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  1. Quote the Raven. "Caw"
  2. *Throws annoying child* "You have been defeated!"
  3. You are not unbeatable. No one can beat annoying children.
  4. Yes we shall.
  5. Hello and welcome to the 7500000000000000000001st hunger games. This time, our weapons at the cornicopia will range from bowie knives to butter knives! Giant spiders to annoying children. The winner gets an amazing award! Their life! This time, the announcer will be safe and sound miles away from the arena.
  6. Is your profile pic from an anime or is it just a random character?

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    2. Blessing of Potency

      Blessing of Potency

      On reddit yes (I’m fairly certain their called subreddits) I got it from r/animewallpapers though.

    3. CitCat


      Subreddits. Hmmm. Do you mean Subway? Or Sooubway? Sooubway has a s/animewallpapers?

    4. AonDii


      I mean, gotta respect that odd1sout reference

  7. Why Mudkip?

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    2. Taradiddle


      Why It's Alex Clark's gun video? ;) So I take it you like animation?


    3. CitCat
    4. CitCat


      Didn't know it was from his video at first. I just thought it was cute. Then I learned about Alex Clark. I like SomeThingYT more though.

  8. These sparkles floated in the air and then procceded to explode in a flurry of color.
  9. Hello, and welcome to the 7500000000000000000000th hunger games. Today, we will have a wide variety of weapons at the cornucopia. The weapons will range from broad swords to walking canes, from hamsters to dragons and more!
  10. Warwick woke to a blast of wind. He got up and looked around. He vaugly remembered a gerbil hitting him in the head with a sign. With a shirt saying "Stop Gerbil Snorting". Of course he would not do such thing. Gerbil snorting was second to none. He would find this gerbil and eat it. ~~~ At this time, Hammond was very far away. He had found a gerbil snorting club advertisment in the man's pocket and he was very angry. Right now he was about 3 feet tall and growing. He decided to run toward the middle of the island and find shelter leaving the man to die from the hurricane. ~~~ Soon, Hammond found a cave. Wind blew and the island shook with the force of the hurricane. The front of the cave was collapsed but there was a tiny opening between the rocks. Quickly, Hammond calmed himself and shrunk. He crawled through the space and into the cave...
  11. "Squeak squeak squeak!!! (Full speed ahead!!!)" Hammond squeaked. Hammond pointed the slowly growing island ahead as his viking like long boat sped ahead. "Squeak squeak squeak squeak? (Can we please rest my lord?)" a gerbil rights protester member asked. "Squeak! (Never!)" squeaked Hammond. ~~~ As Hammond's boat approached the island he could see a hurricane approaching the island. "Squeak squeak squeak squeak! (Row faster!)" He yelled. ~~~ Finally, they reached the island and Hammond jumped off the boat with his sack of teddy bears and his sign. "Squeak squeak squeak! (Have a safe trip back!)" Hammond yelled to the rest of his protester group as they rowed back from where they came from. Hammond turned around and looked at everything around him. The island was empty so he decided to go toward's the center of the island to see if there were any inhabitants. ~~~ As Hammond walked, he noticed. A man (Warwick) slumped on the grass. He ran toward to see what happened. ~~~ Hammond reached the man (Warwick) as he started to get up. ~~~ "What is a gerbil doing here?" Warwick inquired. "Well, whatever, free food for me I guess." ~~~ Then, abruptly, Hammond smacked him in the head with is sign.
  12. Suddenly, a gust of wind hit Warwick and knocked him off his balance.
  13. Hammond should jump out of mech in this form.