium cannot see Renarin's line it became black (just a wild speculation).
  3. So I think we can assume if someone wants to hide from the Shards, they can utilize fortune and/or any form of future sight as a defensive measure,it will be their choice to act upon the vision or do they need to act upon the vision and usually they act against the vision to become blacked out or blurry?
  4. I have some questions regarding futuresight and/or predicting the future in general: Why is predicting the future generally frowned upon in the Cosemere? Was Elend's Duralumin-Atium burn a form of Futuresight? or rather are the normal Atium burn already considered Futuresight? Hypothetical, if a version of the Diagram was written for the whole of the Cosmere, and Golden Glowing letters was shown, will the Mistborn / Atium mistings (or anyone that can burn Atium) show up as Black? How about the Aviar Sak (the one the predicts where someone might die). Will the Returned be blacked out as well?
  5. Yeah... I was trimming my post because it became too long, but kinda ended up editing out the question. But there was a part where I was speculating what type of books would each shard world excel at? And at which point will there be an Open-planetary trade of information?
  6. I have a question that stems from this WOB: I'm guessing Silverlight will be one of the place that people can read books all over the Cosmere. And Nalthis is another a good guess for another place that might have several off world books?
  7. Your explanation makes sense, I just got carried away with the future sight globe, after reading about future sight being tied to the Spiritual Realm and that a Shard's Power normally resides in the Spiritual Realm, and then the Ire's device for taking up Preservation. I just made/forced the connections.
  8. I wanted to ask about the device the Ire, (Alonoe to be precise) wanted to use during the event in Secret History and the globe Riino has, are they of the same making / construction / materials?
  9. I've just finished Good Omens from Amazon. It's really Good!
  10. I've just seen all 6 episodes and I like them all. It is a very good adaptation of the book. I don't think I have anything bad to say about the show, (maybe I'm still not over how "meh" the last few episodes of Game of Thrones was, so I've set my expectations low for all upcoming Fantasy Series). Now on to the good: Casting was fantastic! The humour is very British (I don't know how to say it any other way) The changes made from the book are great, some of the internal dialogs that only works on page was dropped so they will not fall flat, and the last scene they added was so Good, it will make you watch it at least one more time just to see what, when, how, and to look for all the details. Soundtrack, the show made good use of the soundtrack! Lastly I want to say I want more, because the show is that Good, but I am afraid that if we have another series It might not be as good...
  11. I have question regarding the Shardworlds: Yolen is the most Earth-like from what I've read, Is there any particular period on Earth's history? Is it pre-industrial revolution? or Mordern-time in which we have the global warming issue? Is is safe to assume Sel is just like Yolen/Earth, a terrestrial planet with diverse Biome (Forest, Desert, Grasslands, Coastal Regions, etc) just bigger? Among the Published work I read, Roshar felt the most unique, has it always been like that even before Honor and Cultivation? Was Ashyn and Braize more like Roshar in their earlier periods? Scadrial was a creation of Ruin & Preservation, does it mean the whole Scadrian Solar System was a creation or just the planet? or just the lifeforms? Can we have more details regarding Threnody? so far I visualize the world as 2 huge continents, one is Woodlands with some patches of Homesteads and Small Towns and the other as an "Evil Forest" dungeon type, also that there are always killer shadows outside. Taldain is a huge desert planet, just like that "other franchise"... But Taldain is 2 for the price of 1 world, that it has a darkside world . Drominad System, we only have a book on the First of the Sun, and the place feels like a "Tropical Paradise", (my examples are Hawaii, Phuket, Boracay, Maldives, Seychelles), but with a twist, the Tropical Paradise wants to kill you. So does all the habitable planets in the Drominad System like a Kiler Tropical Paradise? are there variation like Killer Grasslands? Killer Mangrove Forest?
  12. That is what I was trying to say. Also I think I do not like Kelsier's quirk, the one that he want/try to be a God in the eyes of his followers...
  13. Would that mean any of the other Elantrians they placed in the Pool might have been invited to the Ire as well, (This is me grasping at straws hoping Saolin is alive in some shape or form)
  14. ChayShan, I feel this method of accessing investiture will keep me in shape, I do not get enough exercise as I need to
  15. Now I'm curious, There is an entry on ars arcanum, asking if Riino was Ire, and there are some clarification if it meant the he was just ancient or he is part of the group.