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  1. This week we just did a review of Mistborn Era 2 AKA the Wax and Wayne novels. Help us by commenting what we missed, did wrong, or should do in the future!
  2. Beware some mild to moderate spoilers ahead. If you don't want to have anything spoiled you can stop watching at 4:30 and you will not have anything spoiled for you!! If you are new to our channel, welcome. If you are new to Brandon Sanderson, we are really excited that you are here! There is a reason that he is Peter and Trever's favorite author, and in this episode (which we promise we tried to keep short) we explore some of our favorite quotes by the great Brando Sando as well as some of the reasons that we have chosen him to explore fantasy characters and how they relate to us as real-life people. We hope that you enjoy this video whether you have read all of his books or this is the first time reading him.
  3. SPOILERS FOR ALL OF THE STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE Culturally, Religiously, Historically, Emotionally, Medically, Psychologically, and Physically, Szeth is a beautifully intense character. Let us know your thoughts on our video!
  4. I thought I was the only one who noticed this - my Cosmere reading friends said I was crazy.
  5. This week on our show we talked about how frustrating it was reading Shallan's sections of Oathbringer and how we may be looking at her in the wrong way! We hope that you will join the discussion by watching the video here:
  6. I understand what you're saying - I don't think this would've applied if he was alive, not at all! But he had DIED. It was his time to go and he fought it - he even questions it in Mistborn: Secret History when he asks Sazed about the Beyond. I guess this is more personal, but from my point of view - having seen family members pass away - when the end arrives, their acceptance of it brought a lot of peace, and they were excited to see their love again. But again, my opinion on the topic. You are probably right that it is not a good example to point to as him being selfish, I guess instead I will reference the entire Final Empire book. He always puts himself first - no by putting others beneath him, he does not belittle or hurt others - he just "looks out for #1"
  7. Woah, that is me. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I’d like my name to say “Peter (PFSP)”. Please.
  8. This is probably the most likely in my eyes - dealing out justice as he sees fit - destruction and death are allowed when it means that a moral justice (not law) has been served. I could get on board with this order, but I still think this order is too neat and orderly for him. I would hazard a guess and say if he was an Elsecaller, his Spren would have to be corrupted. Kelsier is too selfish to be an Edgedancer. SPOILERS FOR MISTBORN: SECRET HISTORY AND PROBABLY ALL MISTBORN AND STORMLIGHT I know this post is like 2 years old now but meh, still gonna comment. I've been doing some digging regarding who Kelsier is as a person, and how that affects which order of Knights he would be a part of. The biggest things I've come to understand about him are; 1) He is selfish (Puts himself above others except at very specific moments) 2) He is proud (believes he is in the right) In Mistborn: Secret History, Vin confronts Kelsier and asks him to consider "How much of what you've done was about love, and how much was about you proving something?" (quote shortened) "... I don't know." He said to her." [Arcanum Unbounded, pg 358] - This more than any other quote shows Kelsier's selfishness. Oh also, when given the chance to join Mare in the Beyond, he decides to become a cognitive shadow instead - so much for doing it all for love. His abuse of his powers to push and pull on emotions It happens constantly throughout Mistborn: Final Empire. He pursues things to his own gains. He abused Sazed's knowledge of Religions, fooled the whole crew, lied to Vin about important things, kept his plans secret. These two aspects of his personality makes me want to put him in either the Dustbringers of the Elsecallers. If a member of the Elsecallers however, I would say his Spren would probably have to be corrupted. I don't see he and Jasnah getting along very well at all.
  9. @Calderis BOOM! WoB to the rescue. Thanks!
  10. @Invocation Ah of course. Duh. That makes the most sense. But do you have any ideas for Kandra on Roshar?
  11. Spoilers for The Mistborn Books and Stormlight Series will pervade this thread. So this is not a fully flushed out theory - it's actually more of an idea - but can Kandra worldhop? They're spiked, and therefore tied to Harmony, but does that mean they can't leave their planet? If they can worldhop, do you think we've seen any Kandra on Roshar and not known it? Personally, I am hopeful to see Tensoon return as Kelsier at some point. (Different theory here: unless, do you think a Kandra sacrificed themselves and let Kelsier Spike his soul to their body using his original bones in order to have a physical form again? This is the only explanation I can think of that would lead to Kelsier having his scared arms at the end of bands of mourning).
  12. I went looking for the thread but couldn't find it (Still pretty new to this site) do you have a link?
  13. My friend Trever and I do a weekly show on youtube (and as a podcast) and Trever is in his Master's Program for Clinical Mental Health and Counseling, and we did an episode on Kelsier a couple weeks ago, I think maybe we can add some good knowledge to this already wonderful discussion. Please let us know what you think about the content and the show!
  14. Shallan "What's the most important quip a girl can make?" Kaladin "What's the most important frown a spearman can make?" Szeth "What's the most important rule a Truthless can break?"
  15. I thought that Atium was only being created as Ruin tried to get past Preservation's bonds? Since the Well of Ascension is now gone, wouldn't that mean Atium has stopped in its production? Different theory as to why atium doesn't exist - it was ATIum - meaning it came from Ati (Ruin's vessel). Now that Ruin and Preservation are Harmony, wouldn't a new metal coming into existence be the expected result? I may be way off base, its been 2 years since I read the series, so correct me if I'm wrong!