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  1. Gotta say...I have gotten super tired of superhero movies recently. BUT. Avengers 3 was just an incredible film. Shortest 2.5 hours I've ever had. I guarantee I'm seeing Avengers 4 opening weekend. This is going to be such an awesome ride.
  2. Brief Cases is interesting. I loved the last one. Sweet story from different perspectives. I gotta reread Aeronaut's because if I remember right, I liked parts of it, but wasn't super sold on anything. Then again, that's kind of how Jim's series start out for me. Shaky/decent beginning and then gets incredible. I'm surprised Codex Alera has been so quiet. I thought Tavi was one of the coolest characters I've been introduced to. I wonder what Tavi vs. Kaladin would be like.
  3. Whooaa...Woundhealer sounds freaking awesome. When the Faithsaber was revealed I about lost it. I am really curious of it's abilities honestly. Really REALLY cool weapon. I loved First Day and especially the yellow exclamation point over the dude's head. I laughed for probably 8 minutes just on that one nerd moment.
  4. What's been your favorite forum/content/question asked on this site? I'm brand new and am pretty overwhelmed on where to start.
  5. Doesn't look like anyone's been here in years months but still...I'd like to submit representative Root Beers of The Root Beer Bar. 1. Virgil's Special Edition Bavarian Nutmeg Root Beer 2. Hank's Gourmet Root Beer 3. Sprecher Root Beer I will also take suggestions for others to represent this now-abandoned less busy bar.
  6. I summon all Dresdenphiles that also happen to be fanspren. Feel free to discuss crossover battles, similarities, differences, favorite characters, anything related really.
  7. Saw deep in the archives of what did you read that you were reading the Dresden files. How was the ride? When did you finish?

  8. @Ookla the Clueless Two Dresdenphiles. Go team! Anywhere on the 17th shard people nerd out about other topics too? i.e. food, Jim Butcher, etc. ?
  9. Roger that. Thank you my friend!
  10. @DatOneTallGuy I joined for a couple reasons. First being I need someone to nerd out with because I live in the Appalachian Mtns. and all that's out here is farmers and country folk that shun nerds. Second, is I just gave WoK to a friend of mine and want to freshen up on some of the material so I can show him just how big this universe is. Third, I wanted a cookie (even though I don't get what those cookies are). And lastly, there is just so much going on here, I wanted to dive in. I don't think I'll ever understand the Cosmere as well as some of the people on here (seriously, how do they have time for all this study?) but I'd like to understand most of it. BS is a god of an author that publishes like nobody I've ever heard of so I want to get on the train while it's still in 2nd gear (I say second gear because there is still SOOOO much material to be written).
  11. Nice! Probably the most intricate username story I've heard so far. I was never on the JimButcher forums and I regret it. I don't have anyone to nerd out with about Dresden so I came here to nerd out about BS. Can't complain. Any cool links on here you think I should read? Up for anything. I'm the biggest fan of Stormlight but it's a lot to take in honestly. Gonna do a reread here pretty soon. After all the typos everyone has found, is he going to re-publish with the corrections?
  12. Sorry. Still a noob. What are these cookies exactly? I mean...If I had to choose a cookie other than chocolate chip, it'd be turtle thumbprint cookies. Can I link recipes on here? Want to share the love if you know what I mean. Sorry, I'm hungry.
  13. I noticed this and looked into it. Not sure how to change my name but I like the tradition. Don't we hear some news soon since it's Ookla season?
  14. All of Mistborn (including short stories), all of Stormlight (including Edgedancer), Warbreaker, and a little bit of Skyward. Next on my to-read list is Elantris.
  15. Granted but you have short-term memory loss. I wish for the power of manipulating probability. What are the chances a co-worker brings me delicious brownies at work? 0%? We're just going to make that a solid 100%.