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  1. "Out off shear curiosity, have you heard about the new government?" Vtlikv asked.
  2. Vtlikv took it with one hand. "What will that be?" he asked.
  3. "OK, good to know. Could I have a normal one then?" he asked.
  4. "A great sword," Vtlikv said.
  5. "Do you have glass weapons?" he asked.
  6. "So, are you the forger?" Vtlikv asked.
  7. The world could (maybe???) get reformed by somme beg disaster. The Shattered Roshar.
  8. Wassing the I when win?
  9. One of the more popular things on this site is the D&D style Sanderson thing they call the Alleyverse. There are three main groups. One group, the DA (Dark alley) puts Hemalurgic spikes in baked goods. TUBA (The Underground Baking Association) doesn't. And there are also the Ghostbloods.
  10. "I am Vtlikv, a Thaylen. All I wanted was a weapon. If you are worried, then you worry in vain. I don't want any of you dead, or hurt." He looked toward the wall, seeing a man like a shadow. "Is that real, or is it just my eyes? I can't trust my senses."
  11. Now what awakened object am I? Am I a rock?
  12. "Alright, then. Who are you?" He then shifted his head. "And who are those two?"
  13. "Do you have any weapon's I can buy? I prefer glass weapons. Better safe than sorry, you know."
  14. Vtlikv walked into the forge. "Is anyone here?!" he shouted.
  15. The first Sanderson work I read was the Alcatraz Series. The first Cosmere book was Elantris.