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  1. I think you are definitely right. There are plenty of religious metaphors in other books of his, so why not Steelheart. I think your theory is spot on.
  2. Vin: Elle Fanning Kelsier: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Lord Ruler: Cillian Murphy Elend: Joe Dempsie Straff: Liam Neeson
  3. poll

    I enjoyed Raoden's viewpoint chapters the most, though I can't help but liking Hrathen a lot. But overall, I decided to vote for Raoden.
  4. poll

    I love Hrathen and Raoden.
  5. It tasted like garbage.
  6. But the rolls were infected with coronavirus.
  7. Suddenly, the Jelly Babies returned. The army of them snuck up behind the Narrators before biting all of their heads off.
  8. But soon died of old age.
  9. It was strange.
  10. Until a random hippie overthrew him
  11. Nobody ate their vegetables and fruits, because they are all adults. TFOD thought the licorice looked very appetizing. While the other Narrators fought, he sat in the corner, munching on a licorice stick.
  12. It was the Man of Mists.