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  1. For some reason, when I first read about Urithiru in WoR, I immediately thought chrysler building, crossed with temple of tikal sawed in half:;
  2. Granted, but you develop a sever allergy against dogs. I wish I owned every book ever written.
  3. Granted, your home is turned into a lifeless, desert wasteland, and also, you can never see snow again in your life, even if you go to northern Greenland in January. I wish I had a working spaceship, that I knew how to fly
  4. King of anywhere it is dark. Hence, King_of_the_Dark_Lands. (Remember that when you turn your lights off tonight).

  5. Granted, but they are so small they are practically useless. I wish to be at one with the stick (
  6. So is this kind of like the Borg collective in Star trek? If so: I am LoSTICKtus of Stick, resistance is Sticktile. You have been aSTICKillated into the Stick. I have successfully united my two greatest fandoms.
  7. Granted, but next Monday is the very last day off you have in your life. I wish for the ability to live in the world of any book i read.
  8. I honestly did not realise this. I finished Oathbringer right around the time I last saw this. In fact, I would argue that the Stormlight Archive is similar to any Peter Pan story, am not entirely sure who Wendy might be though. Even someone as obvious as Syl/Tinkerbell flew right over my head (no pun intended). I believe that is a wonderful theory, however I think many similarities can be drawn from many other sources that Brandon would have had access to as a kid, as mentioned before, perhaps he was not thinking of this consciously, but if he were a fan of this movie, it may have gotten written into the story subconsciously.
  9. Lift: FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!! (like loads of it). Wyndle: A stronger replacement so that he doesn't have to carry around a super-fat Lift. Dalinar: a time machine so that he can go back and NOT burn down Rathalas. Axies: An ancient, huge book, entitled: Fantastic Beasts Spren and Where to Find them Lopen: A really big palace, with super cool Voidbringer killer machines and the king of Herdaz's daughter as his wife.
  10. He doesn't like Rayse, so he tries to help the main characters take him down. Maybe that little comment about watching Roshar burn if he has to is just to let Dalinar know that he has his own goals and motives and that he does not wish to be pushed around and told what to do by him.
  11. Deathspren would be a really strong Vodka, it is in-colour and if you drank too much, you probably wouldn't live too long. Shamespren could be tiny pieces of red cabbage, maybe Creationspren would be little gold versions of your favourite foods, in my case: Apple pies or slices of pizza
  12. Unrealistic scenarios: Everyone is redeemed and lives happily ever after and odium is gone. OR Everyone unites under one banner, kills odium, and figure out how to make rockets to go to Ashyn and Damnation (cool, right). Realistic scenario: Old characters (Dalinar, Taravangian, maybe Jasnah) and Evil characters (Odium, Taravangian) Die. Moash is redeemed and everyone else lives kinda happily ever after until a new baddie comes along to make the back 5 interesting.
  13. I was bored with all the other fantasy books I was reading, i googled a list of fantasy books, WOK was the first one that came up, i ordered it, and was hooked the moment i finished Szeth's prologue. I then proceeded to read (almost) every other Brandon Sanderson book available.
  14. I really like the spren around Greatshells, especially since they are so useful in Shadesmar, I also like the Idea of Deathspren, I wonder what they look like in Shadesmar
  15. Don't forget, lireally ALL the times he wrote the word Honor, It's spelled with a U!!