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  1. Hi people! I just heard the new WE episode and I’ve found it fascinating. So, giving the writing exercise, maybe we can have some fun exploring the expressions of power doing it here. Maybe we can make each one a different idea or work together in one that’s exciting to explore. I let you decide, but I think it could be so much fun. Cheers!
  2. Great read. I’m currently finishing Vandermeer’s Southern Reach trilogy and I have Tom Wolfe’s The right stuff next on my list.
  3. I’m really pleased with the new State of ye Sanderson. It’s gonna be a slow year yes, but we have big things coming so I’m patient. I’m also kind of sad for Cosmere short fiction, I was really hopping for news on First of the sun, but we will have to wait for another year. So...Hurrah for Stormlight 4! I expect a serious less appearance of Shallan. It’s really annoying. Oh, I forgot. Snapshot movie! I will love that. It’s one of my favourite books! Hurrah again! De puta madre!
  4. Aquí en España están casi todos publicados pero aun así yo no conozco a nadie que los haya leído. O que sea super fan como nosotros. Que bueno encontrarnos.
  5. Coño! Que bien! Me alegra ver que hay hermanos hispanohablantes! Un placer
  6. I seriously recommend The library at mount Char , by Scott Hawkings. Urban fantasy, but apart from that defies classification. Extremely good.
  7. I understand. It was so amazing that continuing it can break the enchanting. But is not necessarily a character sequel. I just want to see that magic in action. Well, one can dream...
  8. That’s nuts. Love the idea!
  9. Maybe not Adonalsium itself, but something different. One controlling all the power.
  10. The thing is not getting there, is how you do. But you’re right. Any other ideas about the ending?
  11. Is there any plan for The emperor soul’s sequel? Or anything in that par of the world. Its a dope magic system and the novella was amazing, one of the best he has.
  12. You can buy blank cards and print on them.
  13. That seems to me that it’s very different to the Cosmere. But if you try to imagine an ending that seems plausible. The vessels are to unstable.
  14. Shallan is out of her mind. She’s a playing a very dangerous game, to be drowned is her personality. I don’t know if she will rude to Odium but I don’t discard it.
  15. Didn’t read The wheel of time. Can you explain a little please?