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  1. Happy birthday!!!

    1. Honorless


      Happy Birthday!

  2. Awesome present from my sister- she’d been working on it for so long without me knowing! I’ve finally got her reading Stormlight (she just started WoR) so I’m really happy that she’s well on her way to joining us as Sanderfans
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Are you sure you don't mean: SAZED GROWS SOME HAAAIIIR
  5. Uncle Hoid’s childcare centre
  6. Congratulations on your reputation achievement, Lunamor!
  7. I'm not sure if this has been covered already, but wouldn't it be possible for an Edgedancer or Truthwatcher to essentially "over-grow" someone until they die? As in, they could touch someone and use Growth or Regrowth to an excessive level, essentially giving someone a time-lapse of their life until they just wither and rot. If that's within the bounds of the Surge, well... I'd love to see it.
  8. YKYASW you're falling asleep in class so you slowly take out your pen and draw a bronze feruchemical symbol on your wrist. And you instantly feel like you just took a caffeine hit.
  9. First attempt at some Sanderson fanart- resulted in this tote bag that I’ll use to carry my books around Got my awesome sister to help me and tried to get her into the Cosmere while at it - looks like I’ve failed for now- but hopefully she’ll convert after staring at the bag for long enough!
  10. Considering Lift's unique ability to metabolize food directly into Stormlight, wouldn't Lembas bread from LOTR make her seriously OP? As Legolas says in the films; "one small bite is enough to fill the stomach of a grown man", so all she'd need is carry around a small chunk and nibble on it to get massive amounts of potential Investiture. So instead of grabbing a bread roll or stealing people's dinner, she could literally stuff a piece of Elvish Waybread in her pocket and have enough food to sustain her for several days, right? And if she knew she was going to fight in an upcoming battle, she could eat a large portion of bread and "store up" Stormlight to use later, or even to heal people using Regrowth. Thoughts? Second breakfast, anyone?
  11. I personally think Queen Fen should be on this list. But otherwise, they all have their strengths and weaknesses as leaders. Dalinar, with his experience on the battlefield and in general life, has the capacity to see things from a broader and more long-term perspective than Kaladin, who has natural leadership potential but is too young to have as much experience as Dalinar. That being said, both of these men are soldiers, and both lack the political perspective of Jasnah or Sarene. Jasnah and Kelsier are both willing to sacrifice lives for their own cause, and this ruthlessness is useful during the times in which their respective books are set, due to dire circumstances. Both are very intelligent and aware of the significance of their cause, and the role that they play in politics and society. They both act as icons for their own beliefs, and hold a certain degree of power over the people. However, in the long run, both lack the overall compassion that we see in Raoden that makes a good leader. Raoden was raised in the court, and thus has significant knowledge of the political climate regarding Arelon. He is able to take a minority and empower them through tactfully removing his opponents to regain control and inspire his people. He, like Elend, cares for the lives of people and tries to see the motives behind people's actions and situations before judging them. Based off what we have seen in the Cosmere books so far, I would have to say that Raoden or Sarene make the more well-rounded leaders, although Jasnah would be the best leader in current situations. But Queen Fen. Enough said there.
  12. Overall, throughout the Cosmere, my favourite character would have to be Hoid. Other than Hoid, my favourite so far is Szeth (after WoK, WoR and Edgedancer). But I still love Nightblood!
  13. I've travelled to Nalthis once and Roshar twice; it's been one storm of a ride. And along the way I met Hoid. Enough said there. Hoping to find the Words while I'm on here...