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  1. I seriously recommend The library at mount Char , by Scott Hawkings. Urban fantasy, but apart from that defies classification. Extremely good.
  2. I understand. It was so amazing that continuing it can break the enchanting. But is not necessarily a character sequel. I just want to see that magic in action. Well, one can dream...
  3. That’s nuts. Love the idea!
  4. Maybe not Adonalsium itself, but something different. One controlling all the power.
  5. The thing is not getting there, is how you do. But you’re right. Any other ideas about the ending?
  6. Is there any plan for The emperor soul’s sequel? Or anything in that par of the world. Its a dope magic system and the novella was amazing, one of the best he has.
  7. You can buy blank cards and print on them.
  8. That seems to me that it’s very different to the Cosmere. But if you try to imagine an ending that seems plausible. The vessels are to unstable.
  9. Shallan is out of her mind. She’s a playing a very dangerous game, to be drowned is her personality. I don’t know if she will rude to Odium but I don’t discard it.
  10. Didn’t read The wheel of time. Can you explain a little please?
  11. Not necessarily. Brandon is keeping the beginning because is tied up with the end, when we will learn the motives and reasons. Maybe Adonalsium was a tyrannical entity who escape his own plane for his atrocities. We dont know. But still it’s a theory. It seem logical to rebuild the power of Adonalsium, maybe to something new, maybe to destroying it later. But is good the theorize. Keeps you thinking.
  12. Obviously is more complicated than that. It’s a long process of many many books. But as more as I think about it the more logical it seems, and the most probable outcome. Maybe at the end will be fighting Odium with the power of all the shards and scatter the power through all the Cosmere, who knows. Maybe that’s harmony at a cosmic level. What do you mean by awaken?
  13. Exactly. A wheel always move forward but also moves on his axis. It occurs to me that the power of Adonalsium is to big to be in the hands of any creature. It’s like the difference between the Christian god and the greek gods. The greek gods were just like humans, but with amazing power, like the vessels. God, in the other hand, is beyond good and evil, that is, without desire. It make sense to me that at the end this power is coming together in unity. Maybe not like Adonalsium but as a new thing to put equilibrium to the Cosmere (that one could be Dalinar). Its just a theory, but I can’t think other ending without leaving open threads.
  14. Now a days I’m very deep in the bizarro movement. I’m currently reading Apeshit and Bucket of face. Before this I finished the Themis files trilogy. And I’m planning on reading Warren Ellis Crooked little vein.
  15. Hey! I’ve been pondering a lot about the Cosmere grand arc, about Adonalsium and the Shards. I have a few doubts about a couple of things but for what I’m writing here is not important. The thing is everything begins with the shattering of Adonalsium and the vessels influencing the Cosmere. So I think that maybe the mayor arc and how the Cosmere cycle will close, it make sense to me that the ending will be the reconstruction of Adonalsium. Has anyone though about this?