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  1. "Here." Rimas said before dropping the money owed on the counter. "I'll see ya later." With that, Rimas got up and left.
  2. "Sounds good." Rimas said before finishing the last of his drink, "How much do I owe ya for the whiskey?"
  3. "Thank you." He said before taking a large gulp of whisky, "You wouldn't happen to have any jobs I could take, would ya?"
  4. Rimas walked through the doors and took an empty seat at the bar, "Your strongest alcohol please," He said in his deep, gruff voice, "in the biggest cup you have." He had just failed another job and he was angered so he needed something to take the edge off, he scratched his blood-red beard whilst considering what to do next. He didn't seem to realize what had gone on in the bar and even if he did, he probably wouldn't care.
  5. @Ark1002, I need to tell you something.
  6. Story time!
  7. So I could, if I wanted to, write any sort of fanfiction about the Alleyverse? Fantastic!
  8. I am egg.
  9. Beutifol.
  10. Nothing, and I don't know why.
  11. So, the things that happened during the seven day war were in order, GBs fought the darkalley, the other guilds decided to fight too, Voidus angrily stared at a pineapple, an alarming dragon showed up, someone stood on a tall building in a superhero pose, a storm happened, and finally bombs fell and ended it? Is that what really happened? No wonder why Ark never told me what happened.
  12. I am frog.