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  1. Nah I just forgot about compounding. I still think that having a shardblade/plate is such a massive advantage against a Mistborn I have a hard time seeing that as being much of a contest
  2. If it was a corrupted spren, it would look different than a regular Cryptic. What Hoid bonds with is described as a capital P Pattern, so its unlikely to be corrupted. And the reason the Odium-enhanced diagram can't see Renarin is because he can see the future, like two Mistborn burning Atium. Renarin changed his own future by turning to Jasnah and accepting his fate, changing how Jasnah interpreted the situtation. It just happens that Truthwatchers happen to already be playing fast and loose with seeing the future and Renarin's spren is corrupted, so seeing the future is a thing he can do more. I don't think its an inherent property of bonding any corrupted spren
  3. I find Jasnah and Kaladin so... unlikely. Jasnah is obsessed with dynasty. (For evidence, look at her assassinations and counter-assassinations, and at her reasoning when preparing to kill Renarin. It wasn't even that he appeared to be on Team Void, its that he was a threat to the dynasty.) Her first instinct when finding out Shallan was a Radiant was to bind her to the Kholins via marriage. I don't really see the need to bind Kaladin to the Kholins in that way any more than I see the need to bind Szeth to the Kholins in that way. Both Kaladin and Szeth are (at this point) fully associated with and loyal to Dalinar personally, beyond their position as KRs. Kaladin even has lands in Kholin territory now, at least on paper. I see Jasnah reserving herself as an available woman for someone who isn't already bound to the Kholin family, especially a Radiant outside the burgeoning Urithiru society. Best to prevent splinter Radiant organizations from cropping up
  4. Gaz sees them too. In his viewpoint scenes in WoK he's always glancing at things out of the corner of his eyes just like Elhokar does. Also, the presence of Syl (not Kaladin himself as Elhokar thinks) drives off the Cryptic(s) and Elhokar stops hearing the Cryptic voices
  5. I don't actually know how steel compounding works. I'll have to look into it
  6. Along these same lines I've been thinking about a Fullborn vs a 5th Ideal Radiant. I realize that depends on the kind of Radiant, but the amount of Investiture that Radiants have to work with seems to mostly dwarf what Allomancers/Feruchemists have to work with. I'd love to see what some of those interactions look like, too. Like, what happens if a Leecher touches Shardplate? Can a Coinshot push a Shardblade? I'm sure some of these have been answered somewhere, but I honestly think Fullborn vs Radiant would be a nearly fair fight
  7. Jasnah almost certainly has her Plate already
  8. So... if the Villain of Fantastic Meats and Where to Eat Them is Harmony Potter, does that make the hero Lift?
  9. Assuming that Alethkar as a legal unit will continue to even exist as-is might be generous. Aladar, Kholin, and Sebarial's houses have all pretty much moved to Urithiru. Vamah and Thanadal are camping out in the Shattered Plains still, and could maybe be persuaded to do something. Its worth noting, however, that Thanadal's forces are largely mercenary. Roion's a mess because their highprince just died and the new highprince is a child. Hatham appears to be making a killing exchanging dun spheres for lit ones and accepts the title of Highprince of Works, so he's economically tied to Team Dalinar, like it or not. Ruthar and Bethab don't have a lot of information, beyond us knowing that Ruthar enthusiastically supported Sadeas while he was alive and Bethab is at least in Urithiru. Speaking of Sadeas, the Sadeas forces are nonexistent and they've just run through two widely discredited regents. Alethkar itself is overrun. And oh by the way, the Kholins still control 1/4 of the deadblades and plate in Alethkar and all of the KRs. What few highprinces who might be minded to abandon the unified Alethkar (Thanadal, Vamah, maybe Ruthar, maybe-but-doubtfully Bethab, and the remnants of Sadeas) don't really have the resources or the motivation to deal with the Kholins in any real direct manner.
  10. Every lie Dalinar tells in OB comes back to bite him. Honestly not even just the lies, but the information he withholds. Honesty is an important part of Honor. You can substitute the word "integrity" for "honesty" if you like, but the KRs in general and Dalinar most specifically are going to have a hard time deceiving their way to defeating Odium. Even Shallan's lies are hard for her, and her oaths are Truths, not lies.
