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  1. Bridge 13 also goes up as Windrunner squires under Teft and whoever Thaidakar is he doesn't really seem like Windrunner material even as a squire
  2. I mean Shallan's memory is specifically photographic. Seems pretty clear how Illumination pairs with that to me
  3. That's why I said the resonance is a form of spiritual adhesion/gravitation, not necessarily the sum total of its possible applications
  4. I think their resonance is a form of spiritual gravitation and adhesion. They pull in a lot of squires and Kaladin certainly cemented B4 as a cohesive unit
  5. immortal words

    What are you saying? That if she wants Kaladin's marriage done right she should do it herself? I don't think she's that invested in his happiness. If you're saying that she wants political marriages done right, I suppose I can see her marrying some Azish/Veden character we haven't met yet but that's hardly mutually exclusive to doing the same with Kaladin. His unmarried status actually makes him a fairly significant political bargaining chip and I really don't see Jasnah wasting that
  6. immortal words

    Jasnah is far more likely to try and marry Kaladin off to someone else for political reasons than to try and marry him herself for political reasons
  7. If someone wanted to play a Radiant and I was committed to using D&D to make that happen, I'd probably use either a Paladin (Vengeance, Crown, or Ancients fit best) or a Fae/Hexblade Warlock, depending on the kind of Radiant they were trying to become. Every time they gain a spell level as a Paladin, I have the player swear their next Oath, or every other spell level (so first level spells, third level spells, etc) as a Warlock. I could even see hacking Bladesinger a little to make that work. That said, if I was trying to run a game with Radiants in it, I'd probably either pick a different game or design one myself. I tend to think that hacks of Blades in the Dark work pretty well for almost every Cosmere system (especially Scadrial), and while I think it'd be hardest for Roshar you could totally make it work.
  8. I don't think you're wrong in your assessment of the Vorin masses' reaction to the Heralds, but Amaram is hardly a stock Vorin. The Sons of Honor were shady even by Vorin standards
  9. Even that, I think, has more to do with the degree to which Adolin is personifying her than anything specifically special about Shadesmar. He's already personified his sword way more than the average swordsman, and seeing her in person form can only have enhanced his perception of her personhood
  10. I think Dalinar is likely to be having a bigger problem with Adolin's ganking of Sadeas than the Stormfather will. And anyway, the Cultivationspren are more Cultivation-oriented anyway. I don't that the Stormfather even comes into it. If anything, renewed hope for his lost children would overcome any quibbles he has about Adolin killing a genuinely awful perosn
  11. I'm not sure Brandon will give us much on Amaram. He still has a part to play in Jasnah flashbacks and those aren't until book 10. So a decade or two from now
  12. It also makes those suits of armor that Bridge Four were wearing that much more macabre and horrifying to the Parshendi
  13. Its more than just an alloy. It isn't Tanavastium doped with Cultivatium or vice versa. Each metal is molecularly uniform, but distinct from the other 9 metals
  14. I think the reason the Listeners are hyper-protective of the dead has to do with the fact that at some point they were probably hunted (by humans) for their gemhearts. A lot of the old Voidbringer myths involve the Voidbringers "stealing your heart". One that comes to mind is Skar quoting in in the chasms shortly before Kaladin does his spear kata. It appeara handful of other times. Since they were hunted as a resource, they'd naturally be protective of their dead
  15. As far as I can tell the Sons of Honor were not looking for the Knights Radiant to return. In fact, if they really thought about the Knights at all I suspect that they would have run counter to their purpose. The Sons of Honor were looking to strengthen the Vorin Church by forcing the return of the Heralds. The Knights are considered a black eye of the Church, not an asset.
  16. I assume you mean it isn't deep enough to grant Surges. But again, I think about what the Nahel bond is: the spren gets sentience in the PR and gets to experience change in a way not possible in Shadesmar. In return, the human (and now listener) gets access to the Surges and stormlight. If healing is to happen here, I'd imagine it actually requires a deeper bond between Adolin and Maya, not a shallower one
  17. I just don't see a bond with a spren (even if that spren was dead for a thousand or so years) failing to grant Surges
  18. Like Kaladin says of Dalinar giving up the Shardblade, at what point does the act become real?
  19. Szeth walked right up to Nergaoul
  20. oathbringer spoilers

  21. oathbringer spoilers

    Shallan says she's 5'6" and calls it a good height. For reference, the average American woman is 5'4". We have no reason to believe that Rosharan inches are different than Earth inches. In fact, our understanding of size in Roshar depends on their measurements being converted to measurements we understand. I think the Alethi are just unusually tall as a people and not Rosharans generally.
  22. At Theylan Field Nergaoul was behaving differently than normal. I think enThrilling the entire Sadeas army meant it didn't have the energy or focus for anyone else to feel it. Not even Adolin felt the Thrill at Theylan Field and we know he'd felt it before
  23. Unfortunately, Kaladin and Dalinar are really the only two Radiants we've seen who've been in a position to feel the Thrill. And yeah you're right about the name, but Nergaoul did go to Jah Keved for the civil war in Vedenar
  24. But also Make of these what you will, since they don't really say the same thing.