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  1. I don't know if this has been done before, but I was creating a character for the Mistborn adventure game, who is a tin ferring. I started to think about all interesting things you can store in a tin metalmind, here's my list so far. Sense of temperature Sense of pain sense of direction sense of balance sense of hunger/thirst Would you be able to store these senses in a Tin mind? and if so, what would some other interesting or useful senses be?
  2. compounding

    So, in compounding does one burn the power stored inside of a metalmind or does one burn the metalmind itself. In Alloy of law, Wax claims that Miles needs lots of gold for his constant compounding, this leads me to believe that its the latter; at the end of Alloy of law, it says that they removed all of Miles' metalminds so that he couldn't heal himself. I'm just a bit confused, and I have only read era 1 and Alloy of law.
  3. This was amazing, I loved playing it and exploring the sandbox. My only complaint is that the screen doesn't follow the player, but nonetheless this was really fun to play, thank you.
  4. In WoK, before we know that Jasnah is a radiant, whenever Jasnah uses her Soulcaster, one of the gems had a chance to break (I think the smoakstone broke twice). Knowing that the Soulcaster was only a replication of a fabrial, why did the gemstones crack?
  5. It's fixed now
  6. Both Taravangian and Dalinar are respected political figures, and if Taravangian became a bondsmith, they would both be bondsmiths. With Taravangian changing mental capacity each day, how he uses his radiant abilities could be altered; when he is less intelligent, he might not have the ability to access some.
  7. sorry about that
  8. I was wondering, with Taravangian's condition(changing mental capacity each day), would him bonding with a spren be affected in anyway. What are your thoughts, would anything happen at all?
  9. I think it would be a cool dynamic for Taravangian to be a bondsmith, maybe eventually evolving to be a foil for Dalinar. Taravangian's condition would probably affect the logistics of the bonding.
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  11. I like "will you be my" holding up a d8,"to the dance"
  12. I wish for a set of both a shardblade and shardplate to come into my possession
  13. So, when a radiant manifests its spren into a weapon it can be any weapon they want. I know during the reckoning that the knights gave up their spren in blade form, but wouldn't there be at least a few other weapons lying around from other knights who abandoned their oaths?
  14. awakening

    Shardblades are dead spren, so can you awaken them? You awaken things that were once alive, so I think it would be possible. Vivenna says that she isn't a radiant, but her "shardblade" might be an awakened spren, though it's more likely an awakened piece of metal like Nightblood.
  15. cosmere

    This is true