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  1. and vast amounts of glitter.
  2. Spensa: Veronika Bonell Jorgen: Ty Simpkins Cobb: Leonardo DiCaprio Ironsides: Catherine McCormack
  3. true but I will just leave it anyway
  4. I just thought maybe this should be a thing.
  5. I agree. Spensa was pretty annoying but it didn't stop me from reading the book. I thought it was brilliant.
  6. skyward

    Honestly, I would choose Laser mainly because it is just a cool word.
  7. Yeah, Jorgen is great he is second for me behind Bim.
  8. Yeah she really is Brandon is actually a brilliant author.
  9. Then the universe exploded. It wuz still funny.
  10. My favorite was Bim may his soul rest in peace.
  11. Skyward finishing book reactions and other discussion