  11. Re: the Ardents, he antagonized them simply by publishing the contents of his visions (during which Tanavast says "I'm the Almighty and I'm dead"), which is without question a necessary step to 1) winning the trust of non-Vorin nations like Azir and 2) getting correct information out to anyone who can help defeat Odium. I don't call that antagonism needless. Re: Sadeas' army and Amaram, @Ookla the Mind Sculptor covered that pretty well. In neither case is Dalinar handing out trust to people he has not vetted, which was your initial point anyway. The Sadeas army was destroyed in detail at Theylan Field. Sadeas had two close allies before, Ruthar and Aladar, and Aladar is on Team Dalinar now. What exactly would the other highprinces be rallying behind? Ialai's name? Is he? He basically asked to stay out of the way and to let Odium do his thing if Odium would spare Kharbranth. That hardly seems Full Odium the way Amaram went before the end. This is also an era of New Things. The old rules are being broken all the time. HxC spren are bonding with Parshmen and voidspren are bonding with humanity. Heralds and Unmade are switching sides. Brandon's setting expectations with the deliberate intent to shatter them. Who knows what can happen?
  12. Yeah it looks to me like a bad attempt to get Brandon to incidentally confirm a theory he had or something like that. I wouldn't worry about it
  13. We've already seen Dalinar grow out of this. Dalinar's arc in WoR is all about him really nailing down who he can trust. He's inclined to trust Amaram, but he hears something really bad about him from Kaladin and, while it doesn't square with his image of the man, he goes to extraordinary lengths to find out the truth of the thing. If its Ialai, is it really betrayal? And really, why Ialai? Brandon's spent a lot of time building Taravangian as a kind of foil to Dalinar, but I don't see Taravangian going Full Odium (never go Full Odium), since that kind of defeats the point of the Diagram. Ialai's been steadily growing less and less relevant since Sadeas died. I think you're thinking in a lot of the right directions, Brandon's blurring the lines a lot between Humans=Honor=Good and Parshendi=Voidbringers=Evil cause frankly if it was just that it wouldn't be as interesting as its becoming. Humanity's perception of Honor has certainly changed since the days of the old KRs. This is reflected, in part, by the fact that the Honorspren have become more warlike recently (its why the other spren hate them). The Alethi have an entire system of dueling and wars dedicated to preserving their own (admittedly warped) sense of honor. And it isn't the Alethi who worship the Passions. By many other cultures they're seen as uptight and prudish. Writing off the Alethi and Vorinism as being inherently pro-Odium seems simplistic to me. The KRs and their oaths are fairly individualized and reliant on the perception of the individual who makes them. Teft's and Kaladin's 3rd Ideals are substantively different, despite being in the same order. Szeth is able to almost completely break with the Skybreakers in the way that he swore his 3rd Ideal. And I think that's the broad scheme of things too. I don't know that Voirinism is monolithic enough to just fall Odium or fall Honor. I think we'll see a divide within Vorinism. And within what remains of the Alethi (and probably within each Alethi kingdom, to some extent). And within the Parshendi. And within pretty much every nation and society on Roshar. We've done the "our allies turn against us on the field of battle" twice now, and it seems to me that we're looking more into the soul of the individual. Betrayals in the future will probably come more from trusted advisors and assassins and the like.
  14. I know, but its something I missed the first time around myself. Shallan says two, but there are three.
  15. That's a good point, but Nale still wants to have it both ways. Odium won by right of conquest, but humanity should to obey the law of the Parshmen because they were here first? Humanity has been running the show for a long time. Not Odium (who's a prisoner anyway, though Nale might not know that), and certainly not the Parshmen.
  16. Shallan says there are two Unmade in Alethkar, but there are three: Ashertmarn, Sja-anat, and Yelig-nar.
  17. I think the answer to this question is tied to the answer of "how is the return of the Radiants tied to the return of the Voidbringers?" Everyone seems to think that the two are connected somehow, but to the best of my knowledge this question hasn't yet been answered. Gavilar knew he was supposed to refound the KRs, but seemed to think that the best way to do that was to bring the old Listener gods back. Why? What did he know (or think he knew) that led him to do that? Until we know more about what he thought and why he thought it, I think we'll be in the dark on his motivations. He was still in a position where he saw things as being about the Alethi and Vorinism (very much the way Dalinar thought his job was to unite the Alethi highprinces until most of the way through WoR), so he may have been acting without full information, though clearly more information than Dalinar ever had and at least some information we do not yet have.
