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  1. It was the taste of a baby breadmunk that had just been born inside his mouth.
  2. Suddenly, pancakes fell from the sky.
  3. is it just me, or did I just win?
  4. "It is just...the worst."
  5. He successfully hunted him down.
  6. But before he could, the brown blob emerged from the lava, reincarnated, and devoured Truthless. It was the Blob Apocalypse II.
  7. The only people who did it were Gen Z kids.
  8. But then he decided, "Nah, I'm fine with him being dead."
  9. All hope was lost now. Only one thing could help them survive. It was...
  10. The Narrators, though few, managed to ward off the blob for now, without any casualties. The Octopi did all the fighting so the Narrators smiled when they realized they had barrels of Octopus bombs. This wouldn't be nearly as hard as they thought. But they were dead wrong because...
  11. Eventually, after years of destruction, there was only a small island still untouched. That is where all the Narrators fleed to. They spent those years preparing themselves for battle. Finally, as the blob charged, they armed themselves with machine guns and rocket launchers. They hid behind a barricade. "This is it," FOD proclaimed fearfully.
  12. It spit everybody out, even the partially dissolved ones. A celebration immediately followed, and there was lots of...
  13. FOD decided to take a nap. Meanwhile, FT was still rolling towards the brown blob.
  14. FOD came from the fog. The Breadmunks all cheered when they realized there was still one able Narrator, the last person to save them. FOD sat down. And watched as FT rolled towards the brown blob in a wheelchair....