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  1. It's fixed now
  2. Both Taravangian and Dalinar are respected political figures, and if Taravangian became a bondsmith, they would both be bondsmiths. With Taravangian changing mental capacity each day, how he uses his radiant abilities could be altered; when he is less intelligent, he might not have the ability to access some.
  3. sorry about that
  4. I was wondering, with Taravangian's condition(changing mental capacity each day), would him bonding with a spren be affected in anyway. What are your thoughts, would anything happen at all?
  5. I think it would be a cool dynamic for Taravangian to be a bondsmith, maybe eventually evolving to be a foil for Dalinar. Taravangian's condition would probably affect the logistics of the bonding.
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  7. I like "will you be my" holding up a d8,"to the dance"
  8. I wish for a set of both a shardblade and shardplate to come into my possession
  9. So, when a radiant manifests its spren into a weapon it can be any weapon they want. I know during the reckoning that the knights gave up their spren in blade form, but wouldn't there be at least a few other weapons lying around from other knights who abandoned their oaths?
  10. awakening

    Shardblades are dead spren, so can you awaken them? You awaken things that were once alive, so I think it would be possible. Vivenna says that she isn't a radiant, but her "shardblade" might be an awakened spren, though it's more likely an awakened piece of metal like Nightblood.
  11. awakening

    And would the same would be true for fingernails, they're the same stuff.
  12. awakening

    You can awaken stuff that was once alive, so what about hair. Hair is just dead skin cells, so can you awaken someones hair well its on their head? like a simple command "strangle" or something similar?
  13. These are really amazing, how about: Paper "cut"
  14. Would the blood even be able to move much, wouldn't it just move around on the floor like water to a drain?