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  1. Fantastic memes, I love these lol
  2. Well I'm gald you liked it!
  3. New update: in "State of the Sanderson," Sanderson said that the option for the Steelheart movie got renewed and Fox is giving it full support, so it may still happen. It's still in the process of getting a screenplay written, however
  4. So I made a parody about Spensa lol. It's not my greatest writing, but here it is, sung to the tune of "How Far I'll Go" from Moana
  5. Homestly me too lol. If I got pegged a callsign it would probably be Giraffe (it's an inside joke from improv)
  6. I finished this book over a week ago and still can't get over how sad I got at this part
  7. Spoilered this one because it's spoilery Here is a non-spoiler one
  8. I think Mizzy may be the most controversial character mentioned in this thread lol
  9. I don't know a whole lot of actors so feel free to dispute my choices Hurl: Dove Cameron Ironsides: Meryl Streep Spensa: Odeya Rush maybe? Idk Morningtide: I'm blanking on her name, but the one who plays Clary in Shadowhunters could be good Cobb: Idk an actor who could play him, but my history teacher looks a lot like Cobb and reminds me of him a little?? For some reason I reay wanted to mention that
  10. Powers: Before becoming an Epic, I was very creative, always creating stories and other worlds in my head. So, when I got my powers, I got the ability to manipulate reality. This is usually how I give myself other powers, such as prime invincibilities, etc, but I can fabricate objects and people as well (make a piano fall from the sky, fabricate a flashlight if I'm walking in the dark, create a character in my head and make it real). But my limit is that nothing I create is permanent, although the effects of it are. The more effort I have to put into creating something, the less time it can exist. Let's go back to fhe flashlight example. If I want just a regular flashlight, I can do that for about two hours. But let's say I want to make it red, and have an LED light in it. Now it can only exist for about an hour and 45 minutes. If I give myself a power, it only lasts for about 30 minutes. I can only fabricate characters for about 10 minutes or less, depending on how intricate they are. Secondary powers: I typically use my powers to give myself other powers, but the one I use most often is making myself invisible, both to the human eye and radar signals. This gives me lots of stealth. Cheesy name: Fabrication Weakness: I fear that I'm not as great a person as I think I am, and therefore am one of the nicest Epics you could come in contact with. I try to be nice to people because if I do something terrible with my powers, my powers shut down until I've done enough good things that I feel it outweighs the bad. How my evil manifests: Although I try to be nice, it's pretty easy to make me upset. If you do make me upset, it likely won't work out very well for you. Like most Epics, I feel like I'm better than other people, however, I don't kill people to show off my powers. I usually make a big, showy gesture with my powers and that's enough to get people to listen. I don't enjoy killing people, because it makes my weakness manifest, but it's pretty easy to get me upset enough to do it, since I tend not to think before I do. I once killed someone with my powers, then cooked a meal for his entire family, then ended up doing the same for his whole neighborhood before my powers returned.
  11. One of my favorites has got to be "It was like finding out that Santa Claus was secretly a Nazi." As far as inspirational goes, I really like "We're not moments, we're events...we change, like swirling clouds and a rising sun"
  12. This actually adds to a theory my friend had, that Tia might secretly be an Epic. Epics were referred to as "god-like," and Tia is greek for "Goddess," this add so much to the theory
  13. I may end up getting that board game for Christmas
  14. I was at a church activity when I saw this and my friends who also read Steelheart were laughing so hard imagining Prof saying this instead of what he actually said
  15. I really want to reread The Reckoners! I started listening to the audiobook of Steelheart and was laughing really hard at some foreshadowing