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  1. Will Moash be redeemed?
  2. Hey, I am not sure how long it takes to make this sort of thing. I just wanted to know if you have made progress on making more.
  3. The top three most dangerous Radiant ordes that I can think of are 1.Dustbringer 2.Skybreaker 3.Elsecaller
  4. I am sorry, I will not be able to play this game, can I be on the spectator list?
  5. I am baxk an I am really excited. Last two weeks I have been really busy with work. I will sign up under the name Hrathen Hrathen (for fun).
  6. I was just thinking while I was at work. And.... I was thinking about how Syl could survive and live even after Kaladin dies. Syl had a older radiant before the Recreance then he died and she survived. I was thinking.... it could be really cool if Syl ended up in the second arc without Kaladin. (I personally think Kaladin is likely to die in the next two books). Just a thought, I wondered how you guys thought about it. My guess is that it would have the Worldhopper vibe but in a different way if this were the case for the spren we see now in Arc two and mabey even in Era4 of Mistborn (if we somehow get viewpoints from Rosharan people.
  7. Maybe you could do some about Mistborn era 1. A Vin, Kelsier, Sazed, or one about the different Hemulurgic species. One about the Lord Ruler could be realy cool as well. @Trentolio
  8. Have you read the three books that are out? If not don't read furthur I don't want to spoil anything for you. I think another Szeth one would be cool if you haven't. One that is based aroudn who he is in book two or who he becomes in book three. One based around Rysn would be really cool. Something based around Dalinars back story (if you've read Oathbringer). Something around Adolin, maybe. When I was reading Kholinar in Oathbringer I felt a bit of a haunted theme mabey that could end up being cool, of the whole Shadesmar thing. A piece about Kaladins groups (Bridge Four, Wall Guard, and Parshmen group), exploring that a bit ot hwo all three clashed in Kholinar I don't know if any of these might work around the style you have used for the other three but I sure am interested in seeing how it might come together. @Trentolio Not going to lie I have upvoted every post you have made on this thread so far, these are great!
  9. This is absolutely fantastic, are you planning on doing more?
  10. My guess is that the Stonewards might rival the Windrunners, might even surpass them in numbers but as for the smallest groups I would suggest Truthwatchers,Elsecallers, then Lightweavers in that order for that spot as the order with the least amount of members.
  11. I still really don't have time so i think that I'll vote on Magestar I am so sorry for the short post but I am really tired from work.
  12. Umm, I am not sure what about me is giving y'all bad vibes but I don't like it. But, of course I would say that. I dunno, I kinda want to lynch Vyntl if only to find out if their lying. It seems like they are trying to build trust with the whole thread by taking a risk but it seems a little fishy. To those who have been more analytical, is there anything connecting them to anyone else. As for me posting after day two was done, I hadn't seen the "closed sign" on the thread so I thought I was good to go ahead and post. I completely get it that last minute posts are fishy. For those who are voting on me, can you point out a list of reasons why you are suspicious of me?
  13. I got Skybreaker, and I can't say that I am surprised. I am a bit of a "goody-two-shoes".
  14. Hey y'all, I saw that some of you have mentioned me. As for the vote on Emi, subconsciously it was me being kinda annoyed that their excuse early in the game for not posting anything substantial was because they were extremely new and didn't know what to do. Thats understandable, but it feels a bit like an excuse that would let them go under the radar by using newbie hypnosis. As for how I think the game is going so far, I haven't really seen many elim looking things so far, just a lot of people posting coordinated rp's to get boxings. I am not sure where to put my vote soo... ohh wait its nighttime. Well those are my thoughts. I'm out.
  15. Well, lets see. I have no idea why so many people voted on me near the end. Maybe some ploy by the elims to get a near- inactive like Devotery. Honestly all I did was store last round so, I didn't do anything with vote manipulation, not that my ability can do anything. I am not sure what made the bandwagon fail but I am glad that it did fail. As for now I will put a vote on Emi. No reason other than just to hear their thoughts.