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  1. Happy birthday!! 

  2. I have a friend who very adamantly shipped Abraham and Tia
  3. I cannot express how much I loved this comment, I love a good Fiddler reference
  4. I was not aware of the detonations. Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be cool!
  5. This is honestly my favorite series, and Prof was definitely a favorite character of mine. His character development is really awesome! I loved Calamity, except all the plot twists thrown into the epilogue
  6. I read this as "Flirting with your flightleader, Cobb, that would be great" and got very confused/concerned lol
  7. I'm going! I'm not busy that day so I can make the hour long drive to Orem. And can someone explain WoB to me?
  8. My Sanderson story: In the eighth grade, I went to a Michael Vey book release party. Four other authors were there with Richard Paul Evans, one of which was Brandon Sanderson. Steelheart had just been released, so Sanderson was talking about it. I thought "hmm, interesting." I later checked it out from the library, then unfortunately didn't finish. A few years later, I had a gift card to Barnes and Noble and didn't know what to get with it. I saw Steelheart and said "I never finished this, I'll give it a shot." A few months later, I finally started restarted it. Well, I loved it so much I had to read Firefight and Calamity, and then when I ordered Skyward online as soon as I could. And now, here I am!
  9. So I just had this thought: What if Prof directed a play and David was the stage manager? This resulted in a series of vignettes I wrote between David and Prof. My friend wrote a couple of these so I will post mine and then post the ones she did. Spoilered for length, this has no actual spoilers. Mine My Friend's One We Both Made
  10. Who had also purchased the bat cave on Ebay.
  11. This komodo dragon is named Jeb Do I need to understand the majority of this thread in order to add anything to it?
  12. I like these ideas, thank you!
  13. I was wondering if anyone could provide some input on the magic system in my novel. It's not fully fleshed out yet and I need some help developing it. The wizards in my novel have certain types of magic that they are born good at, and others that can be developed over time. There are also aspects of it that they can never master (example: A character who is born exceptional at influencing the elements. They struggle with telepathy, but they can still perform it to some degree. However, they are never able to shapeshift). My question is: What could be a determining factor of the magic they can and can't do? My friend had the idea that it could depend on genetics and ancestry, say someone who's ancestors were from Antarctica had power over heat and fire. Or we had an idea that maybe wizards with different powers came together in clans a long time ago and they all migrated to different places, meaning that where you're from could determine your power set. I'm just trying to come up with a better plan for my magic system, since it's not very together at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  14. I would not be opposed to a fourth book where all of these things happen...
  15. I believe so, but apparently especially in Utah