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  1. Perry was stunned, for even he didn't know about it.
  2. Spook appeared suddenly but was immediately ran over by the evil, terrible breadmunks.
  3. I'm Back fellas!!! But they got stuck in the syrup of doom, which lay on top of cosmere waffle.
  4. And very attractive as well.
  5. Yeah, same. Yes, the rushed ending upset me, but the series is amazing and I highly recommend rereading it.
  6. I loved the series, and I think It would have been awesome if David was turned into an Epic in Firefight.
  7. and the fourth happiest was Breeze and Allriane.
  8. The first happiest couple was Elend and Vin.
  9. Nope, nothing else at all. Except for an explosion.
  10. Me.Oh, and all the other Narrators.