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  1. Thanks for all the responses everyone! I love the back and forth. I have read Mistborn: Secret History several times, and I think that doesn't do anything to change my mind about this theory. BUT what I have realized is the argument I'm making could be infinite. ("well he has the power of survival, so he can do anything to survive" which is not how Brandon's magic systems work). That being said the quotes from Brandon (per the norm) put an end to this theory. Thanks again everyone for your responses!
  2. Hello everyone! We are a nerd podcast about the deeper meanings, messages, and intricacies hidden within nerd culture. We talk about Brandon/ Cosmere stuff about once a month! My question is do you think the correct term is Worldsingers or worldbringers? Are they the same? What’s the difference? And also, how old would you place Hoid as being? Also, if you want, we’re on YouTube and SoundCloud, so give us a listen! WE WOULD LOVE TO KNOW WHAT IN THE COSMERE / BRANDERSON UNIVERSE YOU WOULD LIKE US TO DELVE DEEPER INTO!
  3. I get what you’re saying President Sword Nimi, but I think he has been ascended (kind of) this whole time. I think he hid the powers of Survival (or whatever) deep inside himself or maybe somewhere on the planet, and kept just some basic investiture for himself. He wove himself into existence in an already established world and family so that no other shard would be suspicious. Kelsier, having given up the powers (temporarily), let’s him interact with future stories and characters without the planet ending cataclysms you mentioned taking place. Again, just my thoughts! I love hearing the counter points!
  4. Definitely Shallan. Artist. Smarter than me. Book lover. Red hair. Mentally unstable. Most likely to hold the powers of Cultivation by the end of the series. Checking check check checking check and check.
  5. Thanks imriel452, I knew I'd seen this quote somewhere before. I think this quote actually makes me think that it is MORE likely that Survival is shard. Examples: What does preservation want more than anything? to preserve. Ruin? To destroy. Harmony? To find the balance between intervention and non-intervention. So it makes sense to me that survival would want to survive as his main attribute.
  6. ***Spoilers for the Mistborn series, Words of Radiance, Wax and Wayne series, and Mistborn: Secret History.*** So my friend and I (who host a nerd podcast and talk about Branderson's work about once a month) have talked for a while about this theory: Kelsier is the missing shard. He is the shard Survival/ Immortatlity/ Endlessness or whatever Sanderson is going to call that aspect of god. When Adonalsium was shattered, Survival tore memories of him from the other shards AND FROM HIMSELF, then he hid himself on another invested planet to hide his powers should they manifest. He chose to hide with Preservation and Ruin because he knew they would be in conflict, and that would help hide him. Kelsier's survival is too continual. Life on the streets. Fighting the inquisitor. Literal DEATH at The Lord Ruler's hands (pun pun pun). The Well of Ascension. His final appearance at the end of The Bands of Mourning. PLUS: "There's always another secret." I mean COME ON. Sanderson loves to use the narration trope of "The Unreliable Narrator" (see Writing Excuses episode 13.45) or just look at EVERY TIME HE USED A CHARACTERS THOUGHTS OR WORDS TO CONVINCE YOU OF AN UNTRUTH. MY favorite example is Shallan Davar thinking [paraphrase] "They must have dragged Jasnah's body up onto the deck." I think most of us bought that as truth and were shocked when Jasnah appeared at the end of the book. Anyway, what do you think? is Survival/ immortality a shard? is that shard kelsier? is that Brandon's deepest secret? HIT ME WITH YOU FACTS AND THEORIES.