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  1. I’ll sign up as Nogard fo Redro EDIT: I’ll probably regret signing up for this, because I’m pretty busy, but i’ll try to be active,
  2. But alas the consultant died in a car crash on his way to the funeral service. (I’m back, wrote this in my Latin I class)
  3. Hey, I think I’m going to need a pinch hitter for this, because I’m going to be really busy and don’t have the time to reread through this thread, and I’d rather have let the village have an active player. @Randuir
  4. Book of the Artist specialization is that Lines of Making always tell you what action someone took even if it doesn’t involve chalk. Also I am taking some chalk, becuase I’m out.
  5. Sorry for double post, wouldn’t let me change text color in my edit. Put I’ll put a vote on CadCom since we know he’s the thief, and he could become annoying late game.
  6. Would you mind explaining which post exactly?
  7. Araris, yet again even though I’ve stated I’d be more active, I yet was not, and my lack of a vote was because of that. Striker did contact me about drawing a LoW, which I did. I’m thinking that there could actually be 4 elims left and 2 of them could’ve used LoV and the other submits the kill. So would anyone be willing to look into what Shqueeves did last night or maybe Alv, or has someone done that already? Also, I’ll be giving my player analysis sometime tomorrow. EDIT: Forgot to mention, I’m going to be reading the Book of the Artist today, I hope it has something to do with making multiple chalklings with one piece of chalk or something.
  8. I am suspicious of CadCom trying to do what Aman did in LG56. So I suggest we lynch him, because if he isn’t a thief he’s probably an elim, and if he is a thief, then it’s fine for us too. Also, I am placing a Line of Warding tonight, so we shouldn’t be overrun.
  9. Okay, well at least we killed one of them.
  10. Okay, welp I’ve forgotten the game mechanics, but I’ll read them again. In the mean time I’ll make my character which I forgot to do. I’ll be 1st of the Dawn who is totally unrealated to First of the Dawn.
  11. I am also going for that book, but considering you have a lantern I’ll let you take it. To your second part, I just forgot to put in a action, I’ve been busy, though I’ve finished moving everything over, so I’ll be more active. EDIT: I’ll be taking the book of the Artist.
  12. Hmm, okay these books and new lines are very interesting. I will take a book, @Sart may I tell everyone the effect of a book?
  13. Hello, sorry I haven’t been on for all of this beginning stuff. As Striker mentioned our grandpa is in the hospital and I’ve spent the last two days visiting him, and we’ve also started moving today. I will still be able to play this game so don’t worry. Anyways, I personally like the idea of getting one person who we can all agree on are likely village to get the gun every day if they’d be willing to do so, and if we see more kills than would be possible with the amount of kills in the game we could possibly catch an elim. Though, I’d recommend that the person who grabs it doesn’t use it, unless we have a hard elim read on someone. As a couple of people have already pointed out, the bribe will be more useful near the end of the game. Lines of making and crabs will also become more useful after we get one elim dead, but will still be useful no matter what. @Sart if we use our piece of chalk to make a line, will it disappear or does it have multiple uses, considering it’s a piece of chalk? I’ll poke vote StrikerEZ for no reason other than that he is my brother.