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  1. hi!!! i just replied in the old thread of this, i don't know which one is the main one by now. But anyway, thank you all, you are an amazing community. And for sure that i am willing to contribute in whatever i can to make this better.
  2. wow... just wow... i literally forgot about this for what? two years? and then i came back and there's a proposal to send this to brandon? insaaane. shaan, sorry for the delay. The game is just designed to be 5-min duels, and draws are a common thing. However, consider a few things, that might make the game a little more loose than the "expand to the sides" vision. The scout can move every turn, and it can go next to any other card, red or blue. You should use this advantage to go behind enemy lines as much as you can. I see the red ones did something of this on the central part of the game. But i can see that, as an example, if you move the red scout behind the blue squire on the top left, you can capture that card inmediately. Same applies to the soulcaster, but it's a bit more difficult because you will be shortening your game length by using too many cards too quick. The king is almost impossible to capture if it's well placed, so you should try to capture squires or scouts instead. Aside from that, as i said, beta testing had a lot of draws, and there is nothing left other than shuffling and starting over. I think we were trying to adress this issue at a time, but we didn't get anywhere. I will second up (is that an expression?) what rashek said, if there's anything to be done with this, i am willing to contribute and take active part in it. As for credit, i think we should someway contact parchment, he was the original designer. Rashek practically one-man beta tested it, and also had to work with my terrible english at the time (it's not like it improved a lot). Stormlyte actually contacted a game company and made this physical... i still cant' believe it... if i am to be added to the list, i would gladly post my email, but i'm not sure if i can do that. I would like someone to confirm it to me, please. Overall, thanks!! thanks to all of you!!
  3. Sorry, i came a little late. Invocation's idea is pretty cool, and we actually made a similar game based of that same principle with parchment engineer a couple years ago. He posted his "alethi card game" homemade version, i threw a little image edition and glyph significance to every card, then made somthing of a rulebook. My english was pretty bad back then, i remember having trouble with the "draw" definition, a guy pointed it out and i was like "oh shoot, scrap everything you read, i'll write it again hahaha" However, if anybody wants to read that thread, i think it came out pretty nice. The cards are actually there for free, so anyone can print them and play. go check it out:
  4. Expansion 1 created! This expansion adds 4 more cards: archer, catapult, semi-shard and shardbearer. It's objective is to compensate the lack of captures due to cards being unable to move. The back side remains the same, obviously. I just attached it so you can have it in hand. rulebook expansion 1.pdf Read the rulebook to clear any doubt about the cards. Remember that this is an optional expansion, main rules remain the same. Please ask if you still have questions.
  5. Hi! i'm glad you liked it! I took the glyphs from a glyph list in the coppermind, and i didn't found any of yours. So i just looked for some cool ones that had some sort of relation with the card. I'll be waiting to see what do you have in mind! Well, i'm editing because i had a little idea, and wanted to share it with you. We all know that what makes the game so limited (such as separating your forces after moving a scout) is the impossibility (idk if i wrote that well) of moving cards. But that is whay i loved of this game in the first place, i mean, if i wanted a long-term strategy game i would be playing chess (what i actually do). But the essence of this game is the short-term strategy, you have to think before every card you throw, because you won't be able to move it. So, what if we patched this "limited action" with optional expansions? You know, like making something more for people who want battles longer than 5min. When i was first designing these cards, i thouhgt "why isn't the shardbearer here?" and i thought that a reasonable answer was that shardbearers were considered some sort of myhtology in vorin nations, and other countries didn't even had idea of them. Not to talk about radiants or singers. But what if we experiment with extra units as an optional expansion? the original game would remain the same, the one alethi played before the battle of narak and probably before the war of reckoning. But we would have an extra resource to compensate the shortness of this game, along with the fact that it has't got too much action (some cards get stucked away without even capturing something). Thinking a bit more (my mind blows away when i have ideas) i was thinking of an archer (that could attack cards within a 2 range, but with low attack power), and a catapult (that could attack everything, but with almost no attack or life). That would be fit to the realistic civil-wars of the alethi. And we can make something great with shardbearers (maybe replacing the space of a card if they capture it on their own?) Please tell me what you think.
