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  1. I have played the game with homemade cards that aren't that fancy, and the game is great! Thank you for making the rulebook and the cool cards? I am going to print them out! Question: I must play cards next to one of my cards. If I place a card next to AND ONLY next to a captured card of mine, is it legal (does it count as one of my cards)?
  2. Draws, draws???? Do you mean that my barracks is a stack of my cards, and I draw the top one and place it down, or do you mean I choose a card from my hand and put it down? Here is what I did on my turn. First, I soulcast if I could. Second, I chose a card from my hand and placed it adjacent (not diagonally) to a one of my cards or one of my opponent's cards. Third, Scout movement. Fourth, I make attacks. Let's say I have my general fighting two knights. Neither of them can kill each other. Does nothing happen? Also, can two or more cards team up on one? Also, two question about scouts. 1. Is this (the separation of a group of cards or a card (by the movement of a scout) vertically and horizonatly), but connected diagonally) legal? 2. Is this (the complete separation of a group (by the movement of a scout)) legal? 1. Scout moves 1 IMG_0926.MOV 2. Scout moves 2 IMG_0927.MOV
  3. Storms that's good!
  4. A few extra questions: 1. Does the soulcaster ability count as playing a card? 2. By this you mean if I attack and fail, they capture the attacking cards?? 3. If so, do I have to make an attack every turn? 4. Can you do multiple attacks in a turn, One attack per turn, or each card can attack once per turn?
  5. What is your job?
  6. Thank you for making this game and explaining the rules to me. I plan on making four copies and giving three away to friends and family for Christmas! I will, of course, keep your names on there. One last question about printing. Should I print these out on cardstock, or something else?
  7. Welcome to 17th shard! Any questions about this site.
  8. Very well done.
  9. I agree with all the following except... Lord of the Rings for the fifth one and If I have to choose either A or B, I choose C. Also have not played Elder Scrolls Online, but I do like Skyrim and Oblivion. Another thing to think about. I, The Lord Ruler, did not disagree to your statement about you being better. Also note that the name you use isn't Kelsier, it the the Sovereign. People think the Sovereign is me, not you, even though you are the actual Sovereign. I lost where I was going with this but, whatever. What is your favorite Sanderson book?
  10. Granted. You will be friends with terrible people who want to cheat you and take everything of yours. I wish I had Nightblood and could use it easily. (Hard to type. My keys are burning up.)
  11. Two things 1. Both attack at the same time or just one at a time. 2. What about that thing about squires capturing? Also, add a way to keep track of damage.
  12. A few factors come into play on this one. 1. Different metals burn at different rates. 2. Are you flaring the metal? 2. Different types of surges use stormlight at different rates. 3. Are you using an honorblade or are you bonded to a spren? It really depends, though from my personal reading it appears that on average stormlight is used up a good bit faster than most metals. Tell me if I missed any factors.
  13. Granted, but you travel an additional two weeks every two weeks. I wish I could change how people worked.
  14. I am glad to be able to join you all. OK, how do you delete a post then My favorite book is either The Way of Kings or Oathbringer