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  1. @Ookla the Dominion Granted, But one in twenty coins will vanish from your pockets. I wish for divine luck
  2. The advantage is they can't scream as their eyes burn? as I believe it takes several seconded to die even by shard-blades
  3. So dumb question, If a radiant were to ask their spren to turn into "Shard Wire" would it still have the cutting power of the blade? Would it be possible to have 50ft long hair thin shard wire and have it windmill everything in the region to slivers?
  4. I'm just another passing through this part of the internet. I prefer the audiobooks but find them excellent. I have currently read Through Oathbringer in the SLA I need to read bands of morning on the mistborne series. and I'm currently ticking through Elantris Nothing special