  18. I'd watch that though
  19. I'm not sure vengeance is even really a Skybreaker virtue. We certainly don't see Nale acting in a vengeful manner. If we did we'd probably see him acting more directly against Odium than we obviously currently do. And as to Moash/Vyre's and Nale's beliefs that the land belongs to the parshmen, they came to that conclusion using nearly opposite logic. Moash/Vyre believes that humanity doesn't deserve to control Roshar, through his own totally arbitrary interpretation of who deserves what. Nale, on the other hand, believes that the parshmen, as the original occupants of Roshar, are the law of Roshar. (The irony of Nale's interpretation, obviously, is that Odium is the interloper god here. Honor and Cultivation were on Roshar first, so supporting the killer of Honor is hardly upholding the Law. But this is sort of off topic). The thing is, all ten KR Orders were more or less pointed in the same direction in their era. But all ten Orders also represent wildly different things, and would largely have come to similar conclusions using very different logic. Windrunners, is being tied to Honorspren, are all about right and wrong. Skybreakers, being tied to Highspren, are all about the letter of the law. Moash/Vyre's problem is that he has a very twisted sense of right and wrong, not that he's some sort of embodiment of legal justice coming onto Elhokar. I don't think that's very Skybreaker-ey at all.
  20. I believe, off the cuff, that they are green. I don't have a page reference for that but around the time that Moash is trying to assassinate Elhokar there's a reference to his eye color
  21. I'm convinced Adolin will become an Edgedancer, but I understand not everyone feels that way. I think we'll see another Windrunner separate from the bridge crews rise up. Someone independent from Kaladin's/Dalinar's authority. I see Rlain as joining the Windrunners. It'd be interesting to see him go his own way, but he keeps coming back to Bridge Four and the others seem to think of him as one of theirs. Vivenna or Vasher, but unlikely both. I think one of the Shin (not Szeth) will become a Bondsmith. I think the nerdy ardent Rushu becomes something, probably a Truthwatcher. She keeps popping up and is so odd I can't imagine she'll just stay weird background flavor forever.
  22. I don't disagree. I'm sort of reaching for a practical use of a shardwire.
  23. A Lightweaver with a shardgarotte is not the worst idea, if it works. Thus far Kaladin appears to be the only one who is pushing the boundary on what a living shardblade can actually be, though, and that might be because he has a broader vision of what can be a weapon than most others
  24. Odium's offer to remove your pain is mostly about divesting yourself of responsibility for the things you've done. Dalinar's rejection of Odium was about him taking responsibility for the terrible things he'd done, for example. Amaram and Mr T were good targets for Odium because they've both done things "for the greater good" that they feel enormously guilty about. Kaladin has almost exactly the opposite problem and to my mind is the worst possible target for Odium
  25. I've done some hunting but there's something about the Thrill I don't understand. We know that the Thrill isn't genetic but instead has to do with the location of Nergaoul. That's probably recursive; Alethela was designated to train soldiers, so Nergaoul got to do his thing, so the Alethi liked to fight more. I understand Kaladin is immune to the thrill: but I'm not clear on why. His immunity seems to extend to his squires, none of whom display the affects of the Thrill so far as we can tell. Seems to me that if you were to ask Kaladin "do you feel the Thrill?" he'd be like "what?" Is it a function of Windrunning? Being Radiant doesn't seem to be mutually exclusive from feeling the Thrill and frankly I don't know why it would be. The Unmade's aura effects seem to behave differently (Ashertmarn's temptation is highly localized and intense, Moelach's deathrattles are widespread but inconsistent, and Re-Shephir's presence could be felt by some but not by others). Also, despite the Nergaoul taking over Sadeas' army, Adolin doesn't seem to feel the Thrill at all at Theylan Field, despite having admitted in WoK that he does feel it. He misses like the first half of the battle, sure, but doesn't feel it or seem to notice that its missing. I could keep rambling about weirdness that I keep noticing about the Thrill (Szeth, for example, also doesn't seem to feel it) but the bottom line is there seems to be something I'm missing regarding how it works and who feels it and who doesn't. Also, yes this is my first post. Been lurking for a while though.