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  1. era 3

    Maxwell pulled out a neon blue spray can and signed his name on the wall. He then cut the back of his hand and rubbed it on the wall.
  2. era 3

    Maxwell finishing his cigar said "Miss Bella, that was one of the most intimidating things i've ever seen. Bravo!"
  3. era 3

    Maxwell wandered up and lit a cigar using the charred corpses.
  4. era 3

    "Well, I'm glad to be welcomed." Maxwell said as he sat down the crate and took a bottle from it "I just have one question though."
  5. era 3

    Maxwell walked into the abandoned looking warehouse carrying a crate of alcohol "Hello? Is there anyone there? I'm looking for the Bloodflame gang and I brought alcohol!"
  6. Maxwell stood up to leave but he realized the crate he was sitting on was full of bottles of alcohol and decided to bring it with him and continued walking.
  7. Maxwell rounded the corner to see a group of people fighting and a crashed transport truck and immediately thought, I probably shouldn't get involved, but then he thought, I could probably stay and watch though, so he found a box and sat on it, watching as the fight continued.
  8. Maxwell suddenly heard something crash and rushes over, instinctually grabbing his rifle "What in the world was that?"
  9. Maxwell slowly walks in the direction of the chattering. "Hello? Someone around here?"
  10. What can't he do?
  11. Maxwell heard chattering and decided to walk toward it, I mean if its something dangerous I can just kill it before it blinks, he thought.
  12. Maxwell decided to wonder the Alleycity to familiarize himself with the area when and because he heard of a man named the Jackal and he wanted to learn a bit more about him.
  13. food provided

    Maxwell left because he was bored.
  14. food provided

    Maxwell opened the door to his car and got out "Well," he said as he got to his feet "Not the entrance I wanted to make, but an entrance nonetheless!" He then walked over to where everyone else was standing.