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  1. After that one tribute music video, the drawing one. I realized how much Teft has done and was a big part of the Bridge Four Experiance.
  2. I really like this look because it justifies why I like Moash so much both as a villain and as a person who is trying to survive/make his own way. Lets build the BOOK 5 MOASH REDEMPTION TRAIN!!
  3. Yesssssssssssssssss- I am so excited to watch this!
  4. Ohhhh My Gosh this is FANTASTIC!
  5. Honestly I think that the set up and reasoning behing Kaladin and Renarin staying behind (love the characterization) is genius. It gives us a chance to see Kaladin interact with people other then The Three and Adolin. Y'all are calling the Adolin theories too soon. I mean that sounds like an epic thing for him to do but I beleive that Brandon has a huge twist in there. I don't know what the twist is but it will probably be there. He knows just the way to lead our imaginations with a string only for us to find out that it is heading the opposite direction.
  6. How would we know if the signed copies of RoW have sold out?
  7. Will Moash be redeemed?
  8. Hey, I am not sure how long it takes to make this sort of thing. I just wanted to know if you have made progress on making more.
  9. The top three most dangerous Radiant ordes that I can think of are 1.Dustbringer 2.Skybreaker 3.Elsecaller
  10. I am sorry, I will not be able to play this game, can I be on the spectator list?
  11. I am baxk an I am really excited. Last two weeks I have been really busy with work. I will sign up under the name Hrathen Hrathen (for fun).
  12. I was just thinking while I was at work. And.... I was thinking about how Syl could survive and live even after Kaladin dies. Syl had a older radiant before the Recreance then he died and she survived. I was thinking.... it could be really cool if Syl ended up in the second arc without Kaladin. (I personally think Kaladin is likely to die in the next two books). Just a thought, I wondered how you guys thought about it. My guess is that it would have the Worldhopper vibe but in a different way if this were the case for the spren we see now in Arc two and mabey even in Era4 of Mistborn (if we somehow get viewpoints from Rosharan people.
  13. Maybe you could do some about Mistborn era 1. A Vin, Kelsier, Sazed, or one about the different Hemulurgic species. One about the Lord Ruler could be realy cool as well. @Trentolio