  6. Hi! mi name is Graulas, i recently remade the alethi card game that parchmentengineer created here: I liked this idea a lot, and is a bigger project than that one of the cards. Thinking about it, i had a few ideas for combat style, and that made me think about camps also, so i will order my ideas starting from the camps, going through expeditions and gemhearts and then battles. First things first, you would have three types of "general cards" that would be at a side of the main board, and would be taken by players in different situations. The first one being gemhearts, would be obtained when the gem is taken from the parshendi or another prince. The second one, the battles (won in alethkar) would be obtained when the gemheart gets to the camp. and the third one being shardblades (blades+plates are all in one) would be exchanged for an amount of battles. I was thinking of the camps about something more simple. I thought about a little board (10 of them) with 8 card-size printed buildings, 4 goverment and 4 military. On the goverment side, the most important would be the highprince's palace, here you will put all of your won battles and your shardsets (Shardsets would be needed to train shardbearers). The ardent building will be used to put fabrials (little technologies that would give you benefits in battle or in the camps). Then you would have a lighteyes neigborhood, that would be the one that sets your limit for knights and shardbearers, and a darkeyes neigborhood, that would set you limit for spearmen and archers (all of them could be improved with houses , so you can create bigger armies as you advance). On the military side, you would have Knights barracks (for training knights, could be improved so you can train more knights per turn) Spearmen barracks (for training spearmen, could be improved so you can train more spearmen per turn) and Archers barracks (for training archers, could be improved so you can train more archers per turn). Finally, you would have a "bridges" space (Bridgemen huts for 5 highprinces, Chull stables for the other five). ABOUT UNITS AND BRIDGES You would have 3 basic types of units, knight archers and spearmen. The battles would work with each of the players rolling 2 dices. Spearmen get a +2 bonus against knights (defending and attacking), Archers get a +2 bonus against spearmen (defending and attacking) and Knights a +2 against archers (note that parshendi would only have archers and spearmen-like warforms, so cavalry couldn't be countered. This is the reason why lighteye neighborhood would be harder to improve, because knights are an advantage against parshendi). The shardbearers, being an exception, would have a +6 bonus against all units, except another shardbearer obviously. If you pretend to kill one of them (you will be able to claim the shardblade card from the camp, allowing you to train your own shardbearer) you will need luck or another one of them. Parshendi would have shardbearers that rarely appear in most plateaus, but will at the tower. Bridgmen squads would allow a unit to move 2 spaces each turn, while chull bridges would allow two units to move 1 space per turn. Each unit can only use 1 bridge per turn, more bridges mean a bigger army, not a faster one. Improvements for the "bridge" space in the camp would be basically bridge cards, that will increase your movement per turn, and also the amount of troops you would be able to move safely before the highstorm arrives. ABOUT GEMHEARTS Using the method above, you can get a practically random plateau for the gemheart to appear, and a random chance of parshendi to be already there. I would like to modify that thing a little, by adding a little chance of a shardbearer and two or three types of combinations for parshendi armies. I would like to use the tower differently, to trigger the end of the game. Each time a gemheart appears at the tower, a parshendi army with shardbearer would appear there too, and the highprince who win that battle would win the game (this would be difficult for highstorm cycle, and the size of the army specially made for that plateau). BATTLE SYSTEM So, the interesting part. I was thinking about something like this: One player would be able to move his troops to an enemy-occupied plateu, and start an attack. The attacker will decide which of his troops (in the shared plateau) will attack and which enemy troop will be attacked, and the dice will be roled. If it's spearmen vs spearmen for example, then the higher score wins, and the loser unit is discarded. In the case of Spearmen vs archers, archers would add an additional +2 point to he number in the dices (from the values above). IN CASE OF A DRAW, BOTH UNITS WOULD BE DISCARDED. That seems a little attacker-always-wining, doesn´t it? As he is the one who decides the attacks that fit the most. Well, if the attacker can't kill ALL of the enemy armies in the plateau he is attacking, all his troops in that plateau will be discarded, so at the end of a turn there would be no shared plateaus. This would be limited by the unit type combinations, army size, and amount of bridges. CARDS The objective of the game is to take gemhearts. They will spawn randomly, and may or may not have parshendi with them. If there are parshendi, they would have to be defeated in order to take the gemheart card, in case there aren´t, it can be taken easily by the first one that arrives. Gemhearts can be stolen by another highprince during a battle while in the plateaus, for this to happen, the attacker must clean the plateau where the gem actually is from your units. One the gemhart arrives at your camp, you can automatically change it for a battle card AND a random improve card. After you reach (maybe 5?) you can change it for a shardblade card, that would allow you to train a shardbearer. Note that there is a limit of how many knight/spear/archer you can train per turn (determined y the barracks improvements, basic value is 1) but there is not a limit for shardbearer training (if you have the shardblades to do it) Shardbearers will be a big advantage when a gem appears at the tower, so they would be a priority. Improvement card will be in a mixed deck facing down, that would be used by all players, and the cards would be random. Improve cards will include: Houses (for darkeyes), Manors (for lighteyes), Bridges (one card for both), Generals (3 types, for the barracks, training limit), and different kind of fabrials, that could give advantages like a +1 attacking or a +1 defending or a +1 againsta parshendi, stuff like that. Soulcasters would increase the draw of improvement cards from each gemheart, allowing you to draw 1 more improve card (with 1 soulcaster, each gem would give you 1 battle and 2 improvements, and you can have many of them) Tell me your opinions, please
  7. Hi! i'm very glad you liked it, i enjoyed playing it too before i remade it. No, once your card is captured, you turn it down because of this. You can't use that space and you can't use that card to play another one. A little trick is to put your scout next to the cards that you can lose, so if this happens, you can continue to expand in that area with the scout.
