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  1. *Composer appears* "Relinquish your contact at once, essence." The Didact, apon discovering the conversation between the Librarian and the Master Chief, Halo 4.
  2. *Likes Trains*
  3. Good. For. You. @Ookla the Sesquipedalian
  4. I. Lost. @Ookla the Sesquipedalian
  5. 9/10 for both. Original, but confusing. I am OOKLA the Tenno.
  6. I lost. Again. You might want to hide, Truthless...
  7. flamesinger theory

    The avatar sat down, a very simple chair appearing behind him. What I seek is a simple action. Currently, several of your people are interacting with... Gáthen. Could you perhaps have one of them, accidently, turn off the sensors? You, and they, would be rewarded. And don't say you have everything you want. No one does.
  8. I stop, listen to the announcement. Then I go and start pacing in front of my enterance, hoping to wait until the feast without getting killed by the shimmering things.
  9. When you go to school and realize that your language arts teacher put Harry Potter in the nonfiction section. My teacher, by the way.
  10. I just read the Wikipedia article on the first page. I lost the Game.
  11. flamesinger theory

    It was shocked. You do not make idle conversation with the most powerful of Magics. It released him, and formed an avatar, one which seemed to mimic the person in front of it, yet dressed in pure black. Who said I was civilized?
  12. flamesinger theory

    In the darkness, something watched. The thing that had scared beings for billion of years. It was the Dark itself. It wrapped around the Magic, binding it with something far more primal, untamed, something more powerful. You have something of mine, Magic. @Ookla the Stand User
  13. So Truthless... Why was I mentioned? And what on Roshar is this?