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  1. For the purpose of having an intermission
  2. Then they ran into a man named.....
  3. Wayne. She quickly left Urithiru after the encounter. no problem @17SarcasticGhanderflaffles
  4. They became so angry, that they banished her from the Land of Ghanderflaffles.
  5. So the Ghanderflaffles decided to worship no one because they didn't want to deal with arguments.
  6. Same. I am currently 200 pages in Shadows of Self, and I am LOVING IT!
  7. They were so offended, that they slapped their corpses for ninety-nine days and ninety-nine nights.
  8. And attempted to kill the Master Ghanderflaffle. But they failed. Miserably.
  9. The sky is full of cannibalistic creatures.
  10. Because matter tasted like stars.
  11. The Sun then ate the universe.
  12. Then, everyone decided to stop growing apples at all.
  13. It was so disturbing that it made bystanders pass out. Also, thanks for following me @Lunamor