  8. Im very very sorry! i thought that they were synonyms, my bad. English is not my native language, i'm very sorry, i will edit it right now. You are right, i was referring to throwing cards, not drawing them. I've made this, is a small A5 printed in both sides, just to know how the game goes. rulebook.pdf Hope it helps! and sorry again for the misunderstanding.
  9. Well, i'm actually working on a little rulebook, but it could take me a couple days. Meanwhile, i'll gladly answer your questions. 1- No, soulcasting takes place before throwing cards (it's like the 1st phase of a turn, while the 2nd is throwing and the 3rd scouting) 2- Every time you throw a card, you are attacking (you can throw a card that has no possible battles, but i mean, if they can battle they do) if you throw a general next to an enemy squire, the squire will automatically be captured, there's no need to say "i will attack". So, if you play a card that losses to an adjacent one (the only time you should to this is to attack another adjacent that you need to take out) your card will be captured, but the enemy card will be captured first. For example, you play a general in the middle of a squire, a tower and a king (from the enemy), the enemy squire will be the first one to be captured (because your card attacks first) and then the tower and the king will capture your general, so a move like that will end with a squire and a general captured. As i said in the last post, you could interpretate this like "i capture this squire now, and my oponent automatically captures my general at the start of his turn" and that's the same thing. 3- No, there's no need to attack, soulcast or scout every turn. You have to play a card every turn (if you have one in your barracks) and if that card can attack, it has to, but you could put for example a soulcaster in the back of your army and it will not be able to attack, there's no problem with that. 4- You can do all the attacks you want in a turn. Using the example of answer 2, theres already 2 attacks in there. Now let's suppose that in the same match, after that, you move your scout next to a squire, and you have a knight adjacent to that squire too, then you will have 3 attacks in a turn, and remember you can also soulcast at the beggining of the turn. Testing the game, i've managed myself to capture up to 4 cards in a row, and they could be more. Also, theres no limit of attacks that a card can make in the same turn, if you put a king in the middle of two squires, they are both captured. I hope this helps
  10. Hello! Thank you for asking, maybe it's not that clear. I'll answer your third question first: There's no need of counting the damage. When a card is placed, you count the defense points of the defender's card, and the attack points of all the attackers (cards placed next to de defender) if the attacker wins, then the defender is captured, if they don't there's no damage dealt, the enemy card will stay there until you add another adjacent card and beat it's defense points. For example, you need to deal 10 damage to a king to capture him, but you can't count the attack dealt on more than a round, you have to attack him when your attack is higher than 10. You can do this by placing next to him your king, a tower and a general, or a tower, a general and two knights, you can also boost your soldiers attack with the general card. About the first question, the player that plays the card attacks, and the other one defends himself, unless your attack isn't enough to capture his card, and his attack actually beats your defense. In that case, your card is captured, but you could interpretate that like "when it becomes the oponent's turn, and i become the defender, my card is inmediatly captured". Well, let's go into some in-book stuff now. I hope this answers your questions, once again, sorry for the bad english. And thank you for taking the time to try it!
  11. Your stormlight card game remake is cool! I'll probably give it a try.

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      Thank you! I appreciate that!

  12. Hello again, i made another post because for some reason the site didn't let me edit the last one. I made the back cover (or back side?) for the cards. I chose Jezrien's Honorblade for the glyph and i gave the game a very simple name (Alethi Cards). Also, i gave credits to parchmentEngineer for the very first idea, to me for the design and obviously to sanderson for that wonderful series. If you are going to print these cards, and you want them to have a rear side, please don´t take our names from it, after all we made it for free . Hope you enjoy playing this game, because i did. Also, if you have an idea to improve it or change it please post it, i will gladly read you.
  13. Hi! Well i know this post is pretty old, but when i saw it i said naww, did someone really cared about creating this? Stormlight is a real good series, and the idea was really good so, i tried to take it a little further. Using your game, your stats and your rules, i searched for some more accurate glyphs, and made this. Tower and king are the glyphs from dalinar's banner, squire and knight are nan and sas (nothing special), soulcaster is transformation glyph, general is some strange-named one that means "high" and scout the one that means "storm". Also, i inverted the position of attack/life stats (it really just came out like that) and give them that wooden theme that makes them look like the in-world game is supposed to look. I wanted to share it cause i loved the idea and i just had to take them higher, and once i did i didn't want them to just stay in there. This is my first post, and i'm not that good at english, so sorry for that. Hope you enjoy... and play Edit: so i just realized i made a terrible mistake, colors! i painted the cards, so if someone wants to print them, they can play easily. I would like to post the images in their original size (5cmx7cm i think) so it doesn't affect the resoultion, but i don't want to be banned away . I'm new and i don't actually know if the size (and resolution) that is shown in the post is the one that is saved when you download it, anyways if that happens just ask me for my e-mail and i'll send you the originals. Also, i will be working on some back stuff (i don't know how it's named, i'm spanish). I was thinking about something like the windrunners logo (something that everybody recognizes) but maybe i'll look a little further for something more "global" (maybe).