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  1. Yes, we know that Tanavast was a Sentient Species capable of holding Investiture. This means that he would of had a CS. And we know he was a Sentient Species because a Shard almost Requires one (Though I might be wrong on that, see Preservation, as he wasn't completely Human, just enough to prevent the Shard from Diffusing), and Tanavast held the Shard of Honor. Other than that, Wandering Investor answered the question.
  2. flamesinger theory

    John talked to Alyssa in Gathen for a moment, and turned to Jessy. "Yes. As we saw, Alyssa was able to go into the fog the first time, but she ended up behind us. Then she tried touching it, and it burned her. For all we know, it's because it built up a tolerance of some kind to her, or it changes the longer we wait and becomes more deadly. We'll have to go around."
  3. I'm Grand!


    Can't think of Halo Lore relating to 'Grand'.


    Error 117

    1. John Flamesinger

      John Flamesinger

      Oh, by the way, Error 117 is related to the fact that the Master Chief is Master Chief Petty Officer Seiarra John 117.


      Thou Shalt Play Halo.

  4. flamesinger theory

    John thought for a moment. "I guess." --- Alyssa listened to the thought that Failen gave her. A title? I guess you could call it that, she thought to him. But it's so much more than a title. It's a life, a heritage. She looked at John. His - his is so much more. He was the first Gathen to change 'titles' as you call it, in over 6 Billion Orbits. Ask him some time what he was before he was Flamesinger, then you'll understand. It was only through a fluke that this happened. She walked away, and stood at the edge of the fog. What was it? She reached out to touch it, and her fingers burned when they made contact. She pulled her hand back, the burns slowly fading away already, and continued gazing at it. @ShadowLord_Lith @I think I am here.
  5. flamesinger theory

    John frowned. Last names? Family titles and places in society, was perhaps the closest thing. "Flamesinger," he said. He relayed the question to Alyssa. Waterbreather, she thought to Failen in confusion. Why did he want to know? And wasn't it obvious by her 'hairdo' that covered her head?
  6. flamesinger theory

    "It's her," John said, nodding sharply in Alyssa's direction. "The EMP took out the translator she was using, since she's never learned English, but in the mind all languages are the same." He turned, and saw Cheh's confusion. "If you can't hear her, then don't worry. Most people can't." -------------------------- Sometimes, I wonder what would've happened if I was in charge, instead of my parents. But then I realized that it was for the best. There needs to be balance, and the Gathen were chosen last time. It's the Humans turn now, and they need the Gathen. Without Light Magic however, the Gathen would die, which means there also needs to be a Dark Magic. And Humanity would be without a guide if it wasn't for the Gathen. We are halfway through the lifetime of this Universe, and the Gathen can't help Humanity without Light Magic fully awake. My mother is needed soon, but the only thing that can wake her is a song of fire. It is for that reason I sent them help, with Failen and Cenna, and that is the reason why they need to wait for the star to supernova. It should only take a few hours, and then we shall see why they were put together, to help Light Magic. Are you sure this is the way, Grey? It has to be the way, for it's the only way. Very well, I will do my best. What if Dark - Dark won't find out. I'm on my way. Thank you, you two. I'm not sure what I would do without you. You're welcome. *You're Welcome ^*
  7. When you have to do the dishes before you play Halo, and by the time you finish Mom says no Halo.






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      Truthless of Shinovar

      That’s rough... have an upvote

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      Lord Furret

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  8. flamesinger theory

    At this, John turned around and raised his eyebrow at Alyssa. Blue? Really? I can't control how others see my thoughts. Uh huh. Cenna, have you heard something like this before? Voices, in your head she means. While this conversation of the mind was taking place, John answered Failen out loud. "It could be both, honestly. Or it could be neither, it depends what magic system and what magic source was used to create it."
  9. flamesinger theory

    John relayed what Cheh and Failen had said to Alyssa, and she thought for a moment, before walking into the fog. There was a snapping sound behind the group and she stumbled out of the forest. She frowned when she saw the group and the fog ahead of them. Definitely Magical, she projected to John and Failen. Then she stopped, and looked at Jessy, Cenna, Rydin, and the two Stand users that had come to take Rydin. Can you hear me, any of you? @Sorana @Blessing of Potency @Dr. Dapper
  10. flamesinger theory

    The only reason you would recognize that is if you've heard it before... and Gathen haven't encountered Unicorns in over a Million Years... Interesting. She looked up, and stopped with John as she stared at the wall of fog. "John?" "I don't know." She eyed him suspiciously, and then heard something. I. Do. Not. Listen. To. You. Instantly She felt John wipe the memory from Failen, emboldened by a wave of power from Light Magic. But she resisted, and she worried about who it was from.
  11. flamesinger theory

    It's Alyssa. How do you have the ability of telepathy? It is very rare outside our species. John frowned at Alyssa and Failen. Alyssa stopped talking to him, and then Failen tensed up, his eyelids seeming as if they were having a seizure. Alyssa? Not now, her voice echoed distantly. Not now... Majesty? But... no, you aren't my grandmother, so who... who are you? John stared in shock at Failen, and then resumed his pace. "We need to get to the lake." The two of you can continue this while we're walking, he thought, directing it at both of them. Then he stopped as the wall of fog became clear in the distance. A thought came through his mind, one he felt he wasn't supposed to hear. I. Do. Not. Listen. To. You. He blocked the message from the rest of the group, knowing that this was something that he shouldn't share.
  12. flamesinger theory

    Alyssa still didn't understand. And then a thought came to her. Failen. Can you hear me?
  13. flamesinger theory

    Alyssa stopped, confused. What was he saying? Uhh, John? He said that he's used to danger, and that he wants to help you - or us. I don't know. And then he said he hopes he isn't a burden. And then he said that he didn't understand you. Alyssa looked Failen right in the eye. "I know you understand me somewhere," she said. "I don't know why though... or why you look familiar to me." She paused for a moment. "Answer me Light it!"
  14. flamesinger theory

    "We normally do," John grumbled. "But a pulse that size - made from magic. Even our stuff is affected. I doubt we'll get our stuff back, considering the size. Some stuff might come back, but -" He turned to Failen. "If you want to, but it looks like it might be more dangerous with us." Alyssa stood up and started babbling in Gathen at Failen. @ShadowLord_Lith
  15. flamesinger theory

    John listened to them speak, and felt left out. But why should he care? It was his fault, all of this. He couldn't even remember when he had thought of kidnapping them. *Shewwww* A wave of energy blasted through the trees. "Take cover!" John yelled, throwing himself behind a tree. It passed effortlessly through the terrain, and John felt dizzy after it passed. "Anyone hurt?" "Awhoathern." John turned in shock, as Alyssa said something in Gathen. He switched to the language himself. "What?" "It must of been an Electrical Magnetic Pulse, it wiped out my Heads Up Display and disabled my translator." John cursed under his breath. He switched to English, and turned to the humans. "Discard anything electrical. That wave just broke it." Simple enough. No need to go into lengthily explanations. @ShadowLord_Lith @Sorana @Dr. Dapper @I think I am here. @Blessing of Potency @whoever I missed