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  1. 1. Szeth 2. Dalinar 3. Renarin 4. Lift 5. Venli
  2. I don't know if there is another thread talking about this but I am a bit excited about the idea of an "arms race" and "new technological discoveries". In Navani's notebook there were diagrams of a ship, that seems like an advancement the might make it if Gravitation fabrials were "rediscovered". Any theories and/or speculation?
  3. Thank you so much!
  4. That makes a lot of sense. It makes me wonder though, why would heliodor and topaz be used?
  5. I am on another reread of WoK. In the first Midnight Essence Vision that Dalinar is in it mentions a device, do we know anything about it? Isn't the Radiant an Edgedance or Truthwatcher- regrowth? If so, what is she doing with gems associated with Taln, Ishar, Stonewards, and Bondsmiths? Anything?
  6. That would be interesting especially with the her larkin, or am I thinking am a different person. Doesn't she get a ship at the end of Oathbringer?
  7. I haven't heard the theory that Balat would be a good candidate to become a Releaser, it makes sense. Also I would rather have Wikim join the Truthwatchers especially since we don't have any secondary characters that I can think of that are apart of them. It would be really interesting to learn more about them.
  8. Hold on. Does anybody have any ideas on what Shallan's brothers will be doing? You guys don't think their going to play a role in the future of Roshar do you? Any ideas?
  9. Honestly I like Venli the most right now because she is trying to find her own way just like Kaladin, Shallan, and Dalinar were doing in books 1 and 2. Also she brings upso many intriguing mysteries and is the connection other than Moash to the Odium and the fused and what their plans are. Also just the fact that she bonded Timbre and how he captured the "enemy" spren is just awesome.
  10. Is Slowswift a worldhopper? At first I thought that he was Hoid under a different name until we learned that Hoid was somewhere else in the city? Also if he is not listed as sutch in the coppermind. Thank you.
  11. What happened to Venli. She would be my favorite if she was on here.
  12. Wish granted: you get your tenth pancake and you eat it. Then you throw up all 10 pancakes. My Wish is that I can have all of the books (including ones not written yet) of the SA series.
  13. Your wish is granted but now hair cuts do exist. I wish the I would never have to get a haircut again.
  14. I think that my favorite Radiant is Venli, I am so interested in what her part of the story and I am generally interested in her powers. I just generally dislike Malata and her sinister role in the whole thing, along with Nale and his ideal of "justice", and the "law".