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  1. Agreed. Our SA characters in particular can’t trust him because he’s playing a long game - a very long game - and the battle for Roshar is one he’s willing to let them loose if it helps him towards his goals; “loose the battle, win the war” sort of idea. So far I see too much compassion in Hoid to really see him as a proper villain - see his interactions with young Shallan, Renarin, and Kheni and Cob at the end of OB. But then again this is Branderson: that’s what will make it so painful/ compelling if Hoid turns out to be an antagonist.
  2. Um, actually, the everstorm comes. Horneater second and third sons are craftsmen.
  3. Looking forward to this! What an awesome surprise!
  4. Not long actually. Basically just "All Sanderson's adult fantasy series exist in the same universe, eventually they'll connect more but for now its just easter eggs, like this character who hops around and shows up in every book"
  5. Greetings from Atlanta. I've been a huge cosmere fan going on two years now - a few Christmases ago one of my best friends finally made me finish Hero of Ages, then sat me down, explained cosmere, and handed me Way of Kings. Naturally after I read the first 2 chapters I bopped her over the head with the book for getting me into a series (read: universe) that is SO FAR from completion. But I love it. So much. At this point I've read all the cosmere books at least once (most more), and am now starting to delve into Sanderson's non-cosmere stuff. Been poking around the site for a few months now - never been part of a forum before, should be fun. Any tips?