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  1. I don't think I said anything anyone else hasn't already said here, no worries
  2. 1) The Vorin religious structure is hardly a secret society, and the secret society trying to build the Vorin church up is the Sons of Honor, at least on the surface level and to many of its members, including at least Amaram. 2) That they're threatened by Dalinar and his Radiants and the Desolation and what that means is undeniable. They have the further shock of the Heralds' lie in their future, too. That there are those among them willing to do really dumb things in a vain attempt to preserve their own importance and power, I think, is to be expected. That some of this will happen secretly? Absolutely. 3) I think faking out that Shallan's mother's friend was a Skybreaker when really he was associated with the Vorins (and would therefore probably be more of a Son of Honor than anything?) to be a not very interesting twist. And the Skybreakers are sufficiently and clearly motivated to kill young Shallan, while I don't think the Vorins or the Sons of Honor would be.
  3. For what its worth, Sadeas' strategy was also relatively new. Slavers were just copping wise to Sadeas' new strategy, and the other non-Kholin highprinces start adapting it over the course of The Way of Kings. It isn't as if Sadeas had been feeding slaves to the Parshendi meat grinder for six years, at least not at the feverish pitch that he was while Kaladin was a slave. And even then, the monetary cost didn't seem to be the issue; running out of potential slaves was. Kaladin notes that a lot of his bridgemen were made bridgemen for fairly innocuous crimes and were therefore more soldierly and less criminal than might otherwise be expected of that particular caste. The long term issues of the strategy weren't given enough time to really mature, it doesn't look like
  4. Saying "everything has a spren" is to my mind the Rosharan overuse of the word. To Rosharans, any Cognitive entity is a spren, to include Cognitive Shadows like the Fused and the Heralds, as well as the beads. I think that's a definition that's overbroad and more confusing than useful, so I don't use it. As for whether the Everstorm has a spren, I'm in the "The Everstormmother is Ba-Ado-Mishram" camp, personally.
  5. If Odium isn't controlling it, however, the Everstorm actually more regular than the highstorm. It hits every ~9 days and moves at about 1/3 the speed of the highstorm.
  6. Helaran trying to kill someone actively trying to bring about a Desolation is outside the limits of the Skybreakers for you? Skybreakers wear the clothes of whatever passes for local law enforcement in a given place, and the only real law in Alethkar is Shards. Helaran being given Shards and pointed at someone the Skybreakers would probably have known was a Son of Honor (a non-Shardbearer at that, commanding a fairly pointless border dispute) is well within the kind of test the Skybreakers would have devised
  7. I haven't seen it mentioned, but I thought it was understood that the Soulcaster was stabbed by Balat: The "something metallic" should be the Soulcaster
  8. It looks too risky now, but I think in 15-20 years it'll look a lot less so
  9. Alethi lighteyes do. I don't know if that stigma applies in darkeyed culture
  10. I am and have always been of the opinion that adapting any book series before its completed is a bad idea. Game of Thrones is the most recent and obvious example of why this can be a disaster, and that show managed to fall into pretty much every conceivable pitfall once the writers ran out of source material. That said, I don't think we're going to see the end of Stormlight before at least 2035. Brandon has put out three Stormlight books since 2010, and will probably put out another next year, plus a break to put out MB era 3 and Elantris sequels. However I think this is a good thing. The modern fantasy adaptations are the vanguard of this kind of TV development. Rather than have kinks common to fantasy stories worked out on Stormlight, I'd prefer filmmakers work out the issues with adapting fantasy on series I care less about. Big budget TV is still a relatively new phenomenon, and I'd love to see that scene mature before trying to tackle something as truly out there as Stormlight is.
  11. I don't know that Rlain gets overlooked because he's different. I think the Parshendi still have some capital-I Identity issues
  12. I'm saying if we came back after a one year gap and Brandon had done this, I'd be baffled. Its without precedent for any of the characters involved and has no setup at all. It'd be weird.
  13. Honestly even if Kaladin ends up stopping in to say hi to Gavinor between missions or whatever I'd be completely perplexed. It'd come off as a military dad who doesn't have custody rights stopping in every once in a while between deployments or whatever and would be super awkward. He has no relation to this child. Kaladin has his own people to look after already. Its weird.
  14. I'm with Pathfinder on this one. If Kaladin is going to pick a child to protect, its going to be Oroden, not Gavinor. Kaladin playing dad to Gavinor strains the bounds of credulity.
  15. Bridge Four got pulled off guard duty, as did the bridge crew that became Teft's squires. Windrunners are scouts/cavalry, not bodyguards.
  16. Personally, I think the usage of "divine" in divine hatred is quantitative, not qualitative. I don't think we know enough about Adonalsium as a person to be able to say he was divine in a holy way. All we really know is Adonalsium was the biggest baddest power on the block, and Odium as a Shard is going to reflect Adonalsium's hatred/anger/whatever. That hatred had context, yes, and even a "vessel" more capable of steering it than I think our Shards do, but that doesn't necessarily make it a holy/righteous type of hatred.
  17. Isn't naginata-Glys exactly that?
  18. theory

    1) I'm not sure the Unmade's approach to the Surges is going to be the same as a Voidbinder's approach to the Surges, in the same way that fabrials can have wildly different expressions of the Surges than the Radiants do, despite all of them coming primarily from HxC's filter. 2) I map the Unmade to Surges differently than you do, I think Moelach ties to Illumination, since I think Renarin's futuresight is his expression of the same Surge, and I bump Midnight Mother over to Transformation. I actually give Sja-Anat to Progression. 3) I think you're barking up the wrong tree with the Dawnshards, personally. Sja-anat specifically says that she was "Made, and then Unmade", so I'm disinclined to think that Odium made them with his unholy hands directly. I'm not the only one who thinks this, but I tend to think that the Unmade were part of a "class" of ad hoc superspren with the Sibling and that Odium corrupted nine of them. (To that end, I think forming a proper Nahel bond with an Unmade would yield a Bondsmith) [For what it's worth, I think the "plausible" is a more honest answer than the "possible"] I think that's all I have for now, I'm always glad when posts like this go up
  19. Honestly I think Rlain goes Windrunner just as soon as he and an honorspren figure out its possible
  20. I'm pretty sure the only reason Rlain isn't a Squire at this point is because he (and everyone around him) thinks its impossible
  21. I think we'll see Jakamov sometime later as a "hey here's how the Alethi as a culture has changed" sort of role (and probably in passing), because he very much seemed to be a way to differentiate Adolin from the average Alethi upper crust. I don't think he wants to repeat what he did with Elend's friends, and the Alethi highprince game just isn't going to be nearly as relevant moving forward
  22. There is a finite number of available Soulcasters on Roshar. Gemstones are a fairly renewable resource on Roshar. One of those becomes the limiting factor.
  23. Gemstones have never been the limiting factor either. Soulcasters have been, which seem to be somewhat rare, claimed by religion, and shrouded (somewhat deliberately) in mystery such that many people assume it takes significant special training to use one.
  24. Even a single buildings' worth of marble is worth quite a bit, and on a planet where gemstones are to some extent farmable, that seems like a really good trade
  25. 1. Shai 2. Lift 3. Adolin 4. Steris 5. Navani 6. Ham 7. Hrathen 8. TenSoon 9. Shallan 10. Slammer