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  1. "light makes shadow, truth makes lie"

  2. I still have no idea what those cookies are but i think you should not take them so many people had warned me. Welcome!! my question is if you have read multiple books of Sanderson who is your fav character and why?
  3. whats forum cookie I joined the forum 2 weeks ago and no one so far offered it:)
  4. Hello! I am relatively new in the forum but a huge Brandon fan! and You have found this website before even you became addicted by reading multiple Brandon books so good job! I did not read Steelheart but I am sure it is epic! I suggest you to start Mistborn series after this book! keep the Stormlight Archieve series for later because 1) it was the best of bests so far. 2) there will be quite sometime until the next Stormlight book ( 4th book) comes! Enjoy!
  5. Update: I have started Warbreaker last night - thanks for the advice, it is going so well -, so many crazy theories on my mind already! I love the idea of Biochroma btw! and I am dying to know more about Nightblood. Plus, I checked the map of world-hoppers.... Hoid must be here <3, I cant wait to meet with him!
  6. I am actually very curious about that! Thanks for the advise. I might start that this week during the holiday.
  7. This is a great topic! Mine is Wit and Shallan right now:)
  8. " There is always another secret" ... This is my favorite quote! You should actually read the Secret History if you finished Mistborn 4-5-6 also ( with Wax, Marasi....)
  9. agreed! All of them epic, no doubt!..... but Stormlight Archieve is like the peak level right now, I am sure Brandon will raise the bar higher in his next series !
  10. hehehe, believe me it is not easy now, at ALL. I just check the maps time to time and close the book, put it on the shelve again. the book is looking at me and I am at it... then I am like "No! no... you will suffer even more if you finish it so quickly" but... I just bought the book last week so.... lets how long more I can show restraining
  11. Thank you to both of you! I am so glad to hear that he might start 4th book on January !!! I know that there are other AWESOME books by Brandon S. that are waiting to be read by me I am actually planning to start Elantris this holiday then Warbreaker! So thank you Sorana! I hope he never ever stops writing because knowing that there is a book coming is very exciting! I am actually very curious about the Secret Project which is marked as complete on website
  12. Hello everyone Big fan... huge fan as all we are... I just discovered this wonderful forum and wanted to say hi! Read Mistborn series and Wax's series as well, then the secret history. recently finished second book of Stormlight and bought the third one but I just can't start because it will be so hard to know that there is no subsequent book yet! BTW, anyone know when is the 4th book of Stormlight archive will come