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  1. Veden is being described as so close to Alethi that if you can speak one you can understand the other. Almost closer to dialects than naming conventions
  2. As much as I think "cultivationavani" is hilarious, she meets Hoid at the party where Sadeas releases Dalinar's vision. She hits him with paper when he tries to start insulting her and Hoid is impressed
  3. The Virtues you are referring to seem to be different than the attributes associated with each order in the Ars Arcanum. Do you mean them to be something fundamentally different?
  4. I think this is a cleaner explanation of the question you're trying to answer
  5. Each name is also composed of two distinct ideas, which reflects the glyphpair construction the Alethi use. Its why the Dustbringers insisting they're called "Releasers" is so silly. It'd be the only one that doesn't fit the pattern
  6. Lift is articulate enough for Nightblood
  7. It seems pretty clear to me that Tanavast and the vessel of Cultivation (I don't think we know her name) were romantically involved. My strongest actual evidence for that is that Wyndle says he thinks Cultivation has abandoned humanity after Tanavast died, which admittedly isn't that strong, but I don't think its a real reach to speculate in that direction
  8. The Edgedancers are described as incredibly graceful in and out of combat and Adolin has always been that. He's certainly nothing like Lift but I don't think Lift is traditional edgedancer material
  9. The "Adolin shouldn't be a KR because not everyone needs to be a KR argument" has always read to me like "you know what Harry Potter needed? a Muggle main character." To attempt to quote Vasher without WoR in front of me, Roshar is "invested to the hilt and looking for a place to stuff it all." Sort of intrinsically its a story with a ton of magic in it, and I think anyone who's a main character is going to have to interact with it in some way, whether it be as a KR, Navani and her fabrials, or on the weird frontier like Adolin and Renarin are in their own ways. Yes, there are going to be characters who aren't interacting with magic but I think by necessity they'll be increasingly sidelined. And I'm okay with that. In fact I'd find it increasingly difficult to believe that Adolin would be able to contribute much of anything moving forward if he doesn't end up going Edgedancer other than just some background moral support for Shallan and I think he deserves more than that as a character
  10. Its also worth noting that all things Theylan Field are capital-w Weird. I used to think that all the Maya stuff was a temporary effect of Dalinar smashing realms together, but unlike most of the other effects of Theylan Field, Maya seems to have gotten stronger as more time passed, not weaker. I wonder if, since the Kholinar Strike Team went through the Perpendicularity and therefore got a more extreme dose of Spiritual Realm, Maya got a more permanently revivifying effect than say Taln. Though I'd want to see if Adolin can still communicate with her at the beginning of SLA4 to commit to a theory like this
  11. Forged in the Dark is designed to be hacked, too, which makes it feel less like cheating. And it has the right level of crunch for Mistborn too. To actually engage with the topic of the thread, I feel like a Gravitation KR is mandatory on pretty much any mission, and a Progression KR is mandatory on any mission that has non-KRs in it. I think you can use Division users or Stonewards pretty interchangably, as these seem like the "breaking things" surges. Illumination users are almost always useful, but only mandatory on stealth type missions. Abrasion seems to me so far to actually be among the weaker surges, and I don't think we know enough about Tension, Cohesion, or Transportation to judge their effectiveness. Transformation is incredibly strong, but also seems like a significant drain on stormlight so I don't know how much you'd want to rely on it out in the field, unless as Invocation noted you're on a long term mission without easy access to food.
  12. I'd love to do a Blades in the Dark hack for era 2 Mistborn. The two just sort of seem made for each other
  13. I'd want to know way more about each of the KR orders before committing to making a Roshar-oriented system. We know the surges in theory but a lot of them not so much in practice, like tension or cohesion or transportation. And that doesn't even account for voidbinding, artifabrication, Old Magic, and whatever else is out there. Roshar would be a wacky RPG all on its own
  14. This thread makes me want a D&D party style arc (like the excursion to Kholinar) with Jasnah in it, though that's more unlikely than ever now that she's queen of the Alethi