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  1. Reading this deeply confuses me.
  2. Trains, planes, and automobiles will hit me.
  3. I think we need to find a balance between the weird silly stuff and the serious plot stuff, that's actually why I recommended the bird headed people with frying pans to Ark, a weird creature that could still harm you if you got careless.
  4. Hello all, me and Woodrack formulated a plan and here is the end product. I give you Maxwell Williamson V2!
  5. Hey @Voidus, do you know what would happen to an epic's powers if they were to become a returned?
  6. Heh, bleeding hands.
  7. More people should die.
  8. Go to school.
  9. @Ax's Boyfriend, guess what.
  10. main plot

    Maxwell was impaled. He would not survive this battle. He would die. His entire life flashed before his eyes as he coughed up blood. He slowly reached for a cigar from his pocket, he put it in his mouth and lit it. He took a long drag of it and after a moment he went limp, his last cigar still burning in his mouth.
  11. main plot

    Maxwell saw the spikes surround him and decided he only had one option, he rolled between the legs of the man in a last desperate attempt to escape.
  12. main plot

    "Yes" He said as he shot at the man with his revolver, "but" bang, "maybe" bang, "you" bang, "have" bang, "a" bang, "limit." bang. "Or not." Maxwell said with a tremble in his voice.
  13. main plot

    Maxwell reached into his vest to pull out more dynamite but found he was out of it. "Dang it." He whispered before jumping behind a pile of rubble. "Alright, hope this works." He said before starting to fire his rifle at the man.
  14. From the album Birdmen

    My terrible attempt at drawing one of the frying pan wielding bird people.