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  1. But great at Halo.
  2. flamesinger theory

    The guard sighed. "We don't have time for this," he said, his gaze unfocusing for a moment and did some hand movements. John ran into the room. "Mother of Light! You're still here?" "They are." The guard seemed resigned. Then he turned to Rydin. "Our enemies are truly evil due to a closeness to Dark Magic. They have destroyed entire dimensions." "If you don't believe us," John said, picking up where the guard left off, "You can stay here on this ship and asphyxiate when we disable the power so that the ship doesn't get corrupted. You stay and die here for certain," at this the island warped and the cell reappeared, "Or you can come with us and have a slight chance at living." The walls disappeared and a strand of light shot in from the hallway, and stopped in the middle of the room. "Touch that, and it will take you out to an escape pod." The guard touched it, and vanished. John waved his hand in its general direction. Screams started echoing down the halls, and a sword of fire fell into John's hand. "I need to go. Go through Lighttrans. It's perfectly safe." He ran off.
  3. flamesinger theory

    The guard looked at him, and the room warped again, turning back into the cell. The guard looked up. "Ruth*! The power cut out." The room warped again and the island appeared once again. "You need to follow me because if you don't, we will all die from the Tierath. They are not something you can fight. We are evacuating the ship now, and no one can be left behind." *Gathen Curse Word, The guard isn't actually talking to someone named Ruth.
  4. But then Halo wouldn't exist, so John willed it to be fixed.
  5. flamesinger theory

  6. flamesinger theory

    John watched them with interest. Never before had something like this been done, and he was glad that - Boom! John froze. "Please tell me they couldn't feel that?" "They can't." "Good. What caused that?" "Probably a collision of some kind." John turned toward the guard. "A collision? Not with our shields." The two gazed at each other as understanding flew across their faces. "Get them out. We need to go, Now!" John ran down the hallway, heading back for the bridge. The guard stepped into the room, taking the form of a Roman Soldier. "Everybody follow me." @Everyone
  7. flamesinger theory

  8. first verse

    John gasped as he hit the ground. He could see everything, but nothing. When he sat up, it was dark. "Hello?"
  9. flamesinger theory

    John waited patiently for all of them to settle down. "You will learn in time why you are here." He snapped his fingers, and the world warped around the group. They appeared in a tropical island resort. "This Hologram can also produce food. Please try not to kill each other." He smiled and disappeared.
  10. flamesinger theory

    John frowned, studying the 2 that had been talking. They sat down and stared at the wall. "Vitals?" "Normal." John walked over to the door. He stuck his hand through the identification machine, and it confirmed him being Flamesinger. He pulled his hand out, and walked through the door into the cell. "Hello," He said, speaking English. "I am John." @I think I am here. @Sorana
  11. flamesinger theory

    "Oh dear. They're starting to talk about the magic." John grimaced.
  12. first verse

    Another arrow was fired. And John got mad. Very mad. John stopped and took a deep breath before seeing who was in front of him. "Victoria? Entropy?"
  13. flamesinger theory

    Fascinating. Here, just a few moments after coming awake, they were up and moving. John frowned at the conversation that started taking place. He craned his neck at one of the guards. "You put them in the same cell? I thought I asked for them to be split up depending on what technology they had?" "You did. When they were moved aboard, there wasn't enough holding cells." John nodded and continued watching them.
  14. How many times has Saturn been married? I don't know, but it sure has a lot of rings! Why did the planets go to Earth's house for dinner? Because the Earth has a lot of plates!
  15. first verse

    There was another twang, and John fell to the ground, arrow in his shoulder. He got up, unsheathing his sword, and he could see again. He saw who was attacking them. He saw the attacker's family. He saw love. He saw hope. He saw Fear. He saw anger. He saw the dead body laying in the forest floor, John's sword covered in blood. He breathed heavily, and cleaned his blade before resheathing it.