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  1. It's up!!! GO READ IT!!!
  2. Anyone know what time I should expect the SoS? I can't keep hitting refresh on his website relentlessly until I get what I want AND be productive. I'm on the East Coast if that makes any difference.
  3. That was one of the craziest videos I've ever seen. Holy cow. Wonderful response. Thank you!
  4. *Stands up* *starts slow clap* *realizes no one else is slow-clapping* *sits back down*
  5. Anyone remember specifically how the bridgemen lay down the bridges? I remember there being several in the front with the bridge on their back and becoming targets for the Parshendi. But how did they do it? These bridges have to be extremely heavy, and move from plateau to plateau of different heights right? They can't just throw it across or lay it down and push it over the edge right? A bunch of dudes with these massive bridges and getting them to different heights and such is just really confusing to me. Do we know the dimensions or specs on the bridge? How big were they? What were they made out of? How many bridgemen were used per bridge?
  6. Count me in! Bridge Four til I die!
  7. Welcome! Hope you continue to enjoy the fantasy realm. It's a bunch of fun huh? Mistborn is a ride for sure. I enjoyed Era 2 way more than Era 1 so in my opinion it gets better. Got a favorite character or quote?
  8. I was wondering this too. Did the DDF get a boat load of acclivity rings or not? Apparently second draft of Skyward 2 is already done so I'm expecting the SoS to shed some light on that.
  9. I'm...underwhelmed. Release date tomorrow is cool but...really? Huh.
  10. Gotta say...I have gotten super tired of superhero movies recently. BUT. Avengers 3 was just an incredible film. Shortest 2.5 hours I've ever had. I guarantee I'm seeing Avengers 4 opening weekend. This is going to be such an awesome ride.
  11. Brief Cases is interesting. I loved the last one. Sweet story from different perspectives. I gotta reread Aeronaut's because if I remember right, I liked parts of it, but wasn't super sold on anything. Then again, that's kind of how Jim's series start out for me. Shaky/decent beginning and then gets incredible. I'm surprised Codex Alera has been so quiet. I thought Tavi was one of the coolest characters I've been introduced to. I wonder what Tavi vs. Kaladin would be like.
  12. Whooaa...Woundhealer sounds freaking awesome. When the Faithsaber was revealed I about lost it. I am really curious of it's abilities honestly. Really REALLY cool weapon. I loved First Day and especially the yellow exclamation point over the dude's head. I laughed for probably 8 minutes just on that one nerd moment.
  13. What's been your favorite forum/content/question asked on this site? I'm brand new and am pretty overwhelmed on where to start.
  14. Doesn't look like anyone's been here in years months but still...I'd like to submit representative Root Beers of The Root Beer Bar. 1. Virgil's Special Edition Bavarian Nutmeg Root Beer 2. Hank's Gourmet Root Beer 3. Sprecher Root Beer I will also take suggestions for others to represent this now-abandoned less busy bar.
  15. I summon all Dresdenphiles that also happen to be fanspren. Feel free to discuss crossover battles, similarities, differences, favorite characters, anything related really.