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  1. Thank so much!
  2. Just re-read this scene the other day and had to create it.
  3. Spoilers for Oathbringer below. on page 1099 in my hardcover version: “The air around Venli - once crowded by the spirits of the dead - was now empty save for the single black figure of swirling smoke. She’d missed that one at first, as it was the size of a normal person. It stood near Odium, and she did not know what it represented.” ...(conversation between Venli & Odium)... “She swallowed, then started hiking toward the city. The dark spirit followed, the one of swirling mists, the last who had yet to inhabit a body.” Dalinar mentions the spirit on page 1121 as well, as he speaks to Odium through Venli. So, does anyone know what - or who - this spirit is?
  4. I was thinking animation more like Castlevania/Avatar when I made this video. I would also enjoy the Batman: the killing joke style! No Anime style hearts, eyes, or screaming your attacks before you fight.
  5. Wow, I was thinking in either/or the whole time, that’s a fantastic idea!
  6. So I’m doing a relisten of the well of ascension audiobook, and in chapter 24, it says “she[Vin] had asked Clubs to burn bronze, and he had claimed to hear nothing from the north. Either he was the Kandra, lying to her about his ability to burn bronze, or Vin could hear a rhythm that nobody else could.” clubs is a smoker, and burns copper, so this is an error obviously, (and I’ve never found an error like this before, so I’m pretty excited). (It made me think of the DND 5e magic system where you pick which spells you want prepared every day, and how it would be cool if mistings could change their ability every morning, but could never have more than one). Anyways, anyone else find any interesting errors like this in the books?
  7. I’m trying to compile a list of all the worldhoppers that have been shown to us so far in the Stormlight Archive. This is spoilers for all of the cosmere, FYI. Here is who I have so far: Hold: the beloved trickster Demoux: originally from Scadrial in the first epoch. Appears in the WoK interlude “ishi”. Chasing Hoid. Galladon: An Elantrian and friend of the king and queen of Elantra’s. Appears in the WoK interlude “ishi”. Chasing Hoid. some dude from white sand (the only Sanderson I haven’t read in its entirety) Is also with Demoux and Galladon in the WoK interlude “ishi” chasing Hoid. Swordmaster Zahel: most people know this is Vasher from Nalthis, the world in Warbreaker. Nightblood: the sword of black smoke, crafted by the five scholars. Vivenna: Abdicated queen of Idris, Highmarshal Azure, chasing Nightblood(?) Mraize: not much known. Has trophies from all over including a bird from “Sixth of the Dusk” Iyatil: From Scadrial, second epoch, one of the masked hunters. Mrall: pretty sure he is a Kandra from Scadrial. WoB (IIRC) Khriss and Nazh: This is a theory, hoping someone can confirm or deny; They are disguised as Ardents in Dalinar’s court - the young female ardent that talks to Navani on top of the scaffolding overlooking the “floating tower” fabrial experiment in WoR. the lighthouse keeper: in Oathbringer, the lighthouse keeper curses, “merciful domi!” Showing that he is from Sel. Felt: guides Dalinar to other Valley” in Oathbringer. He is originally from Mistborn epoch 1, a house spy for the Ventures. Thats all I have so far! Please add or correct or offer theories! Thanks everyone!
  8. This week we just did a review of Mistborn Era 2 AKA the Wax and Wayne novels. Help us by commenting what we missed, did wrong, or should do in the future!
  9. Beware some mild to moderate spoilers ahead. If you don't want to have anything spoiled you can stop watching at 4:30 and you will not have anything spoiled for you!! If you are new to our channel, welcome. If you are new to Brandon Sanderson, we are really excited that you are here! There is a reason that he is Peter and Trever's favorite author, and in this episode (which we promise we tried to keep short) we explore some of our favorite quotes by the great Brando Sando as well as some of the reasons that we have chosen him to explore fantasy characters and how they relate to us as real-life people. We hope that you enjoy this video whether you have read all of his books or this is the first time reading him.
  10. SPOILERS FOR ALL OF THE STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE Culturally, Religiously, Historically, Emotionally, Medically, Psychologically, and Physically, Szeth is a beautifully intense character. Let us know your thoughts on our video!
  11. I thought I was the only one who noticed this - my Cosmere reading friends said I was crazy.
  12. This week on our show we talked about how frustrating it was reading Shallan's sections of Oathbringer and how we may be looking at her in the wrong way! We hope that you will join the discussion by watching the video here:
  13. I understand what you're saying - I don't think this would've applied if he was alive, not at all! But he had DIED. It was his time to go and he fought it - he even questions it in Mistborn: Secret History when he asks Sazed about the Beyond. I guess this is more personal, but from my point of view - having seen family members pass away - when the end arrives, their acceptance of it brought a lot of peace, and they were excited to see their love again. But again, my opinion on the topic. You are probably right that it is not a good example to point to as him being selfish, I guess instead I will reference the entire Final Empire book. He always puts himself first - no by putting others beneath him, he does not belittle or hurt others - he just "looks out for #1"
  14. Woah, that is me. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I’d like my name to say “Peter (PFSP)”. Please.