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  1. spy thriller

    What is the situation in France?
  2. era 3

    "Do we know anyone who would willingly go along with the plan?" Maxwell asked.
  3. spy thriller

    What a pleasant idea for a RP.
  4. era 3

    Maxwell smiled, "My idea is simple, we install a false spy in the Canton and make it look like it was the Precursors."
  5. era 3

    Maxwell raised his hand, "Can I propose an idea?" he asked as he sat up.
  6. Welcome and congratulations on existing!
  7. Whats sig?
  8. Where would a drawing of a slowbro with kermit the frog's head go in the shard?
  9. This isn't the first time i've been fractured.
  10. I broke time and space again help!
  11. Can I join?
  12. era 3

    "Thank you, and have a lovely day!" he said right before booking it.
  13. era 3

    "Oh, okay."
  14. era 3

    "Well Mr. Mario, here is your letter!" The Mailman handed him his letter and left.
  15. Welcome @pxchris, I hope you enjoy your time here on